You may think buying a bespoke kitchen, made especially for you and your kitchen, is going to cost many thousands of pounds. And in most cases you'd be correct. A bespoke kitchen usually means it's handmade. Created to fit the space perfectly. It incorporates all of the kitchen requirements particular to you. But if all you need is a kitchen that fits perfectly - regardless of the cabinet size, you've come to the right place.

Bevelled Edges bespoke kitchen doors
A slab style door in textured vinyl can create a bespoke handmade look without the cost.

Along with all our standard sized replacement kitchen doors, we also supply bespoke, made to measure doors. Within reason (and the tolerances of the door style) we can create almost any door in any size - exactly as required. And it won't cost you any more than buying your replacement doors off the shelf. Although obviously, as doors get bigger, they do increase in price.

Some customers question why we provide a bespoke service - when most of the kitchen cabinets they see in the large DIY stores come only in standard sizes. There are plenty of reasons for made to measure doors and we always aim to provide exactly what our customers need.

Your kitchen is handmade and bespoke

If your previous kitchen (the doors you are replacing) was handmade to fit the room perfectly, there is a good chance the carcasses are bespoke sizes. They may be taller, thinner or designed to fit awkward shapes or alcoves. Finding standard doors to fit these carcasses would be very tricky. However with our doors, you simply measure carefully and let us know what you need. We do the rest.

Your kitchen is very old

Standardised kitchen cabinet sizes is a fairly new invention. In the past people didn't buy their kitchens off the shelf. All kitchens were designed to fit the space or they were free-standing: non-fitted types of kitchens where carcasses were made to order. These kitchen were built to last and reusing the carcasses is a great idea. But you will need special doors.

You want to make your own bespoke carcasses

If you are handy with a saw and a hammer you may have decided to build your own carcasses for your kitchen. But want replacement kitchen doors to fit them. Making your own cabinets will save you money. But if you choose doors from the high street you will be restricted. By choosing replacement doors you can design your kitchen exactly as you wish, safe in the knowledge the doors will fit perfectly.

You want to make better use of the space

Even if your current kitchen cabinets are all standard sizes, you may feel that there are parts of your kitchen that are under utilised. This may be corners or spaces where filler strips have been used. Or spaces left where you could add in an extra cupboard or a set of drawers.  Being able to get the right sized drawer fronts or cupboard doors for this space is vitally important when it comes to making your kitchen look uniform and pulled together.

While your kitchen doors may look like all the others you see in the shops, there is a good chance that the sizes are odd. Thankfully we can make your replacement kitchen doors in almost any size you need. And your kitchen can be professionally refitted at a fraction of the cost. Giving you a bespoke look you won't find elsewhere.