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Five ways to find a kitchen door fitter

September 25th 2012 by .

Let’s face it. Not all of us are DIY geniuses and for some, the thought of picking up a screw driver and doing a simple job like installing new kitchen doors is like a living nightmare. If you are one of those people who would rather not risk the manicure and fit your new doors yourself, there are people out there who do it for a living and make a great job of it.

The benefits of getting an expert in to fit your replacement kitchen doors are many. They will be quicker, they will provide a professional finish, they will take away for old doors and they should provide a guarantee so that if anything goes wrong you have someone to turn to.

Finding a tradesman who can fit your kitchen doors could be tricky if you don’t know where to look, but the following advice should point you in the right direction.

Your kitchen door supplier

There is a very good chance that the company who is providing your kitchen doors will also have a team of tradesmen they can send to do the fitting. This is the ideal solution to your problem. They will be experienced, understand the product and will be able to fit in with the delivery schedule. The hard work will have been done for you with the quality of the tradesman being checked on your behalf. They will even take care of the finances for you.


If you can, getting a referral from someone who has had some work done by a tradesman is a must. This way, you can visit the referee and look at the work and question them about how reliable the tradesman was and if they did a good job. People are very careful not to refer someone unless they truly believe the person will do an excellent job. Tradesmen who get referrals are often the best in the business.

Larger DIY stores

Many of the larger DIY stores have a list of tradesmen in your area, broken down into categories. They are likely to have a lengthy list of kitchen fitters who may appreciate a one or two day job between larger contracts. It is worth noting that DIY stores would rather sell you their own products and may not appreciate you wanting to use their fitting service only. But it is certainly worth trying.

The local newspaper/yellow pages

This is not a recommended way to get a tradesman, but as a last resort it could be suitable. You will need to do your homework and follow guidelines such as getting a quote, checking references and not paying in advance. Tradesmen always need to advertise, of course, but you have no clue about their experience without doing a few checks first.

Family and friends

Fitting replacement kitchen doors is so easy that one of your neighbours or a relative is likely to be able to do it for you. In most cases, all that is needed is an electric screwdriver and a level. This would certainly be the cheapest option, but it is hit and miss as to whether you are getting a quality job or not. Plus it is hard to complain to someone you know if things do go wrong.

You may be useless at DIY, but you still use the skills you do have to find the right tradesman to fit your kitchen cabinet doors for you. A combination of ringing around, checking references and getting quotes should be enough to find the right person who will fit your doors in no time.

How to add a breakfast bar with your new kitchen doors

September 18th 2012 by .

If you are thinking about increasing the size or work surface area of your kitchen by adding a breakfast bar, it can be easily achieved by simply installing some new kitchen doors, units and a new section of worktop. You can even make sure it blends in with the rest of your kitchen and do it on a small budget and with limited DIY skills.

If your kitchen has units around the outer walls in a U shape at one end, you may benefit from adding a breakfast bar arrangement coming across the room to separate it from either the living area or the eating area. Anyone thinking about this type of kitchen improvement is likely to assume that the entire kitchen would need to be replaced. This is not always necessary.

The units

Your breakfast bar will require at least one and probably two new kitchen units which will be set at ninety degrees to your existing units. These can be used for storage or even appliances. You may consider adding upper units as well which would be hung from the ceiling. However this will limit the head height available for sitting at your breakfast bar.

You will want the units to face into the kitchen and will need to add end boards to the back where they will be seen from the other part of the room. These boards can be painted to fit in with your colour scheme for the room.

Your units may need to be cut to reduce the width if you want extra leg room where you will be sitting. This should not affect the front where your kitchen doors will be placed.

The kitchen doors

You might be wondering how you will make sure that your new breakfast bar will fit in with your existing kitchen. All you need to do is purchase replacement kitchen doors for all of your existing units and the new ones. This way they will all match and you would never know that the breakfast bar was an afterthought.

New replacement kitchen doors are easy to find online and you will be able to update your entire kitchen while adding more surfaces and additional storage space. New kitchen doors are really easy to order and install and you can do it yourself in just a weekend. All you need is a screwdriver, a level and a set of new hinges to make sure they fit snugly. You will also want to pick out new handles for all of the doors.

The worktop

This is where things get a little tricky. If you can source a worktop which matches your existing one you will be able to complete this job at a much lower cost. But it is worth remembering that worktops are often sold per length and are not cut to size for you. So you may find it is just as economical to buy worktop for your entire kitchen.

Of course if your worktop cannot be matched, you will need to invest in a new one in any case. Try to choose something which will stand up to the rigours of being used as a table and homework spot. You will also need to ensure that it is wide enough to allow a stool to be pulled up under it and for you to sit comfortably on the table side of the room.

Fitting a worktop can be a difficult job for a novice, however if you can source or hire a worktop jig, you should be able to work out how to make the correct cuts to fit the worktop perfectly. Remember that a tradesman will be able to complete this job for you in around one day, so the investment may be worthwhile.

A breakfast bar is a great way to introduce extra workspace and to turn your kitchen into a more family friendly area. You could turn your breakfast bar into a workspace for your computer, a homework area for the kids or even an eating area for informal dinners. The possibilities are endless and it couldn’t be easier.

£130 a month saving on buying rather than renting leaves cash spare for kitchen doors, paint and other DIY improvements

September 17th 2012 by .

