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Create a retro-feel 1950’s kitchen

August 30th 2013 by .

With all of the television programs on re-purposing retro furniture, baking bread in pastel kitchens and creating a housewives dream of a kitchen which also meets the needs of a modern home, you may have decided that you would also like to get a 1950’s feel in your kitchen. After all, it is all the rage! You can easily achieve this look and feel with replacement kitchen doors and for a great price.


Create a modern retro feel with the right colour


The 1950’s was a time of forward thinking in terms of kitchen design. Being just after the war, people had money to spend and it was certainly tricky to encourage women back into the everyday life of cooking and caring for their families after they had been so involved in the war effort. So it was a time of new gadgets, attractive coloured and fitted kitchens to entice women back into the kitchen – and it worked.

These days, men are just as likely to tie on an apron and cook the family meal, but that doesn’t mean that the practical and design-led feeling of the 1950’s doesn’t have a place in their hearts too. Women seem to love this look and a raft of 50’s inspired kitchen accessories are easily available for anyone to buy to create the look for themselves. So what do you need to do to get this look in no time?

Go pastel

Baby blues and pinks are ideal colours for a retro-feel kitchen – either on the walls, tiles or floors and in combination with a white kitchen unit. Or you can always buy our Paintable Vinyl doors and create the exact colour you wish. Mint greens, soft lilacs and daisy yellows are also great options. In fact why not try out several colours together for an eclectic look which will really impress.


Setting out your tiles in a checkerboard fashion will give you the feeling of an American diner and this can be replicated on your floor. A few shiny accessories like milkshake machines and mixers will set off the ambience even further. If you don’t want black and white, a more muted light blue and white would be ideal with white replacement doors.


The addition of the right handle in your kitchen is crucial in creating the exact look you are searching for. For a retro kitchen you should be looking for cupped handles which are chunky and made of shiny chrome. They will really work well on a plain fronted door, but could also be used on any woodgrain, if you want a more traditional look.

A fitted look

Kitchen designers of the 1950’s drew their inspiration and manufacturing capabilities from the plane building which occurred during the war. This mean that metal kitchens were all the rage and they were riveted together in smooth lines and perfectly fitted to the shape of the kitchen. This was the first time fitted kitchens were routinely used. Nowadays we all have a fitted kitchen and wouldn’t think of having metal cabinets. However the same streamlined approach can be easily created. Simply choose the replacement cabinet doors which suit your needs and use them on your current cabinets and hey, presto! Fitted kitchen in a matter of hours.

You might feel that a retro kitchen is perfect for your needs and that it will fit your personality. But that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality, search high and low for examples from the era or spend a fortune. With replacement kitchen doors you can change your decade in a flash. Next year you could try the 1970’s!

Sometimes only a professional will do

August 23rd 2013 by .

We like to think that almost anyone can fit our replacement kitchen doors and get a professional-looking result. The fact is that fitting our doors is easy to do and we make it even easier by pre-drilling your hinge holes and providing a range of sizes. But sometimes you might just feel that you want a professional to come in and get the work done for you. We totally understand this and even offer a professional fitting service as well.


Sometimes you really need a professional to fit your kitchen – but not always


There are a number of reasons why you might choose a professional to fit your replacement kitchen doors, including:

  •  You simply don’t have the time. While it is true that fitting our doors can take less than one or two days to complete, you may prefer to spend your weekend relaxing, while someone else does the work for you.
  • You may need more than a simple replacement of doors. If you are adding a new worktop, plinths, pelmets or additional cupboards, it might be wise to get a professional in, at least for the more complicated parts of the job.
  • You might just be the type of person who cannot do DIY. If you scratch your head when the word screwdriver is mentioned, or your heart beats in terror at the thought of removing your kitchen doors, you should probably let someone else take over. Not everyone is cut out for DIY.

If you choose to go with our professional fitting service, you can trust that the builder will know what they are doing and that you will get the work completed on time, on budget and exactly how you wanted it done. But if you are looking for a builder yourself, we recommend that you take the following points into consideration.

  •  Always get three quotes – even for a small job such as this one.
  • Follow up any references given to you by the builder and take the time to visit work they have already completed.
  • If you can, get a referral from a neighbour, relative or a friend. Someone who they trust is likely to be better than someone who is completely unknown to you.
  • Try not to pay your builder upfront. You should hold back a small amount until they have completely finished to your satisfaction.
  • Remember that for your builder, this job is going to be seen as simple and short. This is a good thing, but you may have to wait until your builder has the time to fit you in. It may not be as quick as doing it yourself after all.
  • A builder will usually charge around £150 per day. This should be a one day job, but if worktops and other extras are included it could stretch to two days or more.
  • Don’t forget the cost of disposal of your old kitchen. The builder will need to pay to have this taken away. If you do it yourself, you should be able to take it for free to your local recycling centre.

Maybe you could consider doing a little of the work yourself. If you think you are able, you could remove the old doors and hinges and prepare the kitchen for your builder. This could save a little more time and money on the job.

The most important thing when fitting your replacement kitchen cabinet doors is that the final result is perfect, that you are “wowed” by the result and that you are happy with what you paid. Whether you do it yourself or get someone in is immaterial. Just ensure you are over the moon by your kitchen at the end.

