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Bespoke Vs Replacement Kitchen Doors

July 30th 2013 by .

If your home is Victorian or older there is a good chance that the kitchen is a later addition and used to be a parlour room, bedroom, dining area or just a living room. The kitchen may have just been an Aga in the corner of the living area and the current kitchen is designed to fit into this old space. This probably means that your kitchen has been made to fit the space or that compromises have been made to make standard units possible. If you are thinking of replacing these units, you will be thinking pound signs – because bespoke is expensive. However replacement kitchen doors are a cheaper option which can give a bespoke look.


Get a bespoke handmade look at a fraction of the cost


Standard kitchen doors

Most kitchen cabinets come in a standard door size of 600mm, 400mm and 300mm with varying heights. These restrictions can leave you frustrated if you have a space which needs something which is a half size, smaller or larger than the average. In most cases you will be forced to make do, use filler strips and shelving units to fill these awkward spaces. This can give your kitchen a pieced together look and detracts from the overall smooth lines.

You may also live in a house where the previous owners had a kitchen especially made for the space. This would have cost them a significant amount, but may not be to your taste. Replacing this would be very expensive, however you could replace the kitchen doors only and save money as well.

Replacement kitchen doors

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of replacement kitchen doors. Because you order your doors online (rather than picking them off the shelf at your local DIY store) you have more control over what you can buy. We offer varying sizes as standard, but more importantly, we can provide almost any size you wish. All this without compromising on style, quality and cost.

Things to remember

There are a few things you should keep in mind when ordering your bespoke sized doors:

  • Those doors which have a more elaborate style with arches or a panelled finish may not work well if they are made in very small sizes. Think carefully about how the final look will come together. Plainer doors respond better to being cut down to a specific size.
  • Take a look at the drawer fronts and once again, think about how they will look made smaller or larger. You want your kitchen to look cohesive.
  • Remember that most off the shelf carcasses are of a standard size, so if you are adding new units you may need to adjust the carcasses to fit. This is usually an easy process of sawing off the unwanted portion. A kitchen fitter will be able to do this for you.
  • You should not discount the addition of filler strips, shelves and wine racks as a good way of filling spaces where it is not feasible to add in a cupboard. We have a number of these items which can look very stylish when incorporated in a natural way.

Ordering your doors

The process of ordering your bespoke replacement doors is easy. We recommend that you remove your old doors and measure each one carefully on the inside. This prevents you from miscalculating due to mouldings and other defects on the front. Once you have these figures (remember to check them twice) you can order using our online process. Just add in the details for each door, remembering the points made above.

Bespoke doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your replacement doors will fit perfectly and will look great. They will give your kitchen a handmade feel without the handmade price and you will be so happy with the result you will be thinking about moving on to replacing your wardrobe doors too!

Build a walk in wardrobe with replacement doors

July 23rd 2013 by .

A walk in wardrobe is one of those luxuries which you would only expect in the largest and most expensive homes. However, if you have a little space, you can create your own walk in wardrobe in no time and with the help of replacement bedroom doors, you will achieve a look which is professional and stylish – all on a small budget.

A walk in wardrobe is a space which is generally larger than a closet and where you can step inside and be confronted with all of your clothes, shoes, handbags and other bedroom items. It is often lined with cupboards, hanging rails, shelving and more – designed to hold all of your items neatly and out of the way. It is ideal for any fashionista or hoarder!


Use replacement doors to create a walk in wardrobe


 Where will I put it?

Of course you need the space to add a walk in wardrobe to your bedroom, but you can always build a partition wall in one corner of your bedroom or you can use a small unused bedroom as your personal wardrobe space. It can easily be turned back into a bedroom at a later date. Some people will prefer to have a wardrobe rather than an ensuite.

 The doors

The first thing you will see in your new space is the door which separates it from your bedroom. You can use a replacement bedroom door to provide this. It will turn this small room into a piece of furniture which can match with your bedside cabinets, your drawers and even your tables or desks.

 What about inside?

Once you enter your wardrobe space you have so many options to choose from. You may want to combine many different storage options in the one space. For shelves, you can use worktops. These are sturdy and easy to keep clean. They will provide the ideal space to fold clothes and display precious items. Other shelving should be in a similar type of material as is used for the cupboard carcasses. Try to get a uniformed look – perhaps all oak veneer or white laminate.