New figures released this week show that it is now £130 a month cheaper to buy a property than rent, putting home ownership within reach of millions looking to get on the property ladder. For those who can save a deposit, the extra money freed up by paying a mortgage rather than a lease makes purchasing items such as paint, flooring, curtains and kitchen doors needed to put a personal touch on the new home a lot easier.

According to high street lender Halifax, rents have risen to such an extent that paying a mortgage offers an average 18% a month saving over renting. It estimated that owning a three bedroom house requires a monthly spend of £600 to cover mortgage and repair costs, while renting the same property would cost a much higher £732 a month. In its report, Halifax notes that four years ago, the cost of home ownership was a massive 45% a month more than renting, meaning a complete reversal of fortune has taken place despite the turmoil in the property market and mortgage industry.

Kitchen Doors Workshop are an online replacement kitchen door supplier based in East Sussex. It has noted an increase in orders from first time buyers this year as those able to get on the property ladder at long last finally move into their dream homes. Managing director, Robert Clark says, “There has long been a perception that renting is the more affordable option but with tougher lending criteria for mortgages and bigger deposits required, many were forced into the private rented sector, pushing up rental yields. Couple this with falling house prices and suddenly, the reality is very different and home ownership is the more affordable solution.

“Although it is now cheaper to own than rent, it can still be problematic for many first time buyers to get a deposit together as 80 and 90% loan-to-value mortgages continue to be relatively hard to come by. For those who can save for a deposit, there is often little left for DIY and personalization of the new property, making the monthly savings on rent all the more valuable.”

Made-to-measure and supplied with easy step-by-step fitting guides, Kitchen Door Workshop’s cheap kitchen door ranges offer designer-alike style at budget prices. Kitchen doors start from just £5.50, made in any size, style and colour. With a choice of glossy finishes and wood grains and a cornucopia of shades to choose from, existing cupboard carcasses can be given a new lease of life at the fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. The easy act of replacing existing doors with new gives the space a completely different look and feel and can be achieved on the same kind of budget freed up from rental payments.

Mr Clark added, “Adding a new kitchen is often at the top of any new owner’s wish list as the room plays such an integral part of day-to-day living. With the cost of a brand new kitchen running into the thousands, replacement kitchen doors give the same effect at a fraction of the price. Glossy doors and drawer fronts can be combined with a choice of handles and knobs and as all of our doors are made to measure, there is no compromise on quality or finish.”

Kitchen Door Workshop’s Zurfiz and Bella ranges of kitchen door and drawer fronts are available with express delivery. Shipping is free on orders over £250.

Click HERE To view the entire range of replacement kitchen doors and to order online, visit or call 0845 643 1928.

Using Glazed Kitchen Doors to Create A Focal Point

September 11th 2012 by .

Even the most attractive kitchen doors can leave you feeling as though there is something missing – something which will catch the eye and create a part of the kitchen which will become the centre of attention. A glazed kitchen door is the perfect way to achieve that focal point, without losing the feel and charm of the kitchen design.

What is a glazed kitchen door?

A glazed door is simply a door made of the same material and of the same colour as your other doors, but it has a glass panel set into the face. It could be patterned or etched glass or it could be plain. Usually these cupboards are used as display units and will normally house your glasses and items you don’t mind having on other people seeing.

However the best thing about a glazed door is the fact that it creates a part of the kitchen which is different from the rest. The glazed kitchen door blends into the kitchen and yet it sets itself apart. This focal point will allow your kitchen to have that something special and without too much effort on your part.

You can even choose to buy replacement glazed kitchen doors to replace two or four kitchen cupboards to give your kitchen a quick lift without having to do anything else.

Where should I put my glazed kitchen door?

Deciding where to place your glazed kitchen cabinet is likely to be the hardest part of your kitchen makeover decision. You would normally have at least two glazed cupboards to balance the look and these can be placed in numerous locations.

One idea is the put them together in the centre of a bank of cabinets. It will break up the array of doors, pulling your eyes away from the plainer doors. Another option is to use the glazed kitchen doors at each end of the kitchen. In a smaller kitchen this idea will pull the kitchen together, giving it a beginning and an end. Finally you could try putting one glazed unit to each side of your cooker backsplash. This will highlight this area and once again, it will break up the overall look of the kitchen.

Glazed units can also be used in a central island  or dining area. In these parts of a kitchen you may be more inclined to store your tableware and might want these on display. It is also the perfect way to identify these areas as being separate from the main kitchen and demarcated as eating areas.

What type of glazed door is best?

Glazed doors work well with any design or material of door. The more traditional painted or wooden doors will often have glazed panels which are leaded or patterned in some way. You could choose this to match your kitchen windows, giving a cohesive look. More modern doors are likely to use etched glass which may also have a pattern such as a checker board effect or similar.

Can I customise my glazed door?

If you choose to buy doors with plain glass you may want to try adding a coloured film to the back of the glass to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. You could do this to bring plain white or black doors alive and help them to work with your tiling or painted walls. Coloured film is easy to buy at craft stores and can be carefully applied to clean glass. Patterned transfers are also available if you want an individual look.

A glazed kitchen door is perfect for adding a little bit of interest to your kitchen. For either a modern or traditional look a glazed kitchen door is the perfect antidote to boring walls of cupboard doors.

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