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How to individualise your kitchen

September 20th 2014 by .

Even though they may be beautiful and practical, have you ever noticed how there are so many kitchens in magazines and on TV that look the same? They are likely to be high gloss white cupboards, islands in the middle with granite worktops. This style of kitchen is classic and attractive and works well in almost any setting, but it doesn’t set you and your home apart.

A bright and bold kitchen can really represent your personality

With replacement kitchen doors you can easily individualise your kitchen, on a budget, and create something that represents you and your unique sense of style. At the very least it will raise a smile and make your kitchen a fun and exciting place to be. Luckily here at kitchen Door Workshop we have a number of ways that you can create something special in your kitchen.

Bold and funky colours

A splash of colour, even on a plain kitchen door, is an ideal way to express yourself. Within our door ranges we have a number of bright and interesting colours including bold red, greens, yellow and even purple. You could even try a combination of different contrasting and complimenting colours.

Of course if you have a special colour in mind that we don’t provide, you should try our paintable vinyl doors. Simply choose the right colour from your local DIY store and paint it on. It is very easy to do and the door comes with an easily painted surface so the results look professional and dazzling.

Great looking handles

Many kitchens these days are streamlined and handleless. This is a great look for a minimalist home – but maybe you want a little sparkle? We have a huge range of handles to choose from including some that are slightly plain and simple right through to those that are irregular, shiny, ornate and just plain beautiful –  making your doors gorgeous with handles is such an easy job, you will be amazed at how quickly your kitchen can be transformed.

Mix and match

So maybe you want to be bold, but not too over the top. One great way to achieve a unique looking kitchen is to add in a pop of colour by adding just one or two kitchen doors in a bright colour. Think of it like you would a feature wall in your living room or bedroom. Just have a bank of cupboards that will really pop out at you every time you enter the room. It won’t be over powering but will give the room an individual style.

Don’t forget the accessories

Sometimes it isn’t just the cupboards that can set your kitchen apart. It can also be the accessories you use. This might include baskets, hanging pots and pans, funky blinds and coloured toasters and kettles. Follow a colourful theme and change these things as you get bored with them. It is such a simple ad cheap way to revitalise the room and really adds to the charm.


You may also choose to have a some glazed kitchen cabinets among your plainer ones. These are a great idea and work even better if you include lighting within the cabinet. Glass splashbacks are also gaining in popularity right now and with good reason – you can add coloured backings in any shade or even have printed material such as photos laminated into the glass to make your splashback perfect for you.

The aim is to create a kitchen that speaks volumes about the type of person your are, but which is also a great spot for cooking, relaxing and socialising  it really is possible with a little unique styling.


Kitchen Doors To Match Your Favourite Recipes

September 16th 2014 by .

There are probably hundreds of ways for you to choose which type of replacement kitchen door you might choose for your kitchen makeover. You could go with your favourite colour, the type of wood you like, your best historical era or just what the neighbours have. But how about choosing your new kitchen doors based on what you do in the kitchen – more specifically, what you love to cook?


Vanilla doors for your food inspired kitchen


The fact is that each of us have our food likes and dislikes and they are as much a part of our personality as any other of our habits. So why not use your favourite recipes to influence the design of your kitchen? You probably like your favourite foods because of the way they look as much as the way they taste and that certainly says much about your personality and general likes and dislikes. You can’t go wrong if every time you enter the kitchen you are inspired to cook – that is how it should be!

Why not try our replacement kitchen door special menu?


It has to be soup – the clear and smooth finish of a bowl of steaming soup could be brought to mind by a kitchen cabinet door from our Ultragloss range from Visions. These are like pools of light reflective deliciousness. If pea and ham soup is your favourite, you might want to buy a paintable vinyl door and choose your favourite colour to DIY it.


Everyone loves a great roast dinner. It is traditional, simple and people love it. It brings back memories of childhood and looks great on the plate. A shaker style door like the Kingston from the Trends range is a great option for those with a traditional bent. It almost looks like a rectangular version of the plate you might serve your Sunday lunch on.

