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Five Reasons to Choose Kitchen Door Workshop

October 30th 2012 by .

We don’t often blow our own trumpet, but we feel now is the time to stop hiding in the shadows and show off just a little bit! We are happy to report that our customers have given us a rating of “excellent” on Trustpilot, the review website for retailers and companies. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and have always strived to offer the best customer service possible, backed up with an amazing product.

So what do all our lovely customers say about us and what is that encourages them to take the time to choose our company when there are many others out there offering similar products? The following five reasons pop up time and time again in our customer satisfaction surveys.

Value for money

Many customers work very hard to ensure that they are getting a great deal when they are looking for new kitchen doors. This will include getting quotes from kitchen installers and suppliers and weighing up that with the cost of simply replacing kitchen doors. In the end it is always a better idea to save materials and installations costs where possible. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to do that.

Made to measure doors

Not every kitchen is built the same and not all carcasses fit the standard measurements. Try going to a DIY store and buying replacement doors for an odd shaped cupboard – it just can’t be done. This is where Kitchen Door Workshop picks up the slack. We can make our doors to fit your measurements, no matter how unusual they are. From a floor to ceiling cabinet to a boiler cover through to wide drawer fronts, our service will ensure that all mismatched cupboard sizes will look just as good as the standard doors you can ordervia our system.

Free colour swatches

Deciding on the colour of your kitchen doors is probably the hardest decision you can make. It is very difficult to choose a colour based on internet photos or even by going in-store. You really need to have an example of the colour in front of you to see how it works alongside your other décor and the changing light. We offer a free colour swatch service. You can ask for as many colours as you like so you can make the choice at your own leisure. We want you to be absolutely sure before you make your order because our doors will last many years – which can be a long time to put up with a colour you don’t really like!

Our measuring and fitting video library

There is nothing like seeing how something is done in a real kitchen by a real person. Somehow instructions which are written down can be hard to follow especially for novices. Kitchen Door Workshop offers a range of videos to show you exactly how to measure your doors and how to fit them. We believe that it should be an easy job to measure and fit our doors even for a DIYer and we stand by that statement. As such we show you just how easy it really is.

UK-made doors

We are very proud to only sell doors which are made here in the UK. We are a UK company and believe in supporting the UK economy. Our customers really appreciate this fact and know that they are getting a quality product which has been made with the attention which UK manufacturers usually give.

This is just a small selection of the many comments we get from our customers and we are looking forward to hearing your comments too. We will never stop trying to improve both our customer service and our products – no matter how many positive reviews we get, so you can trust us to do the same job for you which we have done for our many customers so far.

Replacement Kitchen Doors – good for your bank balance, great for the environment

October 23rd 2012 by .

If there are two topics which make the news almost every day in the UK they would have to be the state of the economy and climate change. All we need to do is look around us to see examples which affect us directly. We are paying more for our energy needs, getting paid less in our jobs and having to make the limited funds we have go further. When it comes to the environment, we all see the changing weather conditions, the flooding, the unusual heat and cold extremes. These things are hard to miss.

So wouldn’t it be great to find a way of improving both your bank balance and the environment when carrying out a makeover on your kitchen? There is no need to throw your thrifty and environmental credentials out the door when improving your home. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to avoid that and it is much easier than you might think.

Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect solution for when you want to save money and get a great new kitchen. All you have to do is save the carcasses from your kitchen units and simply replace the doors themselves.

Replacement cupboard doors start at around £30 each and will quickly freshen up your kitchen. Most doors are of a standard size and can be replaced with any door of your choice in any colour or material you would like. Obviously this option is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire kitchen unit on a price per cupboard basis but you will also save in other ways.

Fitting replacement kitchen doors is a breeze. It is a job which can be carried out by a DIY novice and in just a day or two. The cost of fitting a new kitchen can be in excess of £1,000 in just labour costs – not to mention the cost of the kitchen itself. If you take on the work yourself, you will save the cost of a tradesman and you get the satisfaction of having achieved a great looking result.

When it comes to the environment you may be wondering how buying replacement kitchen doors can help. The cost to the environment of home improvement is actually much more than you might think. Every year tonnes of building waste is thrown onto landfills. Some is recycled, but this takes an environmental toll as well due to the processing impact when turning recycled material into new items.

