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What do you think about your new kitchen doors? Good quality, nice finish
How did you get on fitting your new doors? The fitting was a nightmare. It was not straight forward and took months to find a handyman that could fit them. Now finally fitted, the handyman fitted them wrongly, the fridge door to the freezer and the freezer door to the fridge. So we cannot open the freezer without opening the fridge. This is a shame.
What does the finished job look like? It looks nice. The shade is slightly lighter than the shade of the other cupboard doors and the fitting is slightly crooked. But all in all, it looks fine.
What could we do to improve our kitchen doors or our service? Product and service is good. Quick delivery and friendly/efficient service. It would be good though if you provided a fitting service on delivery as well.
Would you recommend us to others Yes
Any other comments?
Name Maria
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