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Charming Kitchens, Country Cottage Style

November 28th 2013 by .

Whether you have a mansion in the middle of the country, or a flat in the middle of Birmingham, it’s easy to create a country cottage look that’s full of charm.  All it takes is the right choice of country-style replacement kitchen doors to really pull off this look.

The Wadhurst in Lissa oak is ideal for a country kitchen look

Which cupboard style?

We’re going to focus on the kitchen. Because this is a working area, your room needs to look wonderful but also be practical. We’ll start with the kitchen doors. For replacement kitchen doors in a great country cottage style we suggest the Wadhurst in Lissa Oak, a perfect warm wood colour with a traditionally carved style. You can also try enhancing the eclectic look with two styles of design and finish, so add some units in Midhurst too, in a different kind of wood – beech is a nice contrast. Choose some of the doors in an open frame, to show off your collections of kitchen ware. The advantage is that these units look perfectly old fashioned, but you can be assured that they’re made from all new materials and are very easy to clean and look after.

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Create a bachelor pad kitchen – one for the boys!

November 27th 2013 by .

If you’re planning on a DIY project during those long winter nights, you could think about overhauling your kitchen. When you’re redesigning your home, bedrooms and living rooms often come first, but you can spend a lot of time in your kitchen, too. You need the staples – a big table to eat from and replacement kitchen doors – once you’ve decided on the style of these, you can add the rest of your décor.

Sleek black always works well in masculine kitchen

Which door?

The ultimate bachelor pad is a great mixture of the sleek and the rugged, of simple natural colours in both dark and light, and great design pieces. We suggest centring your kitchen around your kitchen doors – gloss anthracite, black, or metallic black in one of our bold and simple designs like the Brighton or Newick will look sleek and striking. They have the advantage of being practical, too – easy to clean and hardwearing, and they won’t lose their deep shine. Stripped floorboards look simple and practical too. Choose a wood or laminate in a medium dark wood, or try polished concrete for an industrial effect.

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Create a dazzling kitchen with some bold new lighting

November 26th 2013 by .

Now that you’re planning on revamping your kitchen, getting replacement kitchen doors and making your cooking space look beautiful, don’t forget the lighting. It’s an essential detail which, at the flick of a switch, can totally change the mood of a room. Forget harsh strip lights and create a lighting scheme which is both useful and atmospheric. Also there are some incredible replacement doors which will really show off your lighting to its best effect.

White cabinets are a great way to inject light into the room, but don’t forget lighting too.

Of course, in a kitchen it’s important to have good lighting so that you can see exactly what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Grated fingers instead of carrots is never a pretty addition to a dish. Make sure that you place lights above work surfaces. You can install them below your overhanging cupboards to both focus the light source and keep them unobtrusive when not in use. The type of light you are looking for is a tube light that is encased in a box shade. They come in different lengths, so work out how long you need it to be. The best way to install them, of course, is to plan where you need them and get a registered electrician to wire them in. If you’re on a budget, however, you can get plug in lights which you can simply screw to the wall. You can then train the flex along the corner of the wall and the unit, out of sight, until you get to a plug socket.

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Finishing touches – choosing the perfect door knobs for your kitchen doors

November 12th 2013 by .

Here in our workshops, we know that the devil is in the detail. That’s why when we think about our replacement kitchen doors, our designers are constantly carefully studying the furniture designs of the past, and looking at the trends of the future.

These bar handles are a great option for these plain red doors from Visions

We look at everything including the shape of a door edge: do our customers prefer it rounded or at a precise 90 degree angle? This goes right through to the design of our hinges: what’s the best design that will work smoothly day in, day out, for years? Of course, we bet that you never even think about the hinges on your kitchen doors – that’s because we’ve done the thinking for you.

But there’s one thing that we’d like you to think about. In fact, we positively encourage it. We’d like you to put your own final stamp on your dream kitchen, and make it truly your own with the finishing touches. Now you’ve picked the finish, the design, and the size, you need to choose a handle. But we know it’s hard to choose. Brass? Pewter? Long, short, miniature? We have so many handles and knobs that we’ve put together a quick guide to what handle looks good with what kitchen door.

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Customise your Kitchen with Paintable Kitchen Doors.

November 12th 2013 by .

At Kitchen Door Workshop, we’re proud of our range of colours and finishes. But we know that however hard we think, and however many options we make, it’s always fun to have exactly, precisely, and perfectly the replacement kitchen doors that are in your head. We have lots of skills in furniture making but those talents don’t quite extend to mind reading, which is why we introduced the paintable vinyl option. It’s simple to order, you just pick the style and size of your doors as you would normally, but choose paintable vinyl. That’s where the fun begins: these doors are totally customisable!

The Chichester kitchen is shown here in customisable paintable vinyl


To get you started and give you some inspiration, here’s a few suggestions of what you can do with your new cupboard doors.

Get the kids to help

Whether you think your child is a budding Picasso, or you just love the crazy monsters and cute animals that come from their pencils, why not immortalise your child’s art by having them draw it directly onto the kitchen cupboards? Choose a door design with a nice flat surface, not too much carving or detail, get a few different colours of tester pots of paint made for wood, and release the little darlings. Make sure that you cover your floors with newspaper first! Older kids might enjoy using spray paint – they can practice first on big pieces of paper. If you’re using spray paint (which you can get from DIY stores and car accessories shops) you should do it outside in the fresh air on a day when it’s not raining, as the fumes can be quite strong.

Gold Leaf

Easier and more inexpensive than it looks; gold leaf can give a fun, opulent look to the kitchen. You need a book of gold leaves, some “size”, varnish and a set of kitchen doors. Pick a design that’s carved, for maximum effect. Size is what the sticky paste that you’ll glue the gold leaf on with is called. You can get both from art stores. It doesn’t have to be gold, it can be silver, platinum, copper or bronze coloured, too. The varnish can just be yacht varnish, form the DIY store.

Make sure the kitchen door is clean, then paint on a thin, even layer of size. Let it dry. It will go almost clear and feel rubbery. Then, take a sheet of gold leaf, peel it from its tracing paper backing, and lay it on the size. Rub it down gently. Lay another next to it. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. You can use little scraps to cover any gaps or awkward bits. Finally, give the whole thing a coat of varnish. Voila! A kitchen fit for a king!


This can be really fun. Decoupage just means cut out and collaged paper. You can cover your cupboards with any images you like: cut them from magazines, old books, maps – whatever makes you smile. Just be wary of printing things out on your computer as the ink can run when you varnish it. You could order old records on the internet from your favourite pop hero and cut out the covers to make a collage of David Bowie or Lou Reed. Or use old film posters and cover your kitchen in Marilyn Monroe or Bruce Willis. Just paste them on, PVA glue is fine. Cover the whole lot with a neat layer of varnish, let it dry, and enjoy.

Other suggestions include covering the doors with an exuberant wallpaper, using spray paints to stencil a design on, or just matching the exact colour of your walls for an entirely indigo kitchen, for example. There are loads of things you can do with these kitchen doors, it’s infinitely flexible. Have fun experimenting!

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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