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Re-designing your Kitchen

May 29th 2014 by .

It’s so difficult to know where to start when you decide to redesign any space within your home, but for some reason, designing the kitchen is the most intimidating. Maybe this is due to the amount of time we seem to spend in this room, as a family, or that it is supposed to be the heart of the home, or even that there seem to be hundred of appliances, gizmo’s and gadgets you have to fit into one modestly sized room. Whatever it is, hopefully these tips will help the room look great and functional well too.

gloss kitchen doors

Rethink Layout

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Saving Energy in the Kitchen

May 22nd 2014 by .

Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important to the average family nowadays especially at home and especially in the kitchen. Reducing your negative impact can be difficult. Here, we explore some ways you can not only be kinder to the environment, but also save yourself a lot of money, so a win in both situations.

Trends Fontwell Acacia

Trends Fontwell Acacia

Kitchen appliances account for a huge 40% of the total electricity used in your home. Therefore, if you can implement some of these methods you are on a sure fire route to penny saving, which when utilities are increasing in cost by the day, can only be a positive thing.

If you are looking to replace any of your larger kitchen appliances anytime soon, always opt for the energy efficient models as these do all of the hard work for you and will ultimately still save you cash for the entire period you own it. Also, it helps to consider the EU energy rating, you should be aiming to purchase either an A category or even A+ or A++.

If buying a new appliance isn’t realistic for you right now then here are a few things you can alter or check, to ensure they are performing economically.

Starting off with your fridge, this should be set between 3 and 5 degrees. Any cooler than that is a complete waste of energy, however cool you like your beer, as temperatures below 3 degrees can actually cause damage to your food.

Similarly, your freezer should be at -18 degrees and kept as full as possible. This isn’t an excuse to go and fill your freezer with pizza, if you don’t want to fill it with food, use ice packs. This may sound unnecessary, but the less cold air that escapes when you open the door, the better as the warmer external air then will take energy to be re-cooled when you close the door. Another recommended tip is to defrost your freezer every 6 months to enable it to function properly. Another breakthrough in technology means you can buy self-defrosting freezers now, so when you decide to replace your current chiller, go for this variety.

Next u is your washing machine. The much documented ‘wash at 30’ campaign, is still very relevant. Washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees makes a huge difference financially, saving up to 40% energy. That is going to equate to a lot of money indeed!

When you switch on the tumble dryer to help you dry your many loads of washing you are roughly costing yourself 60p per use. That’s a lot of money for an average family of four who do four or five loads of washing and drying per week. Consider whether you can dry naturally outdoors, or alternatively use the heat you have already paid for to heat your home.

The more commonly known tips are to switch to LED lighting, rather than pricey regular bulbs. Only run the dishwasher when it’s completely full. It’s also worth noting the ‘quickwash’ setting is the priciest, so stick to the normal cycles.

Small Kitchen Ideas

May 15th 2014 by .

Space is at a premium nowadays, whether you’re house buying or renting so you may end up sacrificing a large kitchen for space elsewhere in your property. Worry no longer about small kitchen syndrome, from here onwards known as SKS, as this post will hopefully offer you a few possible solutions to still allow you to enjoy your kitchen design and make it a more usable space. Although not all of them will be accessible to you all, we have tried to cover every base to ensure you can take something away and make your kitchen feel huge again. Well, maybe not huge, but bigger anyway.

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Robert Clark Featured in Designer Insights

May 11th 2014 by .

Designer Insights - Robert Clark

Robert Clark, our owner has been featured in the Designer Insights feature courtesy of Terry’s, providing his opinion on the top trends for this season. You can see this and many more designer insights here


1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I like designs which are affordable, stylish, practical and have a timeless feel. Take the shaker look; it’s been around since before 1860 but it still looks modern today.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

I think you first have to think about the purpose of a project. What are you really trying to achieve? You have to keep this at the core of everything you do.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

Creativity is not limited to just those that are fortunate to have it in their job title. I’m constantly surprised by the creativity of all of my team. Everyone can bring a contribution to the company creatively whether they work in sales, production or in marketing. It’s great to draw ideas from people’s everyday lives and experiences. You have to draw talent from all around you to make a successful business.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

It’s about being aware of the world you live in and asking questions. Is there a better way to do that? That is what has made people like James Dyson so successful as he looked at something common place like a vacuum cleaner and thought how can I improve that.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

I used to run a kitchen showroom selling people whole kitchens but I saw that there was a niche that wasn’t being catered for. Not everyone can afford or wants to replace their whole kitchen. The market was missing a good replacement kitchen door company so I took the initiative to make it happen and do it better than anyone else. You’ve got to give people a product that they really want and do it better than anyone else. I really believe in word of mouth and so I think it’s essential that you prove yourself time and again. It’s the only way to run a successful business.

Making your Kitchen Summery

May 8th 2014 by .

Transforming your kitchen into a bright, sunny space that makes you want to spend more time in there, is not as difficult or expensive as it might seem. Here, we give you a few ideas to get the most from your kitchen design. It’s the time to entertain whether its garden parties featuring children and bouncy castles, or adult soirees with gourmet barbeques. Both of these options mean the heart of your home needs to be guest ready, so lets get started.

Vision Ultragloss Red

To start with, display bowls, jars and plates of fresh food. Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables not only encourages you to get your five (or is it seven nowadays) a day but also immediately brightens your kitchen. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with these yummy fruit and veggies and if they’re constantly on show then that’s only going to encourage you. The same goes for fresh herbs. They smell great and bring a natural, outdoorsy element to an indoor space. Luckily, they don’t take much care either so if you don’t have great luck with plants, try these.

If you are green-fingered, however, plants and fresh flowers are an immediate summer style boost for your kitchen. Whether you are lucky enough to cut varieties from your garden or buying them from your local florist so for large, bright flowers and discuss with the florist which ones have good longevity so you don’t have to replace them sooner than necessary. Buy some funky new vases to house your purchases, as they will be wonderful focal points in the room, or brighten up a dark uninviting corner.

Next, why not consider giving the room some love in the form of redecoration. You will be shocked what an impact painting one wall in a zingy shade will have. If you don’t own your property and painting is out of the question, there are tonnes of cool wall stickers that will brighten the place up, or just get creative will your placement of a photo college or big bright canvases.

In a similar vein simply having a de-clutter of the work surfaces and shelves works wonders in creating an airier environment. If you have dark or dated cupboard doors you could even do some ‘changing rooms’ of your own and either paint them or replace them with a lighter shade. Doing this means it is significantly cheaper than ripping everything out and starting again, but also is more environmentally friendly and will feel like you have had an entirely new kitchen fitted.

Finally, the key to summer is pattern and colour in excess. Consider whether you could change any fabrics that appear in the room on chairs or cushions as well as within rugs. Throwing down a large, bright rug is a great way to inject colour quickly and also gives you a colour scheme to work with. Altering the fabrics that dress your windows, whether blinds or curtains, is also an impacting change you can make. Your new choices should be in a lighter weight fabric or lighter colour wood with (you guessed it) as much colour and prints as possible!

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