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How to add some “bling” to your kitchen

December 11th 2012 by .

For some of us, the kitchen is much more than a place to prepare meals and do the washing up, it is somewhere we can express ourselves in terms of the look we achieve rather than the food we create. Getting the right look can be even easier if you choose replacement kitchen doors. Simply by adding new doors and accessories you could have plenty of bling without the “blingy” price tag.

Kitchen doors need not be wooden or a plain painted background as expected in a traditional kitchen. You can have the most exciting room by just using your imagination. Try the following ideas to add a little sparkle to your day with new replacement kitchen doors, handles and worktops.


Go for gloss

Gloss replacement kitchen doors are an instant way to update your kitchen turning it from dull and drab to bright, modern and exciting in just a few hours. Gloss doors are known for their light reflective properties and they often come in a huge range of colours from bright vibrant colours to blacks and whites.

Lewes Kitchen Doors in High Gloss Black

Lewes Kitchen Doors in High Gloss Black


Gloss doors can be mixed and matched with black giving a dramatic look and white being clinical and clean looking. If you add aubergine, greens or blues to the chosen base colour you can create zones and general interest in no time.

Gloss doors also have the added advantage of being easy to keep clean with simple window cleaner or by being buffed with a soft cloth. You may find that the doors show finger marks readily, but this is easily removed.


If you decide to add gloss doors to your kitchen, you might want to go one step further and try out a metallic shade. These doors come in greys, blacks and some more subtle shades and will have a shimmery and sparkly effect. It is still subdued, but certainly has a sheen which will catch the eye.

Brighton Kitchen Doors in Metallic Black

Brighton Kitchen Doors in Metallic Black


Once again, you may not want to dress your entire kitchen in this one shade of metallic gloss, but adding one or two doors in contrasting shades could add to the vibrancy of the kitchen.



Glazed doors which act as display cabinets in your kitchen are ideal if you have plenty of attractive or expensive crockery you would like to show off. Glass doors with glass shelving inside will allow you to show off your cocktail glasses and vases. Use glazing sparingly and keep it to one area. This will ensure that it is clearly a display area and not part of the main functional kitchen.



If you can afford to do so the most impressive type of worktop will be high gloss stone such as granite. This can be pricey but will last a lifetime with the correct care. However, there are a number of composite materials which give the impression of a high gloss surface which are much cheaper. Many of these contain flecks of colour within the surface or even pieces of glass or metal which add sparkle. The most highly reflective surfaces are generally black, however white worktops can work very well in a kitchen which has an attitude such as this.



Many modern replacement doors actually come without handles and this gives a more streamlined finish. However if you decide to add them, you can choose from a number of impressive designs. Stainless steel always works well in a modern kitchen, but you could even get cut glass or crystal handles. These may be more expensive than average but as you are only buying a few, it is worth the investment.

You really do not need to spend a fortune to make your kitchen look like a million dollars. In fact, with just a few new doors and some handles, your kitchen could become just like one of those you see in interior design magazines or on an episode of Cribs.

Replacement Kitchen Doors – The Greener Alternative to a Whole New Kitchen

December 4th 2012 by .

Saving energy is certainly the buzz word at the moment. The government is presenting us with policies aimed at making us greener and with energy prices soaring, every one of us is looking into ways we can save the planet while also saving money. Using replacement kitchen doors is just one of those ways and the reasons may just surprise you.

We already know that replacement kitchen doors are a simple way to improve the look of your kitchen without having to replace the entire set of units. You can reuse your carcasses and attach new doors which look great and will save you a fortune. But while you are busy choosing your doors and thinking about the savings, you may be overlooking the important work you are doing for the environment.

Replacement kitchen doors in Ultragloss Cream

Replacement kitchen doors in Ultragloss Cream

Sustainable wood

It may interest you to know that your current kitchen cupboards may not come from sustainable sources of wood and could in fact, come from the rain forests of South America. Many manufacturers choose not to declare where their wood comes from and are yet to sign up to the sustainable wood program.

When you choose replacement kitchen doors from us you are not only choosing a method of improving your kitchen which uses less wood, it also comes from a sustainable source and is backed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the PEFC scheme.


Less landfill

As we have already mentioned, when you improve your kitchen by adding new kitchen cupboard doors, you will be sending much less waste to landfills or to be recycled. An entire kitchen can be enough waste to fill a large skip and although much of it can be recycled or reused, in most cases this fails to happen (especially if you have hired a skip company). Even if your old kitchen is recycled, there is a cost to the environment to make this happen.

If you are simply replacing your kitchen cabinet doors you will have just a few pieces of wood, some old handles and maybe some end panels or plinths. In essence, you will have much less waste and you could deliver this to the recycling yard yourself, ensuring it is actually recycled and not dumped.


Lower energy use

Kitchen showrooms and large DIY stores need huge warehouse-like stores to exhibit and store their goods. This means that they have a cost to environment in terms of the energy used. Small kitchen door companies are able to keep these costs to a minimum. This results in lower costs to the consumer and a lower carbon footprint. Being smaller, we are able to keep a lid on our energy use and monitor and change the amount of energy used when required.


Less fuel

Having your whole kitchen removed, the new one delivered and the new one installed will all use up a huge amount of fuel. A new kitchen takes up a lot of space on a truck and this will need to be delivered to you. Then there is the truck which takes away your old kitchen. Add to that the installer, tiler, plumber and electrician who all run their own vehicles and you have a huge cost to the environment in terms of petrol and diesel use.

If you have a relatively small load of kitchen doors delivered to you, the truck can be filled in a more efficient way. You will be able to dispose of your waste yourself and you will be able to replace your kitchen doors yourself. All of this will save fuel and the environment.

You may not have thought about the environment when you decided you wanted a new kitchen. But hopefully this article has provided some food for thought and given you even more reason to choose replacement kitchen doors.

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