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Hi all,

Absolutely delighted with new doors- sorry not to get back to you before- my computer went pear shaped and wiped all my old e mails and addresses and being technophobic, with a computer literate son, who lives in Germany, I was very much up the creek without a paddle.   By some miracle I have all my details back so am able to reply.

The delivery was spot on and the packaging of the doors was brilliant.   The new doors have made everything look so much lighter and we would be pleased to recommend your company to anyone.

Will try and send photos but still trying to sort out how to work the digital camera(see remarks re  technophobia).   When I can get them done will be pleased to forward a set of prints.

Can I conclude by saying how nice it was, after requesting a quote, not to be chased up every five minutes to see if we would order.   We said it was an ongoing project that would take time and you respected that, for which we are very grateful.

You have a brilliant team.

Well done and many thanks to you all.


Stella B

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