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Spring Cleaning your Kitchen

March 27th 2014 by .

This is the time of year where most of us start to feel that we should give our homes a bit of a deep cleanse before summer is upon us (fingers crossed). A clean home feels refreshed and spacious so write off a weekend, get the whole family involved and get cleaning. Here, we have some great time and money saving tips to effectively clean tricky kitchen cabinets and other utensil in the kitchen to ensure you are finished so quickly; you still have time for a glass of wine in the garden when you’re finished.

Trends Fairlight Acacia

Trends Fairlight Acacia

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Shabby Chic Styling in the Kitchen is Back!

March 19th 2014 by .

There was a time that country cottage style kitchen spaces couldn’t have been further from the interior design blogs and magazines pages. However, as with all fashion, the tables have turned and it is back in a big way! Shabby Chic-ing the rest of your home is fairly simple, however, the kitchen and kitchen cabinets might seem slightly more difficult. Here we hopefully dispel that difficulty below and make your home the best of the 50’s mashed with a more modern style. We would love you to share your transformations as well as any other additional ideas via our social pages.

traditional kitchen doors

Appliances take up a huge space in the room as well as swallow the most money so if you can afford to invest in some neutral but vintage shapes such as the Smeg brand. Cream and pastel colours can be mixed and matched to create a retro milkshake bar/country cottage kind of result.

The appearance of the cupboard doors in as important as the appliances. If you want a rustic, vintage look then go for something that again is fairly neutral such as the Kingston Beige, which are also made with sustainable wood and made to measure, so no need to rip out your entire kitchen, just order some replacement kitchen doors

Next are accessories, such as cute chalkboards to either hang or wall mount. These look fab either for writing down your weeks menus or just for remembering things, which for a modern family can be a task in itself. Add to these with pieces picked up from charity shops and car boot sales such as pretty antiqued candlesticks, statement clocks and a collection of jars and bottles in varying shapes and sizes. These look so effective when filled with pasta, lentils, sweets and anything else you can think of really. For added vintage points label the jars with parcel tags.

As I already mentioned sticking with cream and ivory with accents of pastels with make the room look understated and not too over the top. However if full on retro is what you’re trying to achieve then floral or stripy chair cushions and blinds in complimenting hues.

Introducing greenery is another great tip for making a room seem more homey and seen as we’re discussing the kitchen specifically, it makes sense to try and grown some herbs. These can be used in every meal and once you have them you’ll want to make the effort to maintain them. This is also a great learning experience for children, who will watch them grown and then also see what dishes you use them within.

Finally, you may think you’ll have a task sourcing a beautiful old radio, or concealing your wireless speakers, which appear a little too modern. However, no fear. Roberts still supply a 50’s style radio with the added bonus of being DAB. It also has the ability to listen via headphones. For more information on this see our other post about sound systems for the kitchen.

Sound Systems for your Kitchen

March 18th 2014 by .

Whether crooning to Frank Sinatra or bopping to something more current is your thing you need something stylish to enjoy listening to your tunes on. This is especially true within the hub of the home; your kitchen. Everyone has childhood memories of their parents doing some embarrassing dancing to songs whilst cooking or serving dinner and we wouldn’t want to break that tradition now would we?! We give a few options below that look great whether you have a modern kitchen featuring tones of bright colours, stainless steel and reflective kitchen cabinets and surfaces or something more traditional consisting of paisley prints and farmhouse style pine units.

gloss kitchen doors

Retro DAB Radio

If you are Continue reading

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