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5 quick and easy kitchen makeover tips

October 17th 2013 by .

As the Summer fades away as a distant memory and the days become darker and cooler, it is all too easy to feel that your home is also becoming darker, duller and less inspiring. To knock us out of this mindset, it is important to focus on keeping your home looking its best and your kitchen (being the most popular room in the house) should be first on your priority list. For the easiest makeover we think that there are five things you can do and replacing your kitchen doors has to be the first.


Keep the sun a little longer with new kitchen doors


Buy replacement kitchen doors

For the most dramatic change to your kitchen and one which will inspire you for further changes – buy new kitchen cabinet doors in a funky new colour, a different style or even just as a replacement to what you already have and love. For a really modern makeover, you could install gloss doors in black or aubergine. Or if your kitchen simply needs brightening up, you should go white – either a gloss door or a painted satin finish for a light enhancing sheen.

Of course which doors you choose are up to you. But if you are the traditional type, you might decide to go for a typical Shaker style door or one with arches and mouldings to really bring out the shape and form.

Replacement kitchen doors are easy to buy, easy to fit and quick too. With one weekend you will have transformed your kitchen and will be looking to see where else you can make changes.

A lick of paint

A simple paint job in your kitchen will make a world of difference in terms of how it feels. Go for white or cream if you want to freshen it up and get a clean and clinical feel. White will also add space to a cramped kitchen. Lovers of a retro style might want to choose pastel colours to give your walls a lift. Take your inspiration from the pretty crockery on sale these days and try pinks, blues and yellows. Finally if you are a little bolder, don’t avoid colours like red, dark blues or greens. Against replacement kitchen doors which are woodgrained or plain these colours really do the job of making your kitchen have instant appeal.


If you have been putting off buying new things for your kitchen – now is the time to get out your purse. Try some stainless steel appliances, toaster and blender for a modern look. Or visit charity shops for old tea cups and saucers to put on display. A set of open style cupboards or a sideboard will show these off perfectly. Tea towels, wall hangings and window blinds will all further improve your scheme, bringing it all together. Go for a colour based scheme to give the room a really special theme.

Get your hands dirty

There is absolutely no point in creating a kitchen of your dreams only to discover that your fridge is still dirty, the kickboards have the residue of years of cooking spills and your cooker has seen better days. Take the time to ensure your kitchen is really clean and sparkling before you embark of buying new items.


Finally, you need to throw away or re-purpose anything this no longer fits your interior design scheme. Once you have chosen the look you want to go for, you should really clear out the cupboards to ensure the theme spills over into every aspect of your kitchen look. It is also pointless to have a kitchen which has clutter on every surface, because it will deter from the look and will never be a calm environment to work in.

It all starts with the simple act of buying replacement kitchen doors and ends with a kitchen to be proud of. Clear away the cobwebs and get your designer hat on now.



Just moved in? Cheap kitchen makeover time!

October 9th 2013 by .

So finally after many years of saving up for a deposit and weeks of looking, you have moved into the house of your dreams – well almost. Unfortunately the kitchen doesn’t quite live up to your expectations and is in desperate need of a makeover. Luckily for you (and your budget) replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to spruce up a tired kitchen and will leave you will an almost new look which will make your new home yours.

A new kitchen is just a weekend away!

One way of getting a home which fits your needs with your budget is to compromise on certain aspects and the kitchen is often one of those. It may be old, dated and well and truly not to your taste. But with that money you saved on the purchase price you can easily afford to make it into your ideal kitchen with replacement kitchen doors.

Many home sellers will install a new kitchen before they put their home on the market. Naturally they are aiming to get the best possible price for their home. However, this kitchen refit will often use cheaper construction and fitting leaving the kitchen of a lower quality than you might want.

Obviously the sellers don’t want to spend too much money, but the final result may be substandard. In many cases it is better to do the work yourself and get the result you want. Thankfully replacement kitchen doors are excellent quality and cheaper than some doors at the lower end of the market sold on the High Street.

Not only are replacement cabinet doors cheaper than a standard kitchen refit, they are easy to do yourself. You will have already spent a lot of money moving house, paying solicitors and estate agent fees and you will want to get your kitchen done quickly and for as little money as possible. Even if it is just a short term spruce up, the results can still be incredible.

Why are replacement doors so cheap?

