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Small Home Design Ideas

October 15th 2015 by .

Do you live in a small house or flat? Many of us, whether by choice or necessity live in smaller homes which on first viewing leave little to the imagination when it comes to design. If you have got a small kitchen or tiny bedroom don’t worry, in this week’s blog post we take a look at some of favourite space-saving design ideas.
While there is certainly no “one size fits all” when it comes to small kitchens and bedrooms, there are definitely a few important tips and tricks that you can make the most of.

Bright is Best

Nobody wants a dark kitchen, but you know that. Did you know however that a bright kitchen really can make your kitchen seem bigger? Light and brightly coloured walls in both kitchens and bedrooms are more reflective, making the space feel open and airy, which helps make the most of any natural light – gloss slab doors, especially white, are ideal for this. On the other hand, dark shades absorb light, making the room look and feel smaller.

white gloss doors

Cut the Clutter

Keep your room tidy and organised. Nothing makes a small space feel even smaller than having too much stuff. With things arranged neatly and kept out of sight, the space in view will feel open and spacious. For example, don’t cover your wall in lots of little paintings, one large painting will do the job, and look better in the process. With a small room, creating a focal point to draw the eye can help maintain a sense of spaciousness; this would probably be a table in your kitchen.

tidy kitchen worktop

Smart Storage

Sticking with the clutter theme, some of our favourite ways of keeping clutter to a minimum are through the use of smart storage solutions. There’s a near-endless range of stylish options available that not only look fantastic, but are incredibly practical too. We’ve put together a collection of some of our favourites below.

clever kitchen storage

Ceiling High Cabinets

Ceiling high cabinets are brilliant way of making the most of the space available without comprising the look and feel of your kitchen or bedroom.

white tall cabinet doors

Sloping doors

Out of the kitchen, sloping doors are perfect for awkwardly sized and shaped rooms such as attics, as they allow you to install them in line with the shape of the ceiling. This creates a perfect fit that gives the room a smart and stylish finish.

Replacement sloping doors

Dynamic furniture

Something we’ve seen cropping up more and more recently is dynamic furniture. Perfect for contemporary homes, these clever modern inventions can spice up your home and save you space. It can be a little pricy, but has the capability to give your home.

Clever solution to save space

“Open-plan” Kitchens

If you’re putting money to a big redesign, or just designing from scratch, avoid thick walls where you can. The “open-plan” kitchen is the epitome of modern kitchen design and the airy feel it creates will make your home feel indefinitely bigger. It doesn’t just apply to kitchens though; open plan homes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why.

Open Plan White Kitchen

Don’t Forget the Shelves

Finally, shelving is ideal for storage and there’s an abundance of stylish options out there for you to choose from, whether you want to modernise your home, or keep it traditional.

shabby chic shelves

Those are just a few of the many ways you can make your small home seem bigger, got any you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Our Guide to Creating a Stylish Rectangular Kitchen

October 5th 2015 by .

In the latest blog post in our kitchen design series, we take a look at the ever-popular rectangular kitchen. While you may think they’re similar to the square kitchens from last time out, the subtle change in shape adds a whole range of design possibilities to your cooking space. In today’s post, we look at some of our favourites as well as sharing our tip tips for designing the perfect rectangular kitchen.

Rectangular kitchen layouts

Rectangle Kitchen Layouts

With its constant use, the kitchen arguably the most important room in the home (although we may be biased) and as such its design is of paramount importance. We spoke about the significance of the “Golden Triangle” in the last blog post and while this is still true, the Rectangular kitchen has some differences. Take a look below at some popular rectangular kitchen.

The same as last week’s galley kitchen, a Corridor kitchen is simply longer. This seamless symmetrical style is smart and efficient, saving you time and space which is all too valuable in small kitchens.

Slightly different, the One Wall kitchen works well by keeping everything from appliances to ingredients in close proximity allowing you to save space. For this reason it is a great choice whether you are short on space, or looking to create an airy, open plan kitchen. In a one wall kitchen, the sink is often located in between the oven and fridge as a convenient middle ground for cleaning.

one wall kitchen in silk white colour

Lastly, if you want maximum flexibility when it comes to your cooking space, an L-Shaped kitchen with stylish breakfast bar may be the way to go. The big difference here is that the L-Shape is more geared to a zoned kitchen approach rather than the work triangle. It has three distinct zones, the two rectangular legs of the “L” make up cooking and cleaning areas respectively, while the breakfast bar makes a perfect places for casual dining and drinks.

Other possibilities for the rectangular kitchens

Right, so you’ve seen some of the typical configurations of rectangular kitchens and using them as a base, you have hundreds and hundreds of possibilities for redesigning your rectangular kitchen.

Typically you should make use of one of the longer walls in the room to place furniture and  the other smaller side – where there aren’t windows or doors – to place the appliances (for example the fridge).

If you have the space for one, a work table can be a great asset to any kitchen.

Work tables for rectangular kitchen

If your kitchen is suitable you could consider placing a working table in the middle of room: this kind of solution is incredibly helpful for the overall efficiency of your room. If you haven’t got enough space in the middle of the room you could place a breakfast bar at the end of the worktop (especially in an L-shaped kitchen). Alternatively, if the room is even larger, you could put a dining table with seats.

Once you have settled on your rectangle kitchen layout, also consider the following things:

  • What elements do you want to be close together, such as the fridge and the oven, so you don’t have to make so many trips around the kitchen?
  • Where do you want the most worktop space? Next to the oven, above the fridge perhaps?
  • How much storage will you need? Think about what your current kitchen has and if you need more or less?
  • Have you got kids to accommodate? Do you need a table nearby or is a separate dining area sufficient?
  • Where will you keep the equipment you use most?
  • Are you a lover of kitchen gadgets? Do you want to keep them all out or will they need storage space?
  • What appliances do you want?


rectangular kitchen with cream doors

These are some of the most common aspects designers take into account when creating a kitchen, rectangular or otherwise. When it comes to rectangle kitchens, there’s not much you can really do wrong, so as long as you remember the basics, chances are your gut feeling will be right. If you’re still not sure, we work with a number of talented, experienced kitchen designers across the country, so check out our dealer locator to find one near you.
Got a rectangle kitchen? We’d love to see it. You can tweet to @kitchendoorsuk or post it on our Facebook wall.

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