Whether you’re close to the coast or completely landlocked, an ocean themed kitchen can look amazing! If you love nothing more than watching waves lap the beach then you’ll adore a sea themed kitchen! Take a look at the inspiring ideas below and take away a little or a lot to create a seaside kitchen with a subtle salty hint or one that will really shiver you timbers!

seaside kitchen

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

If you want to transform a kitchen, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it is to change your kitchen cupboard doors. If the sea is your decoration inspiration then bleached wood that looks like it’s been baking in the sun for decades will look incredible. You can find readymade bleached wood replacement kitchen doors online, or you can choose unfinished doors and complete them yourself. Pine or similar looks amazing with a thin wash of white or blue, or paint your doors white, let them dry, add a layer of blue and then sand to give a distressed effect.

Walls and Ceilings

For a look that isn’t too over the top opt for soft greens, creams, blues and yellows. Or if you want to make a big statement how about harking back to the great British seaside holiday with some brightly coloured stripes that evoke all that rock! Ceilings are often neglected so if you want to elevate your kitchen space out of the ordinary why not adorn your ceiling with a cloud mural. Or what about a map of the stars that any seafarer would be happy to navigate by!


Provided your décor is fairly neutral, you can really go to town on your accessories and every time you feel like something new, simply change them. For a sea theme choose wooden picture frames, ropes and driftwood. You could try making driftwood shelving, or pick deep frames that you can fill with shell or different coloured sand for an eye-catching alternative to a picture. Hessian is an ideal material for your placemats and coasters – and you can even extend the ocean element into your crockery with classic blue and white china.


Wooden floorboards evoke the deck of a ship so will sit well in a sea inspired room, but if solid wood is a little out of your price bracket you can find cheaper laminate alternatives that will still look great. If you’ve got a bit more money to spend you could opt for designer vinyl flooring which you can have printed exactly to your specifications, so your floor could become a sandy beach or a collage of all your favourite family holiday snaps.


Lighting makes or breaks a room so if you want your kitchen to feel as fresh, bright and sunny as the British seaside in July then incorporate lots of bright and sunny lighting. You can choose lights designed to ape natural daylight to help combat the blues on dark winter days, or pick LED lights in a range of fabulous interchangeable colours that will give your kitchen a completely different feel each time switch on your lights.