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Did you know that replacement kitchen doors work in bathrooms too?

February 26th 2013 by .

If you have completed your kitchen project, added in some lovely new replacement kitchen doors and are really proud of what you have achieved, you may well be thinking that the rest of your house looks a little shabby in comparison – the bathroom in particular. If this is the case and you want to get a bathroom makeover underway, there is much you can achieve with kitchen doors and worktops.

Storage is an essential in today’s modern bathrooms and unfortunately most of our homes are sadly lacking in this respect. You need cabinets for your toiletries and cupboards for your towels and another for your cleaning products and spare loo rolls. In a small room that can be a challenge. However it is a challenge which is easily overcome.


Ultra Gloss Red Visions Kitchen Doors – Perfect for the bathroom too


Why you might have thought kitchen doors wouldn’t work in bathrooms

Most people seem to believe that special doors are required for bathrooms – after all they are damp and wet places where the doors could be easily damaged. However, kitchens are also wet and damp places and kitchen doors last perfectly in there. If you choose your door carefully and ensure it is not placed directly in the line of fire (water wise) there is no reason at all why it wouldn’t last just as long as any other door.

There may also be a concern that bathroom cabinets and cupboards might be of different sizes than standard kitchen cabinets. This is absolutely true, but the joy of replacement kitchen doors is that you can get them in any size you require. On our website there are instructions on how to buy custom-sized doors and drawer fronts. This is a great option for the awkward spaces you might have in a small bathroom. If you have an old bathroom vanity unit, you will be able to get new doors and it will be cheaper than buying a whole replacement vanity unit again.

Why you should buy your bathroom doors from us

Here at Kitchen Door Workshop we have a number of doors which are especially suitable for your bathroom project, plus all of the accessories you might need, including additional worktops, handles, drawer fronts and even new carcasses and shelving. Not only that but our doors are of the highest quality and we offer a range of prices to suit any budget.

Gloss doors are always going to be good in a bathroom. They can be easily wiped clean and will be less affected by condensation due to the heavy application of lacquer. Of course the fact that they also look great and reflect light in a small room is an additional bonus. Take a look a our Ultra Gloss Visions doors for a minimalist look which will be perfect for your bathroom. For the more adventurous these doors come in some great colours including Ultra Gloss red.

Another great option for the bathroom are any of our painted doors. Once again these have a good wipeable finish and can be chosen in any colour you wish. Trends doors in a satin finish would be ideal and there are a number of contemporary colours to choose from including silk white and stone grey.


Your new bathroom could be just around the corner if you place an order for new replacement doors soon. All you need is a little imagination and the ability to visualise what could be an amazing transformation of the littlest room in the house. Before you know it you will be wondering what to do with all the cupboard space.





What questions should I be asking before I buy my replacement kitchen doors?

February 19th 2013 by .

We all know that buying replacement kitchen doors is the cheapest, easiest, fastest and most effective way of making a transformation in your kitchen. Buying online is easy and you will get your doors before you know it, but you may still be wary of shopping online and worry that you are getting less than you expect. After all, you don’t have the option of seeing the product up close before you buy.

So how do you reassure yourself that the kitchen doors you have chosen online will be of the quality you expect and that the service you get will be up to scratch? We have a few questions which you can use to make yourself feel better about your purchase of replacement kitchen doors. In fact some of these might apply to any type of online purchase.


Replacement Kitchen Door shown in Lewes High Gloss White

Replacement Kitchen Door shown in Lewes High Gloss White


Can I come and see your products?

Many kitchen door suppliers will have a factory or warehouse where they keep their products. If you live nearby, you may be able to come and visit. This will allow you to see the quality up close. You should always check the times you can go to ensure you will be met by the right people.


How long can I expect to wait?

You should always check to see how long it will take for your kitchen doors to be delivered. Very short lead-in times may indicate that the doors are already in stock. However longer waiting times may mean they have been sent from overseas. You may also not want to wait as long as the supplier thinks you should. You may be able to pay extra for a slightly quicker delivery.


Do you offer a guarantee?

You should never buy a product like a kitchen door unless there is some kind of guarantee attached. In most cases it will be a manufacturers guarantee and this means that if the product fails within a specified time, you should be able to get a replacement.


Can I return the doors if I don’t like them?

This one is tricky because you may have asked for custom sized doors, which will be difficult for the kitchen door supplier to sell again. In most cases, your doors will have been produced just for you and may not be able to be returned. This will be stated on the website and if not, you should ask. Of course, if the doors are not of good quality or you get the wrong product there should be a returns process or the opportunity to contact the manufacturer. However it is worth noting that distance selling regulations will always apply. This means that you can cancel your order within seven days of delivery in most cases.


Do I need to pay for any extras?

Sometimes when you order online, you may not notice extra items which are added to your bill which you don’t expect. In the case of kitchen doors this could be the pre-drilling of hinges, special sizes or quicker delivery. Make sure you are aware of these extras before you go ahead.


How much is delivery?

Your delivery costs could depend on a number of factors – however you should be able to get a good idea of the costs from the website before you place your order. Kitchen doors are heavy and sometimes bulky, so a special courier service may be required. This may mean that the delivery costs are more than you expect. Of course this is still easier than going to a retailer and taking them home yourself.


Now that you have the answers to the most important questions you should get measuring and order the doors of your dreams.

You really can find the best value kitchen doors online

February 12th 2013 by .

