Is it really possible to completely change your kitchen in just two days? Absolutely, and with time to spare. Taking advantage of the units you already have in your kitchen will cut down the amount of time you need to spend updating your look and it will make it much cheaper, making a weekend kitchen makeover more than achievable.

Replacement kitchen doors are a great way to get the look you want in your kitchen without any of the hassle and expense involved with doing a complete kitchen overhaul. You may think that simply replacing the kitchen doors wouldn't make that much difference, but you can go from 80's formica to 2011 high gloss in a couple of days and for just a few hundred pounds.

First you need to decide which doors you will order from your supplier. There are many to choose from, in a multitude of colours, designs and materials. Everything from gloss to wood and glazed units. It is possible to achieve any look you could ask for. These days many people opt for either a natural wood product such as oak or beech or they decide that a gloss unit will provide the look they want. Black and white gloss can be particularly striking.

Ordering is so easy. It is just a case of measuring the size of your existing doors and ordering them online. Once they arrive you can start the fitting process. This is easier than you might think. All it takes is a screw driver, a cordless drill, a level and a good eye.

So you think you can now stand back and admire your hard work – but you can't rest yet. If you are going to go to all the hard work of replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, you should also consider the rest of your kitchen. You may want to invest in some accessories to really finish the look.

The right handles are a must. A good quality handle will really set off your new doors and can turn plain materials into something special. You can chose from bushed steel or oak to brass. Rather than plain shelving you may also want to include some baskets which are great for storing vegetables.

A new cutlery tray will make the inside of your drawer really stand out, as will mesh baskets inside your cupboards. Most cupboards allow mesh baskets on runners to be installed easily. They are great for making the most of your cupboard space and for being organised. Something we all need in our kitchens.

You want to walk into your kitchen and feel that it is completely new and not just cosmetically. Investing in new items for the inside your cupboards will give you that brand new feeling. Best of all you will have achieved this brand new look at minimal cost. Something which is so important in these days of austerity.

If you really want to give your kitchen a full makeover you may want to consider installing a new worktop. This is a bigger job and one which you may want some help with. Fitting a worktop takes some specialised equipment, but the results will certainly be worthwhile. From granite to wood and onto composite – worktops will really highlight your new replacement kitchen cabinet doors and come in any colour you could imagine.

Finally, giving your walls a lick of paint, putting up a new blind and getting some nice green plants will bring the room together. Your friends will assume that you have had a tradesman in for weeks and only you will know the secret: a bit of elbow grease and a couple of days for your weekend kitchen makeover...