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How To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

July 10th 2018 by Kirsten.

How To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

Here in the UK, we’re enjoying a good stretch of warm, sunny weather (let’s hope we haven’t jinxed it by saying that). But we’re not used to sunshine for days on end! Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you stay cool at home this summer…   Close the curtains Keep curtains and blinds …

The 5 Kitchen Layout Types

July 6th 2018 by Kirsten.

The 5 Kitchen Layout Types

If you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation, the first thing you need to think about it is the actual layout of the room. How are your units going to be arranged? What shape works best for your kitchen? Here we take you through the five main kitchen layouts… Single-wall This layout is usually found in …

Kitchen Doors: Great for Boats and Caravans

June 22nd 2018 by Kirsten.

Kitchen Doors: Great for Boats and Caravans

  Sales of caravans and motorhomes rose by nearly 10% in 2017, and the number of houseboats on London waterways has gone up by nearly 60% in the last six years. And when you look at the rising cost of living and ever-inflating house-prices, it makes sense. Holidays abroad can be expensive, and though the …

How To Use Less Plastic In Your Kitchen

June 15th 2018 by Kirsten.

How To Use Less Plastic In Your Kitchen

We should all be making the effort to use less plastic, as it’s piling up in landfill sites, polluting our oceans and endangering our wildlife. It’s not easy, though – fruit and vegetables come wrapped in plastic, fish and meat are wrapped in the stuff, plastic containers make food storage a doddle, and tea or …

Helping you to replace your kitchen doors

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Replacement kitchen doors are a quick, affordable way to give your kitchen a new lease of life. If time and budget are limited, you can still transform your kitchen – our prices start from just £2.99.

Whether you need to replace a couple of unit doors, or you've inherited a style of kitchen you don't like, or you simply fancy a change, replacement kitchen cabinet doors are just what you need.

White kitchen doors make a room look fresh, clean and modern in an instant. High Gloss doors are hugely popular, and for good reason – they'll modernize your kitchen immediately, and the shining surfaces will reflect light and brighten up the room.

In a rented property, or need a quick, failsafe choice? Plain kitchen cabinet doors are a crowd-pleaser – they'll suit any kitchen, they're easy to clean, and they're simple, sleek and modern.

Shaker doors are another popular style of kitchen unit door, as they can look either traditional or more up-to-date, depending on the finish you choose.

For fans of minimalist style, handleless cabinet doors are an easy way to make your kitchen feel more contemporary. Smooth surfaces mean there's nothing for you to catch yourself on as you move around the room, and perhaps best of all, handleless unit doors are great value.

But if what you really want is a cosy cooking space full of classic features, woodgrain kitchen unit doors are the way to go. We have a range of finishes, from rich, dark woodgrains to fresh, light shades, so no matter what the size and look of your kitchen, you'll find the woodgrain that works for you.

5 Reasons why replacement kitchen doors beat a whole new kitchen

It’s cheaper

Why spend thousands on a whole new kitchen when you can change the look of the room with just a new set of unit doors?

It’s quicker

A full kitchen renovation can take weeks or even months. New kitchen cabinet doors can be fitted in just a day or two.

It’s easier

Even if you’re a DIY novice, you’ll be able to replace your kitchen unit doors. Our videos and book will show you how.

It’s simply less hassle

Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors involves far less mess and disruption than a full kitchen renovation.

It’s less wasteful

If your worktops and units are still in good condition, don’t waste them! You really can get a whole new look by just replacing your kitchen unit doors.