Try adding a few kitchen carcasses with matching door fronts. You can use glazed units for displaying your shoes and handbags for easy identification and solid doors for hiding those items you don’t want on display. There is nothing which looks quite as neat as walking into a wardrobe of this kind and seeing banks of neat cupboards, rather than clothing spilling out everywhere.

Many kitchen cupboards comes with accessories which really work well in a wardrobe. These might include pull out wire mesh baskets, wicker baskets and drawer inserts which are ideal for jewellery. If you fear that the space may be slightly too “kitcheny” you can carefully choose the right door and colour combination to avoid this. Whites and woods work very well in bedrooms.

Hanging rails can also be hidden behind full length bedroom replacement doors. If you wish you can have these left on display and use end panels to create a great looking carcass for the rail which looks a million dollars but costs much less.

Finally think about handles and finishing touches. Plinths are a great idea for keeping the space looking tidy and completed and cornices are a ideal if you really want your walk in wardrobe to look opulent.

Your walk in wardrobe space is so much more than just somewhere to hide your clutter. It is about organisation, neatness and creating a space which is all about your needs and requirements. With a little forethought, planning and consideration you could ave the space of your dreams. Just buy a few carcasses, some replacement doors, a worktop and you are set to go.

A weekend transformation

July 22nd 2013 by .

With the lovely weather now upon us, the chances are that the last thing you will be wanting to do is spend several weeks having your kitchen refitted. A full kitchen makeover can take a long time, however a simple replacement of your kitchen doors can take a weekend – at the most and by Sunday afternoon, you can be back in your garden soaking up the sun.


You can transform your kitchen in no time – even over a weekend


Be prepared

It is important to realise that you can’t just decide on Friday night that you want to redo your kitchen and think that you can start the next day. It doesn’t work like that. You will need to put in the leg work a few weeks in advance. Make sure you have done the following:

  •  Sent off for samples of the colours and door types you want to use
  • Chosen your favourite colour or colours, the doors you want, the handles and any other additions you will need.
  • Measured your old doors and ordered the new ones in the right size.
  • Checked the order when it arrives to make sure you have everything you need
  • Bought extras like new wall and trim paint or new accessories you would like to add to your new beautiful kitchen.

The steps to a new kitchen

Now you are ready to get started. Follow our step by step kitchen fitting weekend plan and you will be enjoying your brand new kitchen before you know it.

  1.  Remove anything from the kitchen which might get in the way. There is no need to empty your cupboards, but you may want to remove things from the worktops to give you a little extra space. If you are planning a complete clean or want to paint the insides of your cupboards – now is the time to do this.
  2. Remove the old doors – keeping the hinges if you have chosen to. Remember to recycle the doors if you can, or maybe sell them so they can be reused by someone else.
  3. If you are planning on repainting your kitchen, re-grouting or replacing the flooring – now is the time to complete this step – before the new doors come in.
  4. Unpack your new doors and add on the hinges in the pre-drilled holes if they have been provided. If not, you need to work out where the hinges will be and drill the holes yourself.
  5. If you have integrated doors for your appliances, you should add the handles before you hang the doors. If you wish you can do this for all the doors. However sometimes it is easier to see how the handles match up if they are already hung.
  6. Now offer up the doors to the cabinets, ensuring that you have the right sized door in each place. It should be easy to fit them using the hinges as they will simply slot into place.
  7. Adjust each hinge either up or down or side to side using the screws provided. This will help you to get each door level and in line with the next. You may want to use a level to make sure this is totally accurate – although doing it by eye is usually fine.
  8. Add the handles if you are yet to do this. Some people find it easier to use a template to make sure they drill the holes in the right place. Obviously this is one step you do not want to get wrong. Take your time and measure twice (or more).
  9. Now add any of the other finishing touches you have also purchased. This might be new plinths, end panels or cornices. If you are adding a new worktop, you might need an extra day to complete it.

And there you have it a completed kitchen in less than two days. Try that with any other type of kitchen fitting!



Transforming your kitchen while saving the planet

July 9th 2013 by .

Most of us will not think twice about the environment when we decide to replace our kitchen – the origins of the wood used, the sustainability or the amount of landfill space we will be using simply don’t enter our heads. Thankfully the one choice you make (which may be based on a number of factors) to use replacement kitchen doors on your new kitchen is one which will help the environment without you even knowing it is the case.

Our kitchen doors are designed to be sustainable and responsible sourced. We take this very seriously and do the hard work so that you don’t have to. All you need to be aware of is that by choosing us you are doing the right thing.


Our wood is sustainably sourced and it looks great too!


