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Give your kitchen a quick and easy makeover

September 24th 2013 by .

If you are anything like the majority of people, you would love to install a brand new kitchen, but for whatever reason, it is one of those jobs you keep putting off. This is certainly fair enough, because putting in an entirely new kitchen is time consuming, expensive and disruptive. However, if you choose to use replacement kitchen doors, you avoid all three of these issues and get a beautiful new kitchen at the end.


Installing your new kitchen is a breeze


It’s quicker

If you pull out your old kitchen, move the electrical wiring or sockets, move the plumbing, replace the flooring and tiles and replace all of your units and worktops, you can expect your new kitchen to be fully installed in around 3 weeks. This is assuming that your fitter works on all of these jobs himself. If you need to hire in separate trades, you can expect it to take longer for all of the people required to coordinate their parts of the job. It is complicated and very time consuming.

With replacement kitchen doors you can have a new kitchen in as little as one weekend from the time you have your new doors delivered. The longest bit will be making the choice of which colour and style from the huge range available and waiting for delivery, which should only be a few days. The fitting part is quick and easy and you can get it done yourself in just a few hours. On a Friday you could have a dull, boring kitchen and by Monday morning you will be waking up to a fresh, bright and welcoming space.

It’s cheaper

Most people will spend anywhere from £1500 to £10,000 on a new kitchen, depending on how much is being replaced. The average will be around £3,000 which will include tiling, new cabinets and worktops, maybe some plumbing and maybe a new cooker and hob. This will be a nice looking, but expensive kitchen compared to a replacement doors kitchen.

For just a few hundred pounds you could choose high quality, attractive doors which will fit your current units easily. While you could choose to replace items like the worktop and appliances at the same time, it won’t be necessary, because the door replacement will already make a huge difference to the room. Your kitchen will look fabulous and you will be surprised at how much money you will have left over.

It’s less disruptive

Your brand new kitchen will require the following:

  • A great big skip in the front garden, driveway or on the road outside your house.
  • Workmen in your home for at least three weeks with the supervision they need, plus the cups of tea and biscuits.
  • Being without a kitchen for most of that time and the need for alternative eating arrangements. This will mean plenty of microwave dinners! Your cupboard contents will need storing too.
  • Possible loss of water and electricity while these aspects of your new kitchen are taken care of.

Your replacement kitchen will require the following:

  • None of the above
  • A few hours where you will find it a little tricky using the kitchen, but no more
  • Your cupboard contents can stay put and your kitchen will remain functional throughout.


So as you can see, you can give your kitchen a makeover in no time and with very little expense. What is stopping you?

Is your kitchen design a leader or a follower?

September 18th 2013 by .

When people talk about updating or improving their kitchen, they often say that they want a kitchen which will cause their friends to say “Wow!” the minute they walk through the door. But who are you really trying to impress? Is it your individuality you want on display or do you want a kitchen which is conventional, but which looks amazing? With replacement kitchen doors you can achieve both and the comments you will get will always be positive.


Get an instant “wow” kitchen with this red shade from Visions


Style is a matter of taste. It is about expressing yourself through colour, shape and form and this is more important in the kitchen than anywhere. Your kitchen needs to be a practical part of the home where you cook, socialise and generally enjoy being. However, if you let your concept of style get a little carried away, that practical necessity might just disappear – leaving you with an amazing looking kitchen which doesn’t meet your needs.

So you have two choices – either go for something conventional which really works well as the perfect kitchen for you or branch out and take a risk – knowing that the end result may not be to everyone’s taste. For this last option there may be some compromises, but they are certainly worth it.

The traditional/conventional kitchen

A beautiful kitchen using replacement kitchen cabinet doors is easy to achieve. These days the kitchen magazines are full of country style kitchens with planked or Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors. The colour is light such as cream, vanilla, ivory or possibly traditional woods such as oak. The addition of plain wooden knobs adds further charm to this style of kitchen.

The benefits of a more traditional style are many. You have a kitchen which will last a lifetime in terms of style. It will never date and will always look great. If you go for lighter colours, your kitchen will look bright airy and welcoming. You could really get into the spirit of the country style and use a butler sink, Aga and stone floors to create a look which is both timeless and stunning.

A traditional kitchen is ideal if you think you may wish to sell your home in the future and you feel that a more conventional look is what is needed to appeal to a mass market. Your kitchen will still have the Wow factor, but it might just be a contented and satisfied “wow”!

The unconventional kitchen

Some of us were born to be different and when it comes to our homes we choose to express that difference through our furnishings, the style and the colours we use. A more contemporary kitchen, where the personality of the owner shines through may not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly will raise some eyebrows and get people talking.

A modern interpretation of the unconventional style can be achieved through using high gloss replacement doors. This style adds an instant modern twist and immediately lifts a kitchen from boring and into the interesting category. High gloss is super stylish and despite its contemporary feel, it is a look which will last. Choose a door which is sleek and handleless and you have the perfect super modern and minimalist look.

If you are a lover of mixing up colour options, you can also choose a selection of colours or even one of our paintable vinyl doors and get exactly the mix of colours you want. Try something bright or daring like Aubergine on the lower cabinets and add white to the upper ones. Or choose your favourite colours and paint the doors yourself. You could go all retro with pinks and pale blues or highly modern and bright with lime greens and oranges.

