The Kitchen Door Workshop Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas shopping can be tricky even for the most organised among us, and we’ve all got that one friend or relative who seems impossible to buy for. We’ve tried to make things that little bit easier for you, by putting together a list of gift ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration. And if you’ve got a full house this festive season, don’t fret – there’s still time to order new kitchen doors and have them delivered in time for the big day! Order stock doors (i.e. not made-to-measure) by 18th December and you’ll have them by Christmas.

Gifts for the foodie


Mezzaluna and board

Once you’ve chopped herbs, nuts or chocolate with a mezzaluna (Italian for “half-moon”), you’ll never go back to using an ordinary knife. Despite the hefty blade, it’s actually very safe to use, as both your hands will be on the handles while the knife’s in use. Buy it for the aspiring chef in your family to make them feel like a pro.

Spice collection

For the adventurous cook in your life, a spice collection will help them create delicious curries and soups. Or for those of a more sensitive palate, this collection of flavoured sea salts also makes a lovely gift – mealtimes are set to get a whole lot more exciting.

Coffee maker

We all know a coffee snob, but this stylish coffee maker should satisfy even the most particular caffeine consumer.

Jar of giant chocolate buttons

If you know someone who couldn’t resist a bit of chocolate if their life depended on it, this huge jar of chocolate buttons should keep them going for a little while. Montezuma’s started life in Brighton, East Sussex, and there are now branches all over the south coast. All the cocoa used to make Montezuma’s chocolate is ethically sourced, and the company works with a Sussex-based charity to provide support for children and young people in deprived and conflict-stricken areas.

Gifts for the baker


Marble rolling pin

A marble rolling pin sounds extravagant, but it’s actually highly practical – the marble stays cold, which helps to stop your pastry or dough sticking to the pin as you roll.

Cookbook stand

In small kitchens, worktop space can get crowded very quickly, and cookbooks often end up splattered with sauce or dusted with flour. This simple wooden stand looks great in any kitchen and will give the baker in your life a handy place for their favourite recipe books.

Silicone cake cups

Brighten up your fairy cakes, muffins and buns with these silicone cake cases. They’re durable, heatproof and easy to clean, and their rainbow shades are pleasing to the eye.

Set of measuring cups & spoons

Anyone who’s ever looked up a recipe online will know this feeling: when you find the right one, but the ingredients are listed in American cup measurements. With this cute set of spoons and cups, you won’t need to fiddle around searching for an online converter, you can just jump right in to the baking.

Gifts for the DIY king or queen


Credit card tool

A perfect stocking filler for the handyman or woman in your life, this little tool has a can opener, blade, screwdriver and wrenches in various sizes. It’s the size of a credit card, so will fit neatly into pockets, purses, wallets or handbags. Replacing your kitchen doors in the New Year? Make sure you’ve got this on hand.

15-in-1 decorator’s tool

Another multi-functional device, this little gadget is a must-have for every toolbox. It can open paint tins, clean rollers, scrape paint, and works as a putty knife, nail puller and spanner. Don’t start your New Year’s DIY project without it.

Sugru Mouldable Glue

This handy stuff is a glue that sets to a silicone rubber. It’s waterproof, resistance to hot and cold temperatures, electrically insulating up to 24 volts, and bonds to glass, metal, wood, plastic and ceramics.

Tool Pen

Remember those ‘pop-a-point’ pencils you had at school, where you could change the colour by removing the point and putting it back into the top to push down the next colour? Well, this screwdriver pen tool works like that. In the 15cm-long ‘pen’, there’s room for 6 screwdriver bits or hex keys, plus a viewing window so you can find the bit you need. If you’re planning a kitchen make-over in January, it’s a must-have.

Gifts for the interior design lover


The Maverick Soul: Inside the Lives & Homes of Eccentric, Eclectic & Free-spirited Bohemians, Miv Watts

This book takes a look inside 25 homes, owned by various artists, musicians, stylists and actors. With stunning photographs and interviews, this would make a wonderful gift for someone who’s got a real eye for beauty and quirky interior style.

Faux fur blanket

Who doesn’t love a super-soft blanket or throw in a chic neutral shade? This fluffy grey blanket makes a great present for the home-loving friend or relative.

Framed map print

It can be tricky to choose artwork for other people, but these map prints look incredibly cool, and will work in any room and with any decorative style.

Biscuit cushion

Nice biscuit nibbler or devourer of digestives? Whatever your favourite biscuit is, Nikki McWilliams has got a cushion for you. Bright, fun and cheering, one of these cushions will liven up any sofa or bedroom.


Please note: none of the links in this post are affiliate links, and we have no business connections to the retailers listed.

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