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When a kitchen is not just a kitchen

April 30th 2013 by .

Long gone are the days when a kitchen was a smallish room in the cellar or tacked on to the back of the house. Over the last 50 years it has developed from a functional and useful room which was never on show to visitors, to a light, bright and spacious family room. Families often eat in the kitchen or it is part of an open-plan space and joined with the dining room or even the living room.

Because of the fact that the kitchen is now used much more frequently and by many more people, it is more important than ever to ensure that your kitchen looks great and that the other uses for the room are also catered for. Using replacement kitchen doors to get a cohesive connection between the living, eating and cooking parts of the kitchen is the perfect way to bring it all together – even on a limited budget.


Vision doors in Tiepolo are ideal for the kitchen and the living room too


Breakfast bars

Many kitchens now have a breakfast bar and they use them for a variety of purposes. This may include eating a snack, reading the paper, using the laptop or just as extra important worktop space. This part of the kitchen is often used to separate the main cooking area from the dining or living space.

You can easily create a breakfast bar with replacement kitchen doors and a carcass or two. All you need to do is add them at right angles to the existing cupboards and add an oversized worktop to allow extra seating room. Making sure that these doors match your existing ones will ensure that it looks as though it has always been there.

Your breakfast bar can also act as extra storage on both sides – perfect for storing those things you use in the dining area.

 Dining rooms

Many dining rooms will have sideboards to accommodate serving dishes and other eating related items. If you have a dining section of the kitchen you can add a bank of kitchen cupboards to act as a sideboard. Obviously it is ideal to make sure that this matches with your kitchen cupboards, but could be in a different colour to mark out the space.

There are a variety of different sized cabinets and drawers you can choose to give you true flexibility when it comes to your storage options. You may also choose glazed doors to allow you to display your best china.

 Living spaces

If you have a combined living, eating and cooking space you may feel that it is important to clearly delineate between each area. This is always a good idea, but you can still use kitchen cupboard doors and carcasses to create fitted living room furniture. This will bring the room together as a whole, but will still allow the living area to stand out.

Use a different colour or material, but in the same style as your kitchen cupboards. For example you could opt for white Vision doors in your kitchen and then go for the same doors but in Tiepolo for the living room. If you use high quality carcasses with the correct end panels, the overall finish will be modern and very smart. Not to mention much cheaper than buying individual units for each room.

Open plan living is perfect for our contemporary lifestyles and making it work requires a little forethought and cohesive design. But with new kitchen doors, it all becomes a little easier. You will save money on the installation, the matching units and all that time shopping and searching.

Create a sultry bedroom with new doors

April 23rd 2013 by .

Your bedroom is the one place in the house where you can let your interior design whims run free. It is often a private place and one which guests will usually only glimpse through a half closed door. Unlike the living room or kitchen, you can express yourself in the bedroom and getting new bedroom doors is a great way to do that without breaking the bank.

If you have built in wardrobes in your bedroom, you may wonder how you can make them more interesting and new looking without having to replace the whole unit or needing a builder to come in and help you. The simple addition of new doors on your existing wardrobe will easily enhance the room and they are easy to buy and fit. However choosing the right look is the more difficult part of the process.


Create a passionate bedroom with red doors from the Visions range


If you would like to create a sultry and exotic look in your bedroom there are plenty of colour and material options available from Kitchen Doors Workshop. For this look you will need to go dark. A high gloss black door will create a very dramatic look, while bright fiery red doors will show your sexy side. For a more natural, but still exciting look, dark walnut doors will add to the sophistication of the room. Finally, if you are really brave you might want to try out aubergine as a modern and interesting take on the usual black finish.

When it comes to the style of doors, you have two choices. You could go for the full Gothic look with curved arches and highly detailed finishes. You will need to ensure the rest of the furnishings are plain to avoid a cluttered look if you go with this style. The other option is go with doors which are minimal in their look. You might decide to use handleless doors  such as the Ringmer style from Trends or keep door furnishings to a minimum. If you choose Visions doors in a high gloss finish, you will have just a minimal effect door to choose from, but it is perfect for showing off the glossy finish.

If you decide to add new handles, there are plenty of great options available which are perfect for bedroom doors. These include highly polished chrome knobs, wrought iron decorative handles and small pull knobs designed to be less obvious.

Once the bedroom doors are in place, you will find that your bedroom has already been transformed. However, don’t stop there. You should start by painting your walls in a complementary colour. Try not to go dark on the walls as this will be oppressive, however a simple cream would be perfect with most of the colours mentioned. White may be too stark for the look you are going for.

