As Summer fades into a distant memory and the days become darker and cooler, it is all too easy to feel that your home is also becoming darker, duller and less inspiring. To knock us out of this mindset, it is important to focus on keeping your home looking its best and your kitchen (being the most popular room in the house) should be first on your priority list. For the easiest kitchen makeover we think that there are five things you can do and replacing your kitchen doors has to be the first.

Legato Baltic Blue
Legato Ultragloss Baltic Blue doors

Buy replacement kitchen doors

For the most dramatic change to your kitchen and one which will inspire you for further changes – buy new kitchen cabinet doors in a funky new colour, a different style or even just as a replacement to what you already have and love. For a really modern makeover, you could install gloss doors in black or blue. Or if your kitchen simply needs brightening up, you should go white – either a gloss door or a painted satin finish for a light enhancing sheen.

Of course which doors you choose are up to you. But if you are the traditional type, you might decide to go for a typical Shaker style door or one with arches and mouldings to really bring out the shape and form.

Replacement kitchen doors are easy to buy, easy to fit and quick too. With one weekend you will have transformed your kitchen and will be looking to see where else you can make changes.

A lick of paint

A simple paint job in your kitchen will make a world of difference in terms of how it feels. Go for white or cream if you want to freshen it up and get a clean and clinical feel. White will also add space to a cramped kitchen. Lovers of a retro style might want to choose pastel colours to give your walls a lift. Take your inspiration from the pretty crockery on sale these days and try pinks, blues and yellows. Finally if you are a little bolder, don't avoid colours like red, dark blues or greens. Against replacement kitchen doors which are woodgrained or plain these colours really do the job of giving your kitchen an instant makeover.


If you have been putting off buying new things for your kitchen makeover – now is the time to get out your purse. Try some stainless steel appliances, toaster and blender for a modern look. Or visit charity shops for old tea cups and saucers to put on display. A set of open style cupboards or a sideboard will show these off perfectly. Tea towels, wall hangings and window blinds will all further improve your scheme, bringing it all together. Go for a colour based scheme to give the room a really special theme.

Get your hands dirty

There is absolutely no point in creating a kitchen of your dreams only to discover that your fridge is still dirty, the kickboards have the residue of years of cooking spills and your cooker has seen better days. Take the time to ensure your kitchen is really clean and sparkling before you embark of buying new items.


Finally, you need to throw away or re-purpose anything this no longer fits your interior design scheme. Once you have chosen the look you want to go for, you should really clear out the cupboards to ensure the theme spills over into every aspect of your kitchen look. It is also pointless to have a kitchen which has clutter on every surface, because it will deter from the look and will never be a calm environment to work in.

It all starts with the simple act of buying replacement kitchen doors and ends with a kitchen to be proud of. Clear away the cobwebs and get your designer hat on now.