If you are more of a modernist and like to eat more unusual cuisines from around the world you might like a style such as the Amberley or the Goodwood. Both are intricate and high in design. They catch the eye just like a nicely presented meal will.


If dessert is your favourite meal (and lets face it for most of us, that is the case), you will be happy to know that we offer a number of doors styles and colours which will have you salivating in no time.

When it comes to colour you could choose cream or vanilla from our Trends range. Team this with some raspberry accessories and you have a berry and cream dessert which will rival anything you could whip up. Try matching plain white doors from the Visions range with Ultragloss Red for that instant strawberries and cream look.

Of course you could be a chocolate lover and go for medium tiepolo wood grain finish. This door has all the qualities of silken chocolate but with a few darker grain lines which you could almost mistake for chocolately ripples…

Your final course will obviously be a Gloss Cappuccino from our Trends colour range. Phew you must be full now!

While this might just seem like a bit of fun – and it is. It is worthwhile thinking about your food personality as a way of working out what your design personality is. If you are more likely to create sushi than sandwiches in your kitchen then you need a modern style. However if you like a good old whiskey at the end of a dinner, rather than a cocktail, you might prefer a more traditional style. Whatever your style and colour choice, make sure that your favourite meals match the place where they are created.


Kitchen Door Styles – Transform Your Kitchen The Easy Way

September 15th 2014 by .

A clean, inviting and contemporary kitchen makes a great asset to any property, but many homeowners choose to stick with a kitchen they don’t like because they don’t want to go through the hassle, stress and expense of renovation.

Trends Kingston Acacia
View the Kingston Acacia Kitchen Door

However, there is a much cheaper, quicker and easier way to totally transform your kitchen – and you won’t need to get your sledge hammer out! It’s all about updating your existing space with new kitchen doors

Change your Kitchen Doors

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, but the cost of keeping your castle in tiptop condition soon adds up and sometimes it’s simply impossible to find the cash for remodelling. But if your kitchen cabinets are sound and you like the way your room is configured, you can give your space a complete makeover simply by swapping your old cupboard doors with our wide range of replacement kitchen doors at the kitchen door workshop

We have an almost endless array of custom made kitchen doors and varying kitchen door styles to choose from and installation is quick and easy, so you can find a style to perfectly suit your tastes and your budget while getting an entirely new kitchen in just a few hours. Continue reading

Can I really get a new kitchen in one weekend?

September 14th 2014 by .

If you thought that adding a new kitchen to your home would mean weeks of planning, noise, dust, eating from the microwave and choosing new tiles – you obviously haven’t heard about replacement kitchen doors. The whole concept is that you get a kitchen that looks new and one that feels new, but the basic structure of your kitchen stays the same. This saves you lots of money, but perhaps more importantly, it saves you an incredible amount of time!

Light Grey Shaker Kitchen

Transform your kitchen in just two days! Shown here: Trends Washington Light Grey

You may not believe that it is possible to create a new kitchen in just two days – but we have seen it happen and the results can be spectacular. Take a look at our time line and see if you can keep up with our schedule (it really isn’t hard).

One month before 

Now is the time to spend a few minutes online deciding the colour, style and material for your new kitchen doors. You should also get some samples sent, just in case you can’t make up your mind.

Once this is done, you just need to measure your old doors and make your order online. if you aren’t sure how to do this, look at our video guides. You can also call us to get some help if you need it. Don’t forget that we make our kitchen doors bespoke – just for you. So unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem.

If you need new handles and hinges – order these now too.

Day one

Your new replacement kitchen doors have arrived and you have checked everything is there. We don’t often make mistakes, but you should check the sizes, just in case you need to order anything else. This happens rarely though.

Now clear your kitchen surfaces to give you enough room to get access to your kitchen cupboards. You shouldn’t need to remove the cupboard contents, but if you think you will take this time to have a good old clean, feel free.

