Here at Kitchen Door Workshop, we know that the devil is in the detail when it comes to door knobs and accessories. That’s why when we think about our replacement kitchen doors, our designers are constantly carefully studying the furniture designs of the past, and looking at the trends of the future.

bar handles and door knobs
These bar handles are a great option for these plain red doors from Visions

We look at everything including the shape of a door edge: do our customers prefer it rounded or at a precise 90 degree angle? This goes right through to the design of our hinges: what’s the best design that will work smoothly day in, day out, for years? Of course, we bet that you never even think about the hinges on your kitchen doors – that’s because we’ve done the thinking for you.

But there’s one thing that we’d like you to think about. In fact, we positively encourage it. We’d like you to put your own final stamp on your dream kitchen, and make it truly your own with the finishing touches. Now you’ve picked the finish, the design, and the size, you need to choose a handle. But we know it’s hard to choose. Brass? Pewter? Long, short, miniature? We have so many handles and knobs that we’ve put together a quick guide to what handle looks good with what kitchen door.


Chrome door knobs are the best choice for a kitchen that looks bright, shiny, and contemporary. It is a gleaming metal finish and it doesn’t need polishing to stay bright and eye catching. It looks especially great with white doors, but it adds impact to any of our colour finishes that aren’t wood. Our high gloss finishes really go with a chrome handle for a space age kitchen. The chrome wave and chrome spoon handle are both chunky and will make an impression. If you want just a hint of shine choose the chrome dimple knob.

Brass and Bronze

Brass and bronze are closely related. Both are a mixture of copper and a base metal. Chemistry aside, the main difference you’ll notice is that our brass handles are very shiny, with a bright, golden gleam. Bronze handles have a more aged look, with a soft gold coloured glow. Both go really well with a traditional style of kitchen. They enhance the soft radiance of any of our wood finishes. We have some really elaborate handles from these materials for a really old fashioned feel, such as the octagonal handle with a back plate. Or, you may want something simple and small, like our little brass knob.

Pewter handles

Pewter is an age darkened silver metal which will really add an old fashioned feeling to your units. Choose it, again, with wood finishes for a really traditional feel. It also goes well with a more modern looking finish like a textured Oakgrain colour, where it will stand out more as a special finish.

Matt black door knobs

Matt black is quite flexible, depending on how you style your kitchen. Essentially it looks very traditional, echoing the look of age blackened cast iron. In this way, matt black door knobs will go brilliantly with oak or walnut kitchen units. We even have an old fashioned style of false hinge that you can fix over the cupboard to enhance the effect. But conversely, it can also look very clean and modern indeed. If you look at something like the black dimple D handle, you’ll see how it would look stunning against a simple white kitchen door.

Brushed and satin

Our brushed and satin metal handles give a modern silver colour to your units without the very bright effect of chrome, or the old fashioned effect of bronze. They give a pleasant and agreeable finishing touch. We have a lot of brushed and satin finishes to choose from, as it’s such a popular effect. Our t-bar handle is the ultimate in elegant inconspicuousness, or if you want a little bit of contemporary design detail, the Quattro handle has a geometric design included.

We hope that this guide is useful to you, and has inspired you to think about what you’d like the finishing touches to look like. If you can’t decide, why not order one of each of your favourites? Then you can try them out and see how they look. Whichever you choose, remember that you can change it all around again next year for a whole new look!