 Replacement kitchen doors save on landfill

One of the main reasons replacing your kitchen doors is such a great idea is because there will be much less wastage. Your kitchen can be transformed without needing to be completely replaced. You will save money on skips and the kitchen – but the planet will thank you too.

 The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

We are proud to say that our replacement cabinet doors are made from wood which is carefully chosen and is sustainable. This means that the trees are replanted. The wood is certified as such by either the FSC or the PEFC.

The FSC promote the responsible management of forests across the globe. They believe in the preservation of forests while also promoting the welfare of those people working in the forestry industry and those living in areas where deforestation is taking place. They also work towards building markets across the world to help local people earn money and gain access to benefits. In other words if you buy wood which is stamped with the FSC symbol, you are getting wood which is carefully chosen, replaced and where the workers are well treated.

 Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Two thirds of the managed forests in the world are certified by PEFC and they offer the widest supply of certified wood across the globe. Accepted by the UK government as a mark of sustainability, PEFC see themselves as stewards for forests, ensuring biodiversity, productivity, regeneration and vitality. They are especially concerned with ensuring that the production of wood does not cause damage to other eco-systems.

The PEFC are also careful to maintain quality of the wood, improvement of technologies, consistency in terms of the product and transparency in all stages of their certification process.

 What we believe in

Clearly both of these organisations take their job very seriously and ensure that the wood provided to the UK is safe to use. We also take our commitment to the environment seriously and will only use wood and raw materials which come from sustainable sources.

We want you to get the best possible quality product at the best possible price, but we do not want that to do that at the expense of global forests. We will not buy cheap or substandard wood or products made from substandard wood. We need to feel safe that our product meets all government requirements and that those people producing it for us are fairly treated, paid well and that their homes are preserved.

So you can be rest assured that replacing your kitchen doors are not only good for your kitchen, long lasting, great quality and look great – they are also good for the earth. Doesn’t that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling?



4 reasons you should buy replacement kitchen doors

July 2nd 2013 by .

Most of us will simply assume that the best way to replace our old kitchen is to rip it all out and start again. This approach is not only time consuming and expensive, it is also wasteful and totally unnecessary. You could buy replacement kitchen doors, fit them yourself and enjoy a new looking kitchen in no time. Still not convinced? Take a look at our five reasons for choosing replacement doors.


There are more reasons than just the fact it looks amazing to use replacement kitchen doors


You will save money

There are a number of reasons why you will automatically save money on your kitchen replacement by simply choosing to add cupboard doors. The first is the fact that a major part of the cost of a new kitchen is the cost of the carcasses and shelving. By reusing these items you have already saved a significant portion of your budget.

You will also save plenty of cash by doing the job yourself. There is nothing simpler than removing your old doors and putting on new ones. It is just a case of using a screwdriver and some careful measuring. A tradesman is likely to be in your home for more than a week installing an entire new kitchen – you will spend less than a weekend getting the job done. It is easy to see where these savings come from.

Add to that the cost of a skip, the initial design, the extra plumbing and electrics and you have the makings of a very expensive new kitchen.

You will save time

As already pointed out it can take upwards of a week to install even a very basic new kitchen. You will need to replace tiles, flooring, paint the room and even adjust plumbing or electrical work. With new doors – the rest of the kitchen will stay the same and your new doors could be attached in less than 2 days. If you are hoping for a quick kitchen improvement – replacement doors are the only option.

You will save the environment

Removing and disposing of an old kitchen will result in the filling of a reasonable sized skip. It will include old tiles, flooring, carcasses, doors, old sinks, worktops and even old plasterboard. All of this needs to be either recycled or sent to landfill. If you choose to simply replace your old doors, you could place it all in the boot of the car and take it to the recycling centre where it can be 100% recycled.

You could also sell the doors via online auction sites or Freecycle it to someone who is doing their own kitchen replacement job.

You will save stress

Being without a kitchen for several days (or even weeks) can put a huge strain on any household. It means having to go out for meals, using a makeshift kitchen set up in another room, washing dishes and your clothes in the bath and generally having to limit your lifestyle while the work is happening.

This is never the case when replacing your kitchen cabinet doors. You can still use your kitchen as normal and you don’t need to clear it out or store items in other parts of the house. It is easy, quick and totally free from the stress of finding a tradesman.

We think these are pretty compelling reasons to buy replacement kitchen doors rather than going to the hassle of installing an entirely new kitchen. But we will leave it up to you. Take a look at our customer feedback to see all of the reasons our clients have come up with. After all they should know!





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