High Gloss Kitchen Doors

High Gloss kitchen doors are the epitome of fresh, minimalist design. The reflective finish gives your kitchen an ultra-modern look, and better still, the mirror-slick surfaces are easy to keep in pristine condition.

If you're looking to add a touch of contemporary cool to your kitchen but don't want to break the bank, our High Gloss doors are will give you stacks of style at affordable prices.

All our high gloss kitchen doors come in a magnificent range of colours that bring light, style and colour to any kitchen.

The classic Ultragloss White from our Visions range is the perfect example of modern style. Its minimalistic style is brought out by the sleekness of the door and the crisp, brightness of the door.

Ultragloss Red is a striking bold colour. Not for the faint hearted, this fiery passionate shade looks fantastic in ultramodern kitchens.

More subtle perhaps is the Ultragloss Tiepolo. With its wide range of edging options, this traditional door has warm tones that provide a warm feel to any room.

Alternatively, if you want the reflective finish of high gloss but in a different style door, the Trends range has a number of doors available from Shakers to Handleless to offer a style for every kitchen.

If you are struggling to choose a colour, order your free colour swatches today. If that isn't enough, you can order a sample door which will show you exactly how the kitchen door will look when made.

You can also watch our simple DIY video guides on how to install your kitchen doors yourself and potentially save thousands of pounds in fitting costs.

And despite their fragile, mirror-like look, all our high gloss doors are made to last and those in our Trends and Visions range come with our six year guarantee as standard. They are also made-to-measure specifically for you, so you can be sure that they will fit your kitchen to perfection.

High gloss kitchen door
Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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