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Replacement kitchen doors really are “bespoke”

November 24th 2014 by .

Bespoke, handmade, custom made, hand crafted, locally sourced, hand-fitted – these are all terms that are used in interior design brochures to justify huge prices and to encourage you to buy something that, maybe, you could find a little cheaper elsewhere. They are all terms that don’t necessarily mean very much – they simply offer you a feeling of glamour, quality and expense. And there is nothing wrong with that!

You can create a bespoke kitchen, even on a tiny budget

But, you don’t want to pay for just words, do you? With a replacement kitchen door from us, you are getting a high quality product that truly can be “bespoke” and at a fraction of the cost. We really do stand behind our words and you can read on to find out why.

What does bespoke mean?

Essentially bespoke is a term used to describe anything that has been made especially for you. it might be a special size, special materials and it will be different to anything you can buy from a store. It is created to your specifications and fits perfectly.

Bespoke, custom made, made to measure and made to order are all ways that we can legitimately describe our replacement kitchen doors as opposed to off the shelf, pre-made or ready made.

Why are our doors bespoke

It is probably our made to measure service that explains best our commitment to offering you a bespoke kitchen door. It works very simply. You just measure the doors you want to replace and tell us the measurements. As long and they come in within certain tolerances, we can create them in almost any colour or style especially for you. They will be cut to the measurements you ask for, ensuring a kitchen door that fits perfectly every time.

The other aspect of our bespoke service is that your doors will only be built when your order comes in. It is true that we do have some standard stock – but if your kitchen is not standard, it really doesn’t matter. We don’t have the space to store hundreds of kitchen doors (unlike some of the High Street stores) , so we create them with you in mind.

Will this cost me more?

There is a nominal charge for the trimming of your door. Obviously our machines are set to create standards sized doors as they are the most popular. So if your door is a little over or undersized it will take us a little longer to get it perfect. But truly, this cost is tiny and the results you get will make it entirely worthwhile.

Try comparing the cost of one of our doors in an unusual size to one you would buy from one of the larger kitchen manufacturers. If they actually offer different sizes you can expect that it will take a long time and a lot of money to get exactly what you need. It will cost even more if you need to get a local cabinetmaker to make your kitchen for you and this may be your only option if you can’t buy off the shelf.

So when you are showing your friends around your newly replaced kitchen you can proudly tell them that it is “bespoke” and created just for you. They may not believe you when you tell them how much it cost – but maybe that can be our little secret?




5 ways your replacement kitchen will save you money

November 20th 2014 by .

It is that time of the year when saving money is high on the agenda. Christmas has well and truly drained your resources and the New Year is promising to be just as expensive as the old one. So you would think that a new, refreshed and attractive kitchen is well and truly off the cards. You just can’t afford it. Well, with replacement kitchen doors you can afford it and here are five very good reasons why.

You can achieve a low cost, great looking kitchen with us

You can do it yourself

Probably one of the most significant cost associated with a new kitchen is the cost of getting someone in to fit it. This can be compounded if that person also has to replace your electrics, complete your tiling, paint the walls and fit your gas hob. All of these trades are needed if you are replacing your kitchen from scratch.

A replacement kitchen only needs the doors to be added to the already existing cabinets – a job that you can easily do on your own. All it needs is a simple understanding of how to use a screwdriver and a few minutes watching one of our instruction videos. It really is as easy (and as cheap) as that!

There are no associated costs

Think about all of those extras that you need to account for when you replace your kitchen. Skips for the waste, cleaning up after and during the job, eating out and delivery charges for the kitchen and appliances. These really can add up – a skip will cost you in excess of £150, as an example. With replacement kitchen doors, your old doors can be loaded into your car and taken directly to the recycling centre. Easy!

Because replacement kitchen doors can be fitted in just a weekend and your kitchen doesn’t need to be out of action at all, you will never need to pay for a restaurant or subject your family to a microwave meal. Unless you want to , of course!

Buying online is cheaper

Most replacement kitchen door suppliers have websites online to allow you to order direct from them. This means that they can keep the costs to an absolute minimum – coming in much cheaper than the High Street. These costs are kept low due to minimal overheads, low staff costs and generally running a tight ship. Trust us, we know exactly what this means.

Your order will usually arrive as just one delivery instead of being spread over many deliveries. This will mean you will be charged just one delivery charge.

No designer costs

While a High Street kitchen seller may tell you that the sale of their kitchen includes the services of a designer, you can be sure that you are paying for this person to come to your house and measure up your kitchen space. It is built into the cost of the kitchen. When using replacement kitchen doors, you stick to your original layout (maybe with the addition of a cupboard or two), meaning that the need for a designer is nil.

Ongoing costs are reduced

The use of replacement kitchen doors allows you to pay for doors that are very high quality. This means they will last longer, saving you money in the long run. Our doors are made from high grade MDF with a vinyl coating that is designed to look great year after year. It pains us to say it, but we don’t want you as a return customer in five years time. These kitchens should last longer than that.

Overall the costs that come with a replacement kitchen are minimal and great value for money. Compare that to the time, hassle and money that comes from a new kitchen and see why it really can be on the agenda for 2015.

Integrated appliances and replacement kitchen doors

November 13th 2014 by .