High quality kitchen doors don’t need to be as expensive as those you see in DIY stores or kitchen showrooms – what you are paying for there are their overheads. Staff costs, lighting, heating, retail overheads and advertising all are added to the cost of the products you buy. Online replacement door companies are able to keep these costs to a minimum and pass that on to you.

Can I really do it myself?

Of course you can! Replacement kitchen doors are delivered to you in the perfect sizes for your current kitchen cabinets, they can have predrilled hinge holes and can be fitted in minutes. All it takes is a screwdriver and a good eye for levels. They are completely adjustable and will fit your current cabinets perfectly. If you can use a screwdriver (it doesn’t even need to be electric) then you can fit your doors. Plus we have online videos for you to watch to really make sure you understand exactly what to do.

How much money will I save?

A new kitchen, fully fitted can cost upwards of £3,000 and can take three weeks to complete. A replacement door kitchen can be completed in a weekend and will cost a few hundred pounds. When you have only just moved house, a saving of this magnitude is well worth the effort and not something you will regret.

So look around for a home which needs a new kitchen, because you really will be able to replace it easily and cheaply. You could save yourself a fortune and get the kitchen you really want.

Selling your home? Try replacement kitchen doors

October 3rd 2013 by .

After many years in the housing darkness there are tentative signs that the housing market may finally be improving. The chances are that your home value has improved and that you may be thinking of moving on to a new home and taking advantage of the extra money you could make. However, you may also realise that your kitchen needs a makeover, to achieve that full asking price sale. Replacement kitchen doors are the ideal option for a cheap and great looking makeover you can complete in no time.


Sell your home with a new looking kitchen shown here in the Mayfield


Moving house is an expensive business – you have fees to pay to your solicitor and your real estate agent, plus you have stamp duty and the cost of your new mortgage. So, clearly you want to make the most of your selling price to maximise your profit. Having a new looking kitchen is one of the ways to both improve your house price and get people to place an offer on your home.

For just a few hundred pounds your kitchen can be transformed into something any new homeowner would be proud to say is theirs. The actual purchasing and fitting of the replacement cabinet doors is really easy, but it is possible to go too far when it comes to your makeover – causing your new kitchen to be less welcoming for your potential buyers. Try following these rules to appeal to the right buyers:

  •  Choose a door style which appeals to your particular market. If yours is a family home, you want a traditional style which is practical and easy to look after. For flats or apartments, you may choose a more modern and contemporary look for your younger home buyers. Something which fits between these two may also be a wise compromise.
  • Don’t go too overboard on colours. White is a classic colour which will always be appreciated as will creams and vanilla shades. Darker options like woodgrains would be fine in a sunny room, while dark colours like reds and black might be best left to just one or two doors only.
  • Choose handles which make your kitchen look expensive. By choosing a replacement kitchen door you have already saved hundreds on the cost of an entire replacement kitchen. However, if you add cheap and nasty handles you could ruin the look. Try to choose handles which do the doors justice and which look great in your stylish new kitchen.
  • Consider adding new worktops, plinths and end panels to really bring the kitchen to life. This full makeover approach will mean that there will be no hint that you have simply replaced the doors (at least at first glance). Relining the insides of your cupboards or adding new shelving will also give your buyers a welcome treat when they move in.
  • Consider making your kitchen seem larger by adding in new cupboards or extending your worktop. Not only will your buyers feel like the kitchen is ideal for all their needs, they will have a feeling of space, if the worktop is larger.
  • Show your new kitchen in its best light. Keep surfaces clear, keep it clean and invest in some new accessories which you can take with you. These might include new kettles, toasters, crockery, vases of flowers, plants and even wall hangings.

You don’t need to spend much money or a lot of time to get your kitchen looking in showroom shape – but do take care that you don’t fall in love with it so much that you decide not to sell after all!



Infographic | Why You Should Opt For Replacement Kitchen Doors

October 1st 2013 by .

Replacement Kitchen Doors Infographic

Why Spend Thousands When You Could Save Thousands?


So many people overlook the simple task of simply replacing your kitchen doors when they make the decision that their old, tired and drab kitchen is in need of a makeover. Thousands of pounds can often be spent on revamping a whole new kitchen when all that is really required to breathe life into an old space is a simple facelift. This doesn’t have to be expensive, with Kitchen Door Workshop you could save literally thousands of pounds by simply buying replacement kitchen doors, handles and hinges. With us you have so much choice in colours and finishes so finding the right look for your home is made as simple as possible.

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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