The best way to save the planet when improving your home is to reuse items wherever you can. This is where replacement kitchen doors can help. You will only be throwing away the doors from your kitchen (and you could ensure these are recycled or sold, if you can) and very little else will be wasted. You may need to replace hinges or handles, but the bulk of your kitchen will remain including the carcasses, the tiling, the worktop and the flooring.

In addition to the material savings, you will also be able to purchase doors which are made from composite materials which could come from recycled sources or you could go for hardwood which is entirely renewable and sustainable. If you choose well, you could have a set of kitchen doors which will be useful for many years, saving you from needing to send anything more to landfill from your kitchen.

You may have chosen replacement kitchen doors simply because they look amazing and it was quick and easy. But now you have two more reasons to decide on replacement doors rather than the hassle and expense of replacing your whole kitchen.

Do you need a new kitchen, or just replacement kitchen doors?

October 16th 2012 by .

There comes a time in the life-cycle of all kitchens when we walk in and realise that something has to change. Generally this point is reached somewhere between 5 and 10 years after the kitchen was last replaced. The doors look dirty and stained. There are scratches on the work surface, the tile grout is yellow and the flooring is coming up in the corners.

But how do you know when you should completely replace your kitchen or when a simple make-over involving the purchase of new kitchen doors and a few accessories will more than do the job? The fact is that there are many parts of your kitchen which are not on display and where the wear and tear of daily life is yet to have much of an impact. These few tips should help you decide when it is possible to make a huge difference to your kitchen with a few small changes.

  • Your kitchen design is perfect for the room and you like the way it is arranged and the number of kitchen cabinets and worktops. In this case you don’t need to change the layout of your kitchen.
  • The kitchen cabinet carcasses are still firmly attached to the walls and are in good shape on the insides. You need to check that the shelves are intact and that all the sides are still level and even. You can always replace one or two carcasses if required.
  • Your hinges still work well and will be easily removed and used on your new doors. Of course you can always buy new hinges if you prefer.
  • The doors and handles are the only part of the kitchen which need replacing. This will be inexpensive and easy to do.
  • Other parts of the room such as the tiling, the flooring and the appliances can be improved or cleaned to a standard where they will look like new. In many cases this is very easy to do. Grouting can be whitened and appliances cleaned in no time.

The fact is that a kitchen which was replaced just a few years ago will still be very useful in terms of carcasses and appliances. You may have just fallen out of love with the design or colour. These things are very easily replaced without having to rip out a perfectly good kitchen and buy a new one.

Once you have decided that you can get away with a simple replacement of your kitchen doors, you have the opportunity to make some real changes to the look of your kitchen. You can opt for different materials and colours than you are used to and really splash out on decorative handles and even a new worktop.

Of course deciding to take this option is going to save you plenty of money. The cost difference between replacing kitchen doors and replacing an entire kitchen is huge. You could save yourself in excess of £2,000 easily and you will get the results you want in just a few days compared to a few weeks.

Finally, by deciding to get replacement kitchen doors, you are being kind to the planet. There is no need for perfectly sound kitchen carcasses, tiles, flooring as well as the kitchen doors to be sent to landfill and the amount of waste you will be producing will be significantly less overall.

So, for most of us the choice is easy to make. Save money, save time, save the planet and get replacement kitchen doors – easy!

If you can fix a shelf, you can fit your own kitchen doors

October 9th 2012 by .

Most of us can claim to know a little about DIY, but few of us are experts. But this doesn’t mean that simple jobs like putting up shelves or fitting replacement kitchen doors should be left to experts though. Both of these jobs are easy to achieve and take a similar skill level. In fact if you have ever put up a shelf, you can easily fit your own kitchen doors and save yourself a fortune.

The skills used to put up a shelf are very similar to those used when installing a new kitchen cabinet door. All it takes is a little bit of experience with an electric screwdriver, the ability to check everything is level and the time and patience to measure everything carefully.

It might take you a little longer than a tradesman, but at upwards of £100 a day for a good workman, it is well worth the extra effort to do the work yourself. Plus you will have the extra satisfaction from knowing you did it yourself and did a good job.

