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Finding a good tradesman

May 28th 2013 by .

Even if you have decided to buy replacement kitchen doors for your new kitchen, you may still feel uncomfortable about installing them yourself. In most cases the installation is very easy, however if you are putting in new worktops, plinths, end panels, new handles and even some new appliances, you may feel that you need the help of an expert.

This is the point where many people abandon the project altogether. Finding someone you trust and who will do a good job at a reasonable cost is hard. Great tradesmen are often booked up months in advance and that is if you can actually find one which is recommended in your area. Poor tradesmen are a dime a dozen and it is all too easy to fall into their clutches just because you want the work done quickly.


The difference between a good kitchen and a great one is the fitting


Follow these few tips to ensure you find the best money can buy and get your kitchen doors installed by someone who will take care to get the results you dream of.

 Think ahead

Bear in mind that tradesmen who have great reputations are usually booked up at least three months in advance. If they are not – you should ask why. That said, if your job is relatively small (adding new doors to your kitchen should only take a day or two) your tradesman may be able to fit you into an off day here and there. Don’t give up at this first hurdle as they may be able to squeeze you in. Otherwise – be prepared to wait.

 Talk to people

Try to find friends or family who have had a kitchen installed recently and go around to see it. Check the small things, like are the doors all sitting even, do all the handles match, are the small things taken care of? What are the worktop joins like and are the end panels and plinths finished off correctly? It is these small details which will set your kitchen apart.

 Go local

If you cannot get a recommendation, you should choose a few tradesmen from your local area. There are a number of factors you should think about before you invite them for a quote.

  • Have they advertised in your area for a long time – are they well established?
  • Do they have a landline number for your area?
  • Do they have a website where their work is pictured?
  • Do they live locally and do you know their home address?

Try looking them up online to see if there have been any county court judgments or complaints about them. Choose at least three tradesmen for quotes.

 Follow up all quotes

Get references from your tradesmen and arrange to visit examples of their work. They should be more than happy to provide these if they are proud of their work and got on with their clients. If not – walk away.

 Cheapest is not always the best

Even for a small job, you should consider going for a middle range quote rather than the cheapest. These tradesmen know their own worth and they are not desperate for the work. The highest quote may simply be a chancer who is quoting high so you will refuse. They don’t really want to do the work. Fitting kitchen cabinet doors may be an easy job for a professional – but they should still quote realistically.

If you have followed all of these steps, you should now have your tradesman ready to go. All you need to do now is find the kitchen doors you love and order them in time for your tradesman to fit them perfectly.

Top five contemporary kitchen doors

May 23rd 2013 by .

If you are looking for a new and modern kitchen but don’t want to pay a fortune, replacement kitchen doors are the way to go. Replacing your kitchen doors is the ideal way to try out new trends, allow you to go for a colour which is outside of your comfort zone or maybe even try a new style or material which will update your entire kitchen look. You will avoid paying huge amounts, the installation costs are minimal and the choices are amazing. Even the most traditional person can find a modern option from our incredible selection.



Visions Ultragloss Tiepolo

High gloss doors are a very contemporary look in the kitchen and Tiepolo is the ultimate in woodgrain with a difference. These doors are super shiny and reflective with a woodgrain pattern which is strong and obvious. Tiepolo will mix and match with other less interesting colours such as cream, allowing you to highlight certain parts of the kitchen such as the island. While the Visions doors may be flat fronted and plain, the addition of an ultragloss finish adds to the style and brings it right up to modern standards.

Trends Ringmer

The best thing about the ringmer doors is the fact that they are handleless. The minimal feel is one which is very popular at the moment and these doors do not disappoint. Minimal rooms are designed to highlight great craftsmanship and interesting items. The furniture remains plain so that individual pieces can really stand out. Nothing of poor quality should be in a minimalist home. Ringmer doors can be used in any colour and will add stylish sophistication without even trying. Add some beautiful pieces and accessories and your kitchen will be a masterpiece.

Trends Kingston in Avola Grey

Grey is the colour of 2013 and Avola Grey is a great mix of woodgrain and texture with a light grey tone. When mixed with a plain but stylish Shaker door, the effect is modern and sophisticated. Grey can be teamed with bold colours such as reds and purples allowing you to create a kitchen where the colours are as important as the style. For a more toned down look try white walls and a black worktop. While the Kingston door may seem a little traditional, mixing it with avola grey adds a contemporary feel and updates the look in a flash.

Bella Riven Lime

If you are looking for a bright kitchen door option and don’t want to have boring old white, you will find that Riven Lime will bring a smile to your face. This attractive lime colour is for people who are modern and fresh and will set your kitchen apart. Ideal for a sunny room and perfect when mixed with white tiles and worktops, this colour is individual and unique. The finish is also textured which adds a further dimension and gives it an almost painted wood feel. This doesn’t detract from the beauty of this colour and only adds to the charm.

Zurfiz Gloss Saffron

If yellow is your favourite colour, the gloss saffron kitchen door from Zurfiz is ideal. With a sunny feel and a super modern look, these doors are exciting and charming. Gloss replacement kitchen doors are modern and designed to catch the light – making a small room seem larger and a dark room, brighter. Add a bright colour like saffron and the effect is magnified. This colour is inspired by the 1950’s and old fashioned handles will give the doors a contemporary feel, despite the old-fashioned styling.

Modern kitchens come and go – the styles seems to swap and change with each passing season. However here at Kitchen Door Workshop we choose colours and styles which will stand the test of time. Your can have a contemporary look without needing to change your doors every year – our doors are designed to last.

Why white is the perfect kitchen colour

May 14th 2013 by .

