Trends Goodwood Kitchen Doors

This high quality door is full of detail, from the deeply carved centre panel to the huge range of natural colours you can choose from. Goodwood from our Trends style range has a timeless quality which, while traditional, will transform any old style kitchen into something fresh and modern. The light and shade which the front panels create add an extra dimension which only this style can offer.

Trends Goodwood Kitchen Doors
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Goodwood Door Specification

  • 6 Year Manufacturer's Warranty as standard
  • Manufactured from 18mm thick MDF with a hardwearing, wipeable vinyl surface, in a wide choice of plain and wood grain finishes.
  • Timber based raw materials used in the production of Trends doors are obtained from controlled, well managed and sustainable sources
  • Manufactured in the UK


Door thickness 18mm
Frame width 85mm
Minimum height 60mm
Minimum width 100mm
Minimum Drawer height to have an internal design 140mm
Drawers below this height will have a plain centre.
Minimum Drawer width to have an internal design 212mm
Drawers below this width will have a plain centre.
Minimum Door height 283mm
Doors below this height will be made as a drawer front.
Maximum Door Height 2540mm
Minimum Door width to have an internal design 246mm
Doors below this width will have a plain centre.
Maximum Door / Drawer width 1200mm
Midrail Frame Width x 2

Drawer Fronts

Drawer front design is supplied on all sizes up to 282mm high. The minimum height is 60mm and minimum width 100mm. Maximum width 1200mm. Drawer fronts are supplied with horizontal grain unless specified otherwise.

Some handles will not fit small drawer fronts and care should be taken before fitting to ensure that the handles you have chosen will fit the size and style of doors/drawers that you have chosen.


Doors are supplied with vertical grain.

The dimensions of a door will determine the type of door supplied. Height 283mm to 1699mm will be supplied as a door without a midrail. Height 1700mm to 2540mm will be supplied with a midrail, which will be double the width of the frame. Doors with a mid rail will have it supplied at 655mm from the bottom edge to its centre as standard. If you want the mid rail at a different height please specify this on your order form.

The largest door we manufacture is 2540mm high by 1200mm wide.

Frame Doors

Frame doors are supplied unglazed, with a rebated back and a soft glazing gasket. Doors can be supplied as Open Frames or Geogian Frames. Tall doors supplied with a mid rail can have full open frames (ie with no mid rail), top open frames or top and bottom open frames. Please specify when ordering.

Georgian frames will be supplied as follows:

Up to 800mm high 4 panes
801 - 1100mm 6 panes
Over 1100mm high 8 panes


The minimum height for panels is 60mm, and the minimum width is 100mm. Maximum width is 1200mm. The grain direction of panels will match the doors - except panels below the height of 282mm, which will be supplied with horizontal grain unless stated otherwise. The backs of panels will match the backs of the doors.


Handles are not supplied as standard, please choose any handle you wish from our range, or fit your own.

Drilling for Hinges and Handles

We offer a hinge hole drilling service at a modest cost. Unless you specify otherwise our standard drilling positions are 100mm from the top and bottom of the door.

You can have your hinge holes drilled in any position that you specify.

We are unable to drill for handles.

Matching Door Backs

The term 'matching back' means that the door will have a similar coloured melamine back, rather than a vinyl back and as such the colour and texture may be different from the front of the door. In particular Legno colour doors will be supplied with a smooth finish back.

All doors are supplied with matching finish backs with the following exceptions:

High Gloss Anthracite Silver back
High Gloss Aubergine Silver back
High Gloss Black Black back
High Gloss Cappuccino Cream back
High Gloss Cream Cream back
High Gloss Metallic Black Black back
High Gloss White White back
Melinga Oak Black back
Beige Ivory back
Olive Dakar Back

Horizontal Grain

Horizontal grain is available as a special request in all wood grain colour options. High gloss colours are available with horizontal grain up to 1200mm high. Standard wood grain colours are available up to 1245mm high.

The same applies to wine rack fronts, modern canopies, plain canopies, T&G canopies and PVC panels, and are made as specified.

High Gloss Colours

High gloss finishes are manufactured using a heavier gauge vinyl and as such definition can be less sharp on items which have more detailed designs.

Care & Maintenance

Please refer to our Care and Maintenance guide for information on how to protect and care for your doors.

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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