If you want to improve your kitchen and you are on a strict budget, it may feel as though you are facing an uphill battle. Everywhere you look on the High Street there are lovely kitchens on display which are out of your reach. In fact so many stores on the High Street (even the very large DIY stores) offer poor quality products at hugely inflated prices.


Ringer Handleless Kitchen Doors in High Gloss White

Ringer Handleless Kitchen Doors in High Gloss White


You may not have considered buying your replacement kitchen doors online, but it is by far the best way to get the best deals. There are many reasons for this and we have highlighted some of the top reasons people come to us below.

Online stores can offer great prices because they avoid many of the overheads which High Street stores are subject to. This includes advertising, staff costs, building rents, electricity and insurances – all related to having a physical presence in retail parks and on High Streets.

Online stores realise that you have the world at your fingertips. You can compare prices, sizes, colours and materials all while sitting in your home. This small fact keeps online retailers on their toes. They make sure that they are as competitive as possible so that you get the best available deals.

Online stores tend to offer great bonuses, discounts and offers for their loyal customers. If you agree to receive emails or newsletters, you may be offered money off vouchers or discounts. You will also be informed every time your favourite online retailer is having a sale or when your favourite items are back in stock. This saves you loads of legwork and allows you to make your purchase at the best possible time for you.

Flexibility is a real issue for many retail stores while an online store can offer you a huge range of options and extras which you simply cannot get from a normal store. Imagine you have a kitchen door which does not fit the usual range of sizes for a standard kitchen. Your options are to replace the entire cabinet at great cost, get a carpenter to make a bespoke door for you or buy from Kitchen Door Workshop and get the exact size you need. It is clear which option you should choose.

Online stores will offer you some of the extras which High Street stores might charge you a fortune for. This will include drilling holes for hinges, how to videos and advice and a one stop shop for all your other needs like door handles, worktops, plinths, pelmets and more.

Buying online will help prevent you from making costly mistakes. The person taking your order online has specialist knowledge of the products you are ordering. They will know if you have ordered something incorrectly, if your order doesn’t make sense or you have forgotten something important. The chances are that your local retailer will simply have a checkout for you to go through with no checking whatsoever. Online stores want to get it right first time.

Finally, buying your kitchen doors online will save you money when it comes to installation. You will be able to do it yourself or you will choose your own tradesman to help you. Either way it will be much less expensive than the services on a design and installation service from any kitchen retailer.

So if you need any further persuasion, you should do your own experiment. Get a quote from your local retailer and one from us. Once all of the above are taken into account, we are sure you will see that when it comes to value for money – we win hands down.

Invite spring into your kitchen with colours for the new season

February 7th 2013 by .

It may be difficult to believe, but despite the freezing weather we have experienced of late, Spring really is coming. The daffodils are starting to poke their way to the surface and the days are definitely getting longer. It is at this time of the year that we all start to think about the inevitable Spring clean of our home and the changes which we might like to make, especially in the kitchen.

Adding replacement kitchen doors to your kitchen is probably the best way to achieve a Spring makeover with the minimum of fuss and without spending a fortune. Thankfully there are a number of great colours available from Kitchen Doors Workshop which will give your kitchen that zesty and fresh Spring look which will easily carry you forward and into the Summer months.


High Gloss Aubergine Kitchen Doors from the Trends range

High Gloss Aubergine Kitchen Doors from the Trends range


If you are looking for gloss replacement doors, two great options would be Gloss Aubergine from the Trends colour range and Ultragloss Red from the Visions colour range. Both are very modern and fashionable options which, when combined with a gloss finish, will create a light and bright kitchen.

Gloss Aubergine is a deep purple which is light reflective and will work well in a light bright kitchen. Try combining with some white replacement doors for a brighter finish if you wish. Meanwhile Ultragloss Red hits all the right Spring notes. This rich colour is mouth-wateringly delicious. Perfect with a light oak flooring.


Ultragloss Red Kitchen Doors from the Visions Range

Ultragloss Red Kitchen Doors from the Visions Range


If you have been hankering after a woodgrain finish, there are plenty of options to choose from and some still have that light and bright Springtime colour you seek. Tiepolo Light Walnut, also from the Trends colour range is highly grained with knots and stripes highlighting the wood texture. The colours are also a combination of browns and creams which will work wonderfully in a kitchen where you want to show your eco side.

Ultragloss Mira Cosa from the Visions colour collection is once again a woodgrain pattern but with the added interest of being a high gloss finish. This colour is just right for representing a fresh and new feel for your kitchen.

Moldau Acacia from the Bella colour range offers a fantastic textured finish which is bright and interesting and with a spring in its step. This colour is highly modern but also has a slight texture which gives it a painted wood result. This colour gives your kitchen a light feel and will match perfectly with bowls of limes and mandarins.

Finally the colour white should not be underestimated if you are wanting to give your kitchen that feeling of being fresh and clean. Spring cleaning may be a chore which none of us look forward to, but the simple act of replacing your kitchen doors with the colour white can achieve a clean result in just a few hours.

Ringmer handleless kitchen doors in high gloss white

Ringmer handleless kitchen doors in high gloss white

Even a room which suffers from a lack of light can happily be transformed into a light, bright and modern kitchen by adding white doors. Choose high gloss if you need more reflection or go for a more traditional look with one of our shaker style doors if you want a relaxed feel.

Even if we have a dismally cold and wet Summer, you can always sit in your newly refurbished kitchen with its bright and cheerful colour design and feel like you are enjoying a Summers day. All it takes is a little bravery to choose colours which are modern and unusual and which will lift your kitchen out of the winter and into Spring.

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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