Kitchens on the slightly bijoux side are more and more common within new houses. And when you have a family to cater for space is of the utmost importance. This is why we have decided to give you the run down on some simple yet space saving options. We hope they'll help you improve your kitchen design and its potential.

Shaker Satin White kitchen doors will help maximise the space

Firstly why not invest in a relatively inexpensive rolling cart. By this we really mean a tall table on wheels. If you choose well you might even find one with shelving or alternative storage underneath. You can also use it as a portable work surface. Or alternatively storage to stand unused appliances on. Even somewhere to pull up a chair and enjoy your morning coffee. These are both functional and stylish so you win on every level.

Hooks and shelving are other great ways to maximize your space and now also feature heavily within interior design magazines. Whether it’s a saucepan rack, magnetic knife strip or simply cleverly adding shelving to an unused area of the room, you'll be amazed how much space you will have freed up.

If you are lucky enough to have a seating area in your kitchen and dining area then choose wisely. There are many options that have chairs that either slot into the table to save space or tuck underneath it. Don’t fret you are compromising style over substance. You absolutely are not. And in some cases the space saving designs are the more fashion forward too!

Corner cupboards, the bane of every kitchen designer’s life. Customers assume corners are dead spaces therefore there is usually a dummy cupboard door fitted for continuity. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous!? Transform your door that isn’t a door into something functional by contacting a cabinet specialist. Whilst you’re at it why not rip off those ugly, stains doors and choose some funky replacement doors? Our ultra gloss range is great, we’ll explain why later.

If you don’t often have guests or cater for large numbers of people, why not consider half size appliances like the dishwasher amongst others. These will save space under your counter tops. And you can fit small shelving units, stackable boxes or to screw in hooks to hang your tea towel and oven gloves. Another bonus of course is that they use less electricity and water. So not only are you saving space but money as well.

Now, back to our earlier point about high gloss cabinet doors. Mega shiny or mirrored surfaces reflect the light. So by using these in your kitchen it gives the illusion of more space. Hang a pretty mirror on the wall and invest in some high shine appliances to really maximize the effect.

Finally, segregating your kitchen into ‘zones’ helps make it feel like there is actually more room than there is. For example, adding a bookshelf and bench against one wall gives you a relaxed, almost living room, feel to one area of the kitchen. This makes the space seem more versatile and also might be encouraged to sit and enjoy a cuppa and a good book in there.