Now remove your old kitchen cupboard doors and put them to one side. If you are reusing the hinges or handles you should remove them.

Attach the hinges to your new kitchen doors, using the predrilled holes to help you. You can also add the handles at this point if you feel it would be easier to do this before they are put up. Some people prefer to wait and see how each door will look before they decide on the position of the handle.

Taking care to place each door on the correct cabinet you can now fix the doors in place. This is a simple case of clicking into the hinge ad adjusting with a screwdriver. Once they are all up you can adjust each one so you have equal spaces between and the tops and bottoms match.

Day two

You may be thinking – what’s left? Your kitchen is virtually complete. Day two is for those finishing touches that you may or may not decide to do. This will include end panels, plinths and pelmets, new paint or just a really good clean.

Many people find that the new kitchen colour or style inspires them to add new kitchen accessories, a new window blind and even some new appliances. With all the money and time you have saved, you can certainly afford to splash out!

Or day two can consist of sitting back and enjoying your brand new, fancy looking kitchen with a well earned cup of tea.

So, you really can get a new kitchen in just two days (or even one if you are extra fast) and all for a fraction of the cost of a brand new full kitchen makeover. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Why Would I Choose Bespoke Kitchen Doors?

September 13th 2014 by .

You may think that buying a bespoke kitchen, made especially for you and your kitchen, is going to cost many thousands of pounds – and in most cases you would be correct. A bespoke kitchen usually means it is handmade, created to fit the space perfectly and it incorporates all of the kitchen requirements that are particular to you. But if all you need is a kitchen that fits perfectly – regardless of the cabinet size, you have come to the right place.

A shaker style door in wood can create a bespoke handmade look without the cost.

Along with all our standard sized replacement kitchen doors, we also supply bespoke, made to measure doors for anyone who may request them. Within reason (and the tolerances of the door style) we can create almost any door in any size – exactly as required. We do this for all customers and it won’t cost you any more than buying your replacement doors off the shelf. Although obviously, as doors get bigger, they do increase in price.

Some customers do question why we provide a bespoke service – when most of the kitchen cabinets they see in the large DIY stores come only in standard sizes. Well, there are plenty of reasons why you might want a made to measure door and we always aim to provide exactly what our customers need.

Your kitchen was handmade

If your previous kitchen (the doors you are replacing) was handmade to fit the room perfectly, there is a very good chance that the carcasses are of different sizes than are found on the high street. They may be taller, thinner or designed to fit awkward shapes or alcoves. Finding standard doors to fit these carcasses would be very tricky. However with our doors, you simply measure carefully and let us know what you need – we do the rest.

Your kitchen is very old

Standardised kitchen cabinet sizes is a fairly new invention – in the past people didn’t buy their kitchens off the shelf. All kitchens were designed to fit the space or they were free-standing, non-fitted types of kitchens where carcasses were made to order. These kitchen were built to last and reusing the carcasses is a great idea – but you will need special doors.

You want to make your own carcasses

If you are handy with a saw and a hammer you may have decided to build your own carcasses for your kitchen, but want replacement kitchen doors to fit them. Making your own cabinets will save you money, but if you choose doors from the high street you will be restricted. By choosing replacement doors you can design your kitchen exactly as you wish, safe in the knowledge the doors will fit perfectly.

You want to make better use of the space

Even if your current kitchen cabinets are all standard sizes, you may feel that there are parts of your kitchen that are under utilised. This may be corners or spaces where filler strips have been used or spaces left where you could add in an extra cupboard or a set of drawers.  Being able to get the right sized drawer fronts or cupboard doors for this space is vitally important when it comes to making your kitchen look uniform and pulled together.

While your kitchen doors may look like all the others you see in the shops, there is a good chance that the sizes are odd – for any of the reasons detailed above. Thankfully we can make your replacement kitchen doors in almost any size you need and your kitchen can be professionally refitted at a fraction of the cost – giving you a bespoke look you won’t find elsewhere.

Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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