The clean lines that you achieve by hiding your appliances by using integrated kitchen doors allows you to create an uncluttered and attractive look in your kitchen. When it comes time to replace your kitchen doors, you may wonder if it is going to be too expensive and hard to find the right doors to maintain that streamlined look. The answer to your concerns is yes, you can find the doors and no, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Integrated appliances can streamline your kitchen

Why have integrated replacement doors?

The simplest reason is that you have integrated appliances already. These come without the front attached and have brackets to allow you to fit your kitchen door directly on to them. Clearly this means that they will need to be covered and cannot be on display. Short of replacing your appliances, there really is little choice but to buy the right doors.

You may also have decided to buy new appliances and want to go with integrated so that you can achieve a more modern and less cluttered feel in your kitchen. Integrated appliances can be more expensive, but are worth it when it comes to how your kitchen looks.

Integrated appliances are also quieter as they are behind a door and they will be less dirty as there are no nooks and crannies for dust and dampness to penetrate.

Are integrated replacement doors more expensive?

The additional cost of an integrated door front is generally associated with the cost of the brackets used to fix it to your appliance and of course, the cost of the appliance itself. If you save the bracket from your old kitchen cupboard door and use it on your new one, this is a good saving. That said, these brackets are not hugely expensive to buy – but you should be aware that they come with the appliance and are often not interchangeable. So it is best to reuse them.

Are they harder to fit?

You may find that the process of fitting an integrated door front is a little harder than simply slipping it onto a hinge fitting. You will need to attach the bracket to the inside of the door in the correct position. Your appliance may have come with a template to help you do this. If not, you need to measure carefully. Generally though, the fitting of an integrated door is no more difficult than fitting any other door.

What style of door works best?

There really is no best style of door for integrated appliances, however there are some things you might want to consider.

  • The door may be subject to extra heat and wetness on the inside. Our doors are all coated in a hard-wearing vinyl that can withstand this, within normal tolerances.
  • The door will be heavier to open and therefore the position of the handle is a factor to consider. A horizontal handle near the top of the door works best (especially for dishwashers. So you may need to think about the door style when choosing.

Whether you are making your kitchen into a more attractive space or creating a home for your appliances in a utility space, integrated appliances and kitchen door fronts are a great way to achieve the aims of increased beauty, softer looks and a quieter kitchen.

A winter wonderland kitchen

November 4th 2014 by .

It won’t have escaped your attention that winter is almost upon us and it is getting colder, darker and generally more miserable. However, this does not mean that your kitchen needs to be a no go zone for the next few months. It is true that cooking in a nice bright, clean and airy kitchen is easy – but it is also true that a warm, cosy kitchen that really feels like a wintry wonderland can make those winter months pass more quickly. Just adding some replacement kitchen doors and few accessories will bring your kitchen to life for the coming season.

A dark woodgrain can offer warmth for winter

Choose the right colours

There are two schools of thought when it comes to winter colours. You can either go for something that makes you feel warm or something that makes you think of the sun. The warmer shades will make you want to hunker down, light the fire, wear woolly socks and generally enjoy that indoor feeling. Sunny colours will add light and bring that feeling of warmer weather into the home – even if it is blowing a gale outside.

Sunny colours might be white, cream, vanilla or a bright yellow. Greens can sometimes be good sunny colours – but are not usually used for kitchen cupboard doors. Other options are lighter woodgrains such as maple or a light oak. Gloss finishes may also work well in a lighter and brighter kitchen – offering a little more reflection.

Warmer colours that a perfect for winter will be browns, taupes, sage and darker ivories. These colours work well with shades of red and blues. You can also use darker shades of woodgrain such as dark oak or walnut. The finish could be a woodgrain such as Legno or a matt finish to absorb the light.

Choose the right lighting

Winter is the time for fairylights threaded across your kitchen doors, undercounter lighting in soft warm colours and the absence of bright white LED lighting, if you can help it. If you are lucky enough to have an Aga or an open fire in your kitchen, you should light it daily as this will add a real warmth and a feeling of comfort to your kitchen, as well as a soft glow.

Accessorise well

With Christmas almost here there really is nothing wrong with decorating your kitchen with holly, lights, special tea-towels and baskets of fragrant pine cones. Build up a box of kitchen accessories that you can bring out every year – in fact many of these items can stay out through the rest of the winter too.

You may want to add splashes of red or burgundy to your kitchen with curtains and even newly painted walls. This would work wonderfully with woodgrain kitchen doors – but equally, a white kitchen will benefit from splashes of colour.

Try new handles

Even the small act of changing your kitchen door handles is enough to change the feel of your home. Nothing says that you can’t have two sets – one for winter and one for summer. Your winter set might be wrought iron, fancy sparky handles or big chunky knobs. Anything that really captures that sense of things being warm and cosy and even old fashioned or handmade.

You may never have thought about changing the way your kitchen looks for the seasons – but this is the ease of replacement kitchen doors and handles. You can add accessories as you see fit – but the basic door colour can fit in with whatever scheme you are going for. No matter what size, shape or age kitchen you currently have, new kitchen doors could turn it into the winter kitchen of your dreams.


Colours shown on this website can vary from one door range to another (even if the name of the colour is the same) and may not be accurately displayed on your computer screen.
You can order free colour swatches so that you can see exactly what your chosen colour looks like before ordering.

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