Bedding will be the fun side of your room transformation. You could go for a quilt or duvet cover which matches your replacement bedroom doors or you can try out a highly patterned option. Whatever you choose, try to add plenty of different textures to the room. This could be in the form of sequinned pillow covers, knitted throws or furry cushions. Plenty of pillows and soft furnishings add to the romantic side of the room.

Finally add a rug to the floor, mirrors on the walls, some heavy drapes or curtains and a few candles for a sophisticated, sultry look which wouldn’t be out of place in a boutique hotel.

Let your imagination run wild in the bedroom and use new bedroom doors to create something which expresses your personality in new ways. If you can’t do it in the rest of your home, at least you can take risks in the bedroom.

When just the kitchen doors will do

April 16th 2013 by .

If walking into your kitchen makes you sigh with despair (and not because you hate cooking!) it is probably because it is looking tired and dull and in need of a makeover. If this is a daily occurrence, you may simply think that your kitchen needs a full replacement.

For various reasons you may decide that it can’t be done. It might be money, a lack of time, not having the right skills or not having any clue about how you want the kitchen to look. Replacement kitchen doors are the answer to these dilemmas because they are cheaper, easier and quicker to install and you will have a huge variety of styles to choose from.


Try new doors from our Trends range to add sparkle back to your kitchen


The chances are that your kitchen is the perfect candidate for replacement kitchen doors – even if it looks like it is on its last legs. Your tired and dated kitchen doors may be hiding a kitchen which is structurally sound and which will be brought back to life with a little TLC, one weekend and the price of a weekend away. This handy list will help you to evaluate your kitchen and work out if replacement cabinet doors are ideal for you.

  •  Check to make sure that your carcasses are in good shape. This will mean seeing if they are stained, if they have woodworm or are rotten, if the shelves are still usable and if they are still sturdy enough to accept new doors. Remember that worn out carcasses can be revived with a lick of paint and that you can simply replace those which are very worn out and keep the rest. This will save you plenty.
  • How are the hinges? You can always replace the hinges, but it is worth keeping them if you can – not least because it saves you the time of removing the cabinet portion of the hinge. The hinges should stay in position and be strong enough for the weight of your new doors.
  • Are the cabinets still firmly attached? Always make sure that your old carcasses are still attached to the walls. It is all too easy for old screws to come loose. You may find that a simple adjustment is all that is required to make them firm again. However, if your walls are losing their plaster and this is causing the cabinets to come loose, you may need to remove the old plaster and add new. Wooden batons are also a good option to supply stronger fixings.
  • How are your old handles? Handles are often the part of the kitchen which shows wear and tear first, however this doesn’t mean that they can’t be reused on your new cabinet doors. A good clean or repaint may be all that is needed. Of course, new handles will really set off your new design and you may regret not taking the opportunity to really improve the look if you decide to go with the old.
  • Check plinths, end panels and trim. Chances are that your new design will look odd against the old end panels and plinths. You will probably want to replace these too. However, if you choose carefully in terms of the style and colour, you may get away with keeping them. You could also repaint them to match your new doors or add some adhesive vinyl to achieve the colour you want.

Simply put, your kitchen can be improved and made more desirable by adding new kitchen doors only. Your carcasses, handles, hinges and other extras may be perfectly serviceable and once your new doors are in, the whole kitchen will look brand new!

The importance of getting samples

April 16th 2013 by .

There are many things we do without necessarily thinking too hard about it. We might buy a new type of biscuit to go with our tea without trying it first or we might buy a pair of shoes online knowing that if they aren’t perfect, there is no harm done. However, how many of us would buy an entire kitchen without seeing it in the flesh first? Lots of us actually and this applies to replacement kitchen doors as well.


Sometimes it takes seeing the perfect kitchen door in the flesh to know it is right for you – just like this Mira Cosa door from our Visions range


One of the issues people have with buying items online is the fact that they can’t see and touch the item before they commit to buying it. It puts many people off and they choose not to buy anything at all. They will usually choose to go to their local kitchen studio or DIY store and buy what they can see. However they may not realise that they will often be paying more than they need to and not getting the service which an online and smaller operation can provide.

Then there are the people who will buy whatever they see online without thinking it through. These people will then often complain that the item was not as they expected and that it doesn’t look like the picture. While online stores do all they can to make sure their website pictures are representative of what the item actually looks like, it is hard to show colours and materials in a 2-dimensional picture.

This is why you should always take advantage of free and paid for samples before you go ahead and spend money on a product like replacement kitchen cabinet doors. After all, replacing kitchen doors and revamping your kitchen is not something you should undertake without careful thought.