Whether it is a soft white in a matt finish or a high gloss white with a gleaming shine, the colour white is as popular as ever and deservedly so. White is the ideal colour for a kitchen, regardless of the size or location and if you are thinking of updating your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors, you can’t go far wrong if you simply choose this stunning colour.


A white kitchen will give your kitchen style effortlessly


We all know that brides wear white to represent their purity and a white car is considered to be safer than others on the road. White stands out or it can be a perfect backdrop to other colours and accessories. This Summer the white sun dress is making a comeback because it is all about freshness, simplicity and style. If you are not convinced, take a look at these reasons for choosing white for your kitchen.


If your kitchen is in a dark part of the house or you simply like plenty of light, white kitchen cupboards will provide extra radiance to the room. A white cupboard will pick up what light there is available and reflect it around, bouncing it off the walls, ceiling and floor to make your kitchen lighter, brighter and more attractive. It will also be a nicer place to work, even on the darkest day.


A white kitchen will never be a dirty one. White is not overly forgiving on your replacement kitchen doors. In fact, the smallest mark will show up. While this may be a problem for some, for those who love to clean and who feel that a kitchen should be a clean place, white cupboards will allow them to see the dirt and keep it spotless. Kitchens are a place where food is prepared, so it is actually very important to keep it as clean and as hygienic as possible. White kitchen doors will help you to do this.

You can also go the extra mile and get white worktops and tiles to compliment your white kitchen doors and you will have gleaming surfaces everywhere. Your kitchen will not only feel cleaner and look cleaner – it will actually be cleaner.

Perfect backdrop

White cupboards are ideal for those people who can’t choose between their favourite colours. It may seem counter-intuitive to choose white when your favourite colours are pink, purple and lilac. In fact, having a white background means you can experiment with colour in other ways. You can add coloured appliances, paint the walls, add window treatments in your favourite colours or patterns and add or take these away as you see fit. You could change the feel of your kitchen every few weeks by simply repainting the walls and dressing the room with coloured accessories.

White allows you to change your mind without the added expense of replacing your kitchen cabinet cupboards.

Any style

The colour white will work perfectly with any of our door styles from the traditional Midhurst to the minimal Visions range. You can choose high gloss, satin, matt or even a slight woodgrain and you still have all the qualities of white coming through. White will allow you to see the door style – you won’t lose the feel of the kitchen décor simply because of the colour you have chosen.

White will also allow you to choose any style of handle or worktop – or mix and match with what you already have. Regardless of your current style or theme, white will fit in and still look great.

Regardless of why you have chosen white, you will know that you have chosen wisely. Replacement kitchen doors in white are always a good choice. You will get added reflection and light, a stylish, effortless look, a clean and hygienic kitchen and a versatile and easy colour to live with. If you are having trouble deciding on the colour for you – why not try no colour at all?

Creating a traditional kitchen with replacement doors

May 7th 2013 by .

Even though there are so many modern and contemporary styles available for replacement kitchen cabinet doors, sometimes, nothing beats the traditional look. You may choose a traditional kitchen if your home is older, you like the craftsman-like look or you simply want something which everyone will like (some modern styles can be an acquired taste). You can’t go wrong with a traditional kitchen.


The Amberley in a dark wood gives an instant traditional feel


There a number of features which immediately make you notice that a kitchen is traditional. Some of these may be very subtle, but others stand out and the traditional styling cannot be denied. Take a look at the following list of traditional features which will help you decide if your kitchen door choice is traditional or not.

 Handmade look

Many traditional kitchen door styles are based on the handmade or craftsman look. Our shaker-style doors such as the Fairlight from the Trends range are a perfect example. The Shakers were well known for producing simply-made, sturdy and beautiful furniture with a plain, yet distinctive look. They believed in creating something which would last a lifetime and these ideals have been passed down to current door designers.

Countryside look

If you walk into a country or farm kitchen you can immediately sense the years of tradition which have produced the style. A typical farm or country kitchen might use something like the Wadhurst which utilises a planked middle section. Once again it has a handmade feel, but with a little more of a design feature. Country kitchens are often painted in colours like blue or cream and they have a very relaxed feel.

Woodgrain finishes

Even the most modern of replacement kitchen doors can have a traditional feel by adding a standard woodgrain finish in oak or walnut. The darker the wood, the more traditional the kitchen will feel. Light woods such as beech tend to be used on more modern furniture. The use of woodgrain harks back to an era where kitchen doors would be created from the wood which was available on the farm or from the local area. Once again it seems handmade.

Distinctive patterns

Modern kitchen doors tend to be very plain – opting to express their beauty through the colours or finishes used. Traditional doors on the other hand are often very decorative with arches, inset panels and elaborate handles. A great example of this is the Westfield which incorporates deep carved panels and curved arches. This gives an almost Gothic feel to the door.

Where can I use a traditional kitchen door?

There are no hard and fast rules about the use of traditional replacement kitchen cabinet doors, however you may want to think about if your home and you are really suited to this style.

  • Is your home of an older style such as Victorian or Georgian?
  • Does your home have decorative features such as coving, old fireplaces, high ceilings and tiles floors? All of these need a more traditional look to blend in.
  • Are you thinking about selling your home and what is your target market? If you are aiming at older people or families, a traditional kitchen may be the best option.

What accessories will work with a traditional kitchen?

It is easy to create a traditional kitchen by adding things like a butler sink, a range cooker or Aga, distressed furniture for the table, anything which is made form natural solid wood and anything which looks old or used. Hide away all of those shiny new toasters and kettles!

A traditional kitchen is a great option when you decide to replace your old kitchen doors. Just make sure that it will suit your home and your own likes and dislikes.



Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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