One of the joys of replacement kitchen doors is the fact that they are inexpensive enough for you to consider changing them more often. So even if you grow to dislike the look you have chosen you can always change them in just a few days. Not that you will need to as the doors will remain looking great year after year.

Replacing your damaged kitchen doors

September 11th 2013 by .

If you are unfortunate enough have your kitchen doors damaged in some way, you will know the despair you will feel at the thought of having to replace your entire kitchen. Not only is it very expensive, it is also time consuming and annoying. You may only have damaged one door, but the whole kitchen will need to be replaced – won’t it? Not with replacement kitchen doors it won’t!


You can easily replace just one or two doors from our range if you need to


We can replace individual doors if we have a matching style or just the fronts of all doors and your kitchen will be restored to its former glory. It will be as if the damage to your kitchen never happened and your kitchen will look brand new in just a few days.

 Reasons Why Your Doors Could Be Damaged

  • Fire – even the smallest fire on your hob, which is quickly extinguished will lead to door damage. At the very least the doors adjacent to the hob will be left scorched, buckled or warped.
  • Flood – if your washing machine overflows, you leave a tap running or your home is flooded from outside, your lower cupboard doors could be easily damaged. They will absorb the water causing them to warp and to become discoloured. Even water coming from an upstairs bathroom and leaking through the ceiling can damage your kitchen doors if it is running onto them for long enough.
  • Wear and tear – if you have children or pets you may find that certain doors in your kitchen become scratched and worn over time. Lower doors may be more affected by this type of damage and so it is great to know you can replace just the worn out doors if you wish.
  • Heat – if your oven or dishwasher is very close to the doors on either side, they could possibly be affected by the heat. The paint may bubble or the door may warp out of shape. Simply buying new doors and adding heat protectors will avoid this happening again.

Two Options

You are left with two very clear choices when you face a damaged kitchen. You can replace the entire kitchen (perhaps using insurance to pay for the cost) or you can simply add replacement kitchen doors. Obviously the second option is cheaper, quicker and could avoid hefty insurance excesses or increased insurance bills.

When choosing your new kitchen doors you may opt to replace just one or two doors. In most cases this is possible, provided your doors are standard and they can be easily matched. Thankfully we have a huge range of style options and the chances of you finding a match is very good. You may also decide to mix and match your doors by moving them around to add character to the room.

If this isn’t possible or you fancy a total change, you can buy replacement kitchen doors for all of your cupboards. This is easy to do and will still work out cheaper than replacing your entire kitchen. In terms of cost you may only need to spend a few hundred and in terms of time it may take a week or two to receive your doors and just two days to fit them.

Damaging your kitchen doors need not be a disaster. It might be annoying and even sad, but it doesn’t have to be costly and time consuming to put things right.




The kitchen door colours of the season

September 4th 2013 by .

There will always be a place in our hearts for plain white, cream, wood or even black kitchens, however this season there are so many more kitchen colours to choose from and many of them are surprising variations of colours from the past, combinations which are unique and colours which might seem more suited to other parts of the house. Even when it comes to replacement kitchen doors you can still find colours which are bang up to date and at a price which will really suits your budget.


Petworth Beige Bedroom Doors

Muted, natural shades are all the rage in 2013


Colour combos

One of the main themes for kitchens in 2013 has been bringing together two or more colours in the one room. This can mean that you use a colour which might be overpowering on its own – such as Trends’ Aubergine and combine it with a more muted tone such as cream, grey or white. Not only are you creating a unique and varied look – different to any other kitchen and designed by you alone – but you also get to brighten up your kitchen and use your favourite colours.

You could also achieve the same feel by mixing and matching black and white, red and cream or even creating your own colours with our Paintable Vinyl doors. Colour combining allows you to create zones in your kitchen and give it a less structured look.

Muted tones

While 2012 was all about bright colours and expressing your creativity, 2013 is more about natural colours which have a calming effect in the kitchen. Those colours which you might choose to use in the bedroom are now making their way into the kitchen. This could includes light blues such as the Zurfiz Metallic Blue, pinks, sage greens and light woods like Trends Odessa Oak.

Other more natural shades include those influenced by nature like slate greys, sandy hues and clay inspired Mediterranean shades. It is these shades which will give your kitchen the feeling of peace and tranquillity which we all need in our home. This is especially the case now that the kitchen has become the hub of the home and somewhere to spend much of our day.


Moving on from cool and calm colours, we also have those colours which reflect the trend towards eco-living. You have already made the choice to recycle much of your kitchen by choosing replacement cabinet doors and your choice of colour might also reflect this attitude. You can add greens, blues, sunshine yellows and food or earth inspired tones.

Wood is the ideal material for this look. You can still choose a high gloss finish such as the Tiepolo from Visions, while getting a look which takes you back to nature. Adding any wood finish like oak or beech will result in a kitchen which looks handmade and therefore fits in with the Eco trend.

Your choice of worktop will also reflect this with composites, stone and wood all showing off your green credentials. Add recycling points, a compost bin and plenty of plants and you have the ideal modern kitchen.

Whatever your choice of colour, you can find the right tone to match your needs here at Kitchen Door Workshop. Our doors keep up with contemporary trends and still fit your budget perfectly. Replacement kitchen doors are no longer a compromise, they should be your first and only choice.





Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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