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What do you think about your new kitchen doors? Doors are excellent quality and very solid. Made to exact measurements which was perfect as I was building my own custom cabinet as nothing on the highstreet would fit the space required.
How did you get on fitting your new doors? Very easy to fit, first time I've done them on a custom build cabinet, so was pretty pleased considering my DIY skills are self taught.
What does the finished job look like? Looks like I brought something from new, really impressed with the finish.
What could we do to improve our kitchen doors or our service? Not sure as customer service was great, had a dilemma with the position of the hinges and where one of the shelves was suppose to go. I specified exactly where the hinges were suppose to go and forgot to take into consideration where my shelves were going to go and one of the shelves was bang on in the middle of where the hinges was going to be and I couldn't move the shelf as everything fitted nicely inside it but customer services gave me an alternatives and links to help me out. Very happy with the help I got from Robert and Greg, thanks guys.
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Name Derek Cheung
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