The process

  • Similar to fitting a shelf, you will need to work out the correct sizing first. In the case of replacement kitchen doors this is really easy. Just remove your old kitchen doors using a screwdriver and measure them on the inside. You should measure the inside because this will prevent your measurement being affected by any bevelling or shaping on the outside of the door.
  • Note the measurements of the hinges, so that you can have the holes for these pre-drilled too. All you need is to take careful measurements with a tape measure. Not hard at all. But measure twice or three times to be sure. Also always measure every door or drawer front because there could be variations across your kitchen even if they look the same to you.
  • Now order your kitchen doors, the handles, new hinges if needed and any other accessories you might want to add.
  • When it comes to fitting your door handles (you should do this job before you fit the doors in most cases), designing a template is a good idea if all of your doors are the same size. This will mark exactly where the handle will sit on each door and will guide you about where to pre-drill the holes for them to be fitted. On some surfaces it is a good idea to use masking tape to ensure your drill doesn’t slip leaving you with a big dent on the surface of the door. This should also prevent the surface of the door cracking when you use the drill.
  • When your doors arrive you should offer them up to your carcasses just to make sure they fit correctly before you go ahead and screw in the hinges and attach them. You may want to use an electric screwdriver/drill, but if you want you can always use a standard manual screwdriver. It might be slightly harder work, but as long as you are strong enough, it will still work just fine.
  • You can adjust hinges up and down and side to side to get your doors sitting straight and in line with each other. Just as you would check your shelf to make sure it isn’t wonky, you should do the same with your doors. Use a level for this job so the result is accurate.
  • Finally sit back and enjoy looking at the results of your hard work – except it wasn’t really hard work at all!

If you can put up a shelf you can easily fit replacement kitchen doors. In fact even if you have never fitted a shelf, you probably can still fit kitchen doors. It is a breeze and you will feel so proud of yourself that you have saved so much money. You can finally call yourself a DIYer!

How to update an older kitchen with new kitchen doors

October 2nd 2012 by .

Even if your kitchen is more than a few years old, it is still possible to update it with new kitchen doors without having to buy new carcasses. Many people would expect that their old carcasses would not be compatible with new kitchen doors because the sizes are different or the hinges are in the wrong place.

Well, one of the joys of buying from a replacement kitchen door specialist is the fact that they will make you doors of any size and will ensure that they fit your kitchen units perfectly – no matter what shape or size they are. Getting replacement kitchen doors is about as close as you will get to having a bespoke kitchen and you won’t be paying anything near the cost you might expect.

If you have recently moved into a new property, you may have inherited a kitchen which is older than average. It might have odd shaped cupboards, drawer fronts which are wider or deeper than usual, corner units, or cupboards which are higher or lower than usual. In this case you may think your only option would be to discard all of your old kitchen units and buy new ones. Of course this would be an expensive choice.

How do I order bespoke kitchen doors?

Replacing your kitchen door fronts is an easy process and the doors can be made to fit the exact size you require. The first step is to measure your doors carefully. Often the best way to do this is to remove the old doors and measure the inside dimensions. This means that any bevelling on the front edge will not lead to an inaccurate measurement. Once this is done, you should measure where the hinges will need to go.

We have produced a video guide on how to measure your kitchen doors

Some of your units may take standard sized doors, but you will be able to input special sizes as well. Your kitchen door seller will design the doors to fit the units you have.

What about my budget?

You may think that this will take lots of time and cost too much money. That is the best part of this process. Working with a replacement kitchen door specialist means that they know their craft perfectly. They will make your door within days and have them shipped to you in no time. In terms of cost, replacement kitchen doors are a great money saver. Not only are you saving on the cost of buying new carcasses, but the doors themselves are very competitively priced and nothing like the cost of having bespoke doors manufactured.

Of course you also have the basic cost savings associated with installation costs. Even if you choose to bring in a professional to fit your kitchen doors, he will complete the work in just a couple of days. The labour costs will not even compare to the cost of bringing in a workman for a two week job to completely refit your kitchen. Of course if you fit the doors yourself – which is a breeze – you will have a new kitchen for a price which will really make your day.

What else will my kitchen need?

An older kitchen may also benefit from a little more updating than just the kitchen doors. You might want to consider replacing your worktop. You will be able to order this along with your cupboard doors and have everything fitted at once. New door handles and hinges will add to the new look and the insides of your units may benefit from new shelves or a touch of paint.

An older kitchen has plenty of character, style and craftsmanship and it is a shame to lose this completely. So just replace the parts which are showing the wear and tear and keep the well crafted units. You will get the best of both worlds.

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