If you have already taken advantage of great deals and bought new replacement doors for your kitchen, you will already know how much cheaper and easier they can be if you are wanting to make big changes to your home.

But chances are you may never have considered how useful kitchen cupboard doors can be in other parts of your home. With the range of colours, materials and styles available in kitchen doors these days, they can look just as attractive in the rest of your home as they do in your kitchen. All you need are a few kitchen cupboard carcasses or even DIY versions and you have the makings of some great storage solutions.

Garage or workshop

Having a worktop in your garage or workshop is essential, but many people make do with just open shelving. Having cupboard doors will help to keep things looking tidier and avoid everything getting coated in dust and dirt. Just a few cupboards are all you will need to turn your garage or shed into an environment anyone would be happy to spend their weekend in.


Furniture designed for a study can be hugely expensive. You will need desks, drawers and storage shelves and all this comes at a price. Most of us simply make do with a few mismatched items leaving the room looking disorganised and hard to work in. Replacing this furniture with kitchen units and adding new kitchen cupboard doors will bring it all together and make it a more workable space. You can also get bespoke sizes so that you will have the equivalent of made to measure furniture.


Many kitchen door suppliers also sell bedroom doors which are great for bringing back to life any drab bedroom. You can have them made to fit your existing wardrobe and in a number of different styles. You could then add to this theme by buying kitchen cupboard doors for your bedside tables and wall cupboards. Far from making your bedroom look like a kitchen, it will look bespoke and elegant. Just so long as you choose the right materials such as oak, beech or plain painted options.


Kids toys are always getting in the way and making messes in inconvenient places. Having dedicated storage for your children's things is a great idea and a cheap way of achieving this is by putting in kitchen cupboards with new matching doors and drawer fronts. This hides everything away keeping your home tidy. You can even take advantage of the basket systems which come with kitchen cupboards these days to make it easier for your kids to organise their toys.

Hobby room

If you are into crafting, you will already know that keeping all your bits and pieces organised can be a real struggle. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to find the items you need. Simply installing a set of cupboards and drawers could make this job much easier and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Kitchen cupboard fronts combined with cheap carcasses will do a great job. You can also use slide out shelving, baskets and cutlery trays to improve how you arrange your items.

There are so many styles of kitchen door available, that you will be spoiled for choice. There will always be something which will match your décor regardless of which part of the house you want to install it. Don't always rush to the furniture store every time you need a new cupboard. Remember that kitchen doors and carcasses can work anywhere and may just save you money in the long run.