Thankfully here at Kitchen Door Workshop we offer samples of the colours and designs of all our doors, allowing you to make the right choices in the comfort of your own home. Of course what you do with your samples when you get them is pretty important too.

  • Always check the colours in different types of light. This includes early morning light, afternoon light and the artificial light of your kitchen bulbs or lamps.
  • Compare the quality of the door sample with those you already own or those you will see in DIY stores. Note how the door is constructed,  how the top coating or veneer is applied and how sturdy the door sample seems to be.
  • Bear in mind that the door you like may come in a huge range of similar designs and finishes – there is only one way to choose these in an effective way – see them in the flesh.
  • Don’t be afraid to try scratching the sample, getting it dirty, spraying it with cleaning products and more to simulate proper prolonged everyday use.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, getting plenty of door samples is worth the investment. At £10 each, you will have the pleasure of choosing a door which fits your needs by seeing it in the environment it will live in for the next 10 to 20 years. Surely this puts the whole sample issue into perspective.

If you are considering replacement kitchen doors and the online company selling them to you isn’t willing to send you a sample, you should move on and click elsewhere. Never make such a huge choice based on just the skills of the website designer and photographer. See it with your own eyes and make the right choices.

If all else fails you can always travel to our workshop to see our doors for yourself. We are happy to see our customers and you will receive the VIP treatment. Just give us a call first.

DIY Kitchen Makeovers: You Really Can Do it

April 2nd 2013 by .

If you have just spent the the recent Easter weekend wishing you could join the masses and do a spot of DIY on your home, you may be one of those people who think that it is always better to hire in a professional. Despite the best efforts of DIY stores, TV programmes and online tutorials, sometimes DIY seems a little too hard and impossible for many of us. In particular, the kitchen may be seen as the last place you would want to let a family member run free with the drill!


Want to DIY it? Try installing your own Goodwood doors in Avola Grey


If this is the case then you obviously don’t know about replacement kitchen cabinet doors. The ease with which you can transform your kitchen becomes obvious once you know how easy it is to simply take off your old doors and replace them with sparkly new ones in the design and colour of your choice. Your kitchen can go from drab and boring to interesting and fresh in just a couple of days and you will be able to do all the work yourself.

The process for replacing your old kitchen doors is really simple. Just follow these few steps, take a look at our online videos and get started.

  • Measure all of your kitchen cabinet doors on the insides and note them down. In most cases your doors will be of a standard size, but if not, that is OK. We do bespoke sizes too.
  • Decide which doors you want from our online store. You may choose to get some samples sent of the door and the colours so you know your choice is right for your needs.
  • Fill in our online form showing your choice of door, the colour and the right sizes. You will also be asked if you want the doors to be pre-drilled for hinges and if you want any extras such as plinths, end panels and handles.
  • When your doors arrive (within days in most cases) you can get started with the really fun stuff – the DIY.
  • Your first job will be to remove the old doors. A simple drill will achieve this in minutes, but you can even use a manual screwdriver and do it by hand if you wish. Save the hinges (unless you have bought new ones).
  • Attach your hinges to your new doors in the correct position. This should still correspond with where your old hinges were – particularly if you are using the old ones as you will have left the cabinet hinge section in place. If the holes are pre-drilled, this part is super easy. Just screw it on.
  • Decide where your new handles are going to go. Try a few different options with the handles. The could be placed centrally, to the side, top or bottom. Work our how it will look best based on all your cabinet and drawer sizes and positions.
  • Attach your handles by marking the position carefully with a pencil and screwing them in place. Sometimes it makes senses to use an electric drill to do this as it will give a cleaner finish. Use masking tape to prevent the drill from slipping on shiny surfaces.
  • Finally, offer up the door to the correct space and slip the door hinge into the cabinet hinge. From this point all you have to do is tighten or loosen the hinge screws until the door sits straight. You will need to do this several times once all the doors are in place to ensure you have even gaps between each door and at the top and bottom. Minor adjustments will be needed, but it is a simple process.
  • Now just sit back and admire your DIY skills. You haven’t needed to empty your kitchen, hire a tradesman, do any heavy lifting or carrying or ask for help. You should be very proud!

It is obvious that improving your kitchen on your own merits has financial benefits, but never underestimate the importance of simply knowing that you have achieved something which you didn’t know you could. Every time you enter your kitchen you will see all your own hard work and will feel an immense sense of pride – perhaps your next DIY job could be replacing your bathroom cabinet doors or those ones on your wardrobe?

For a look at our online DIY tutorial videos click here.

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
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