The importance of kitchen door samples

August 16th 2013 by .

A new kitchen is all about making decisions. How much you have to spend, what colour, what style, where the cabinets will go, the handles, the worktops, the tiles and finally the accessories. When you are choosing to use replacement kitchen doors, the decisions are just as important and the final result will be exactly what you hoped for. This is why we offer all of our door styles and colours as samples, so you can make those important decisions in your own home in your own time.


Bedroom Doors Visions Range

Always check your new kitchen style and colour before buying


The fact is that colours and styles are hard to represent on a website – despite the fact you can see your door style in a kitchen setting and the colours are shown is the best possible way – the colours will never be true to how they are in real life. If you want to be really sure, you should always request a sample. We think that the following will point out to you exactly why getting samples is the best way to make the kitchen door choice which will see you through this kitchen makeover with peace of mind.

  • Websites can never fully represent your colour and style choice as they will be seen in your kitchen. The restrictions in terms of colour, space and size will always mean that a website on your computer screen will have certain limitations.
  • You may not be able to come to our factory to see the doors in real life. It might be too far to come or you may not have the time.
  • You really need to see the colour and style in your own kitchen to understand how it will work in your environment. This includes at different times of the day, in different lights (including artificial light), how it works with your current décor and what the effect will be on the rest of your rooms.
  • Ordering a kitchen door sample will allow you to see for yourself the high quality finish and the composition of the doors. You can then compare them to others you may be considering buying and your current doors. You will be able to judge for yourself how well made the doors are and how easy they will be to care for.
  • If you are doing more than just replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and you are looking at new worktops and tiles too. You should bring samples of all of these elements together in your kitchen to see how well they match.

When is it OK not to get a sample?

There are certain colours which will always look the same regardless of where they will be in your home or the style door they are applied to. White is one of these. If you are thinking of getting a pure white kitchen, you can probably be confident in purchasing your doors without samples – as long as you are convinced of the style door you want. White will almost always go with any worktop, flooring or tile option. Colours like cream, ivory or magnolia are probably in this same category.

What to do with your samples

When you receive your samples it is important to use them effectively. This means laying them out in your kitchen, mixing and matching the colours until you get a style and colour combination which works well for you. Check that it also works well with your current wall colour and worktops. Now you should leave them in place for at least a whole day – checking the colour change as the light in the room alters. Finally you will have a colour and style which work well in all lights and you can set about ordering the full consignment of doors.

Samples may seem like a waste of time when all you want is your perfect kitchen asap. However, you should be aware that our kitchens are designed to last many years, so making a good choice now will save you from wasting time and money on something which may not reach all of your expectations.

How to choose the right colour for your replacement kitchen doors

August 12th 2013 by .

With so many styles to choose from when deciding on your new replacement kitchen doors, you may find that when it comes to picking the right colour, you are at a loss. This is perfectly understandable – after all there are so many options to choose from and it can seem overwhelming. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself to point you in the right direction and to ensure that you choose the right colour for your needs, for your kitchen and for the style door you have picked.


This red kitchen is for individuals – would it work in your home?


What is the style?

Once you have chosen the right style door for your kitchen you should then begin to consider what colour would work well with that type of door. This will mostly be based on whether it is a modern or a traditional door. You may find that a gloss colour will work well on a plainer, flatter, more modern door, while traditional doors work well with a woodgrain finish.

How old is your home?

The age of your home will play a big role in determining the colour you choose for your kitchen. If you live in a modern, recently built home, you can probably get away with bolder colours. However a home which has Victorian or Georgian features may need to have a kitchen which reflects the times – muted colours, shades of cream or magnolia and even some pastels.

What is your personality?

If you are an individual, you will be happy choosing an individual colour – and so you should be. However, not all of us are that brave and therefore going for a safe colour makes more sense. If you feel like stepping outside of the box and opting for an unusual colour which you wouldn’t normally try, you could also use it on just one or two kitchen cupboards just to highlight small areas.

Does your kitchen have “zones”?

If your kitchen is large and is split into areas where you prepare food, where you cook, where you watch TV or where you eat – you can represent each of these zones with a different colour for the cabinets. This is the ideal way to use more than one colour and allows you to not have to choose. You can also be bolder than you might in a smaller more traditionally designed kitchen.

Where is your kitchen?

If your kitchen is on the sunny side of your home you have many more options than if it is on the dark side. You can go for darker colours or even black, while a darker kitchen will require white, cream or ivory to lift it out of the gloom. You want a colour in a dark room which will bounce the light and this can also be achieved by using gloss colours – even darker ones.

What already exists?

Obviously, as you are adding replacement kitchen doors, you will need to add a colour which will work well with the existing tiles, worktop and even the wall colours. You could change all of these but if you are doing a quick job and want to keep costs down you should go for a colour which will match well. White is of course the best option for perfectly matching almost any existing décor. If you get a few colour samples you should be able to see if the colours you have chosen will work well in your kitchen.

The simple act of asking yourself a few key questions before you decide on the kitchen colour of your dreams will result in a kitchen you love, which is admired by your friends and one which will see you through into the next decade and beyond.



Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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