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Gloss White Kitchen Doors

What do you think about your new kitchen doors? Love them
How did you get on fitting your new doors? with difficulty, as by definition, replacement doors are attached to 'old' fixtures, so there will always be issues, which makes it frustrating that ads for replacement doors make it sound like such a simple solution.
What does the finished job look like? exactly the desired effect. Very modern,sleek and luxurious.
What could we do to improve our kitchen doors or our service? have a word with your dispatcher. They were only interested in dropping the goods at front door. My pregnant wife had to literally beg the unhelpful dispatcher to bring the heavy items into the hallway. He was most unwilling. This was a BAD start to the experience. Also, it was frustrating that the plinths are only sold in 3000mm sections. In the end we had to incur waste of about 1600mm. Lastly, I would suggest you link in supplies of hinges etc. It would have been better that if could have ordered the doors AND hinges ( Blum preferably ) together at same time. There would have been a better checking system in place for us then.
Would you recommend us to others Yes
Any other comments? the pics i took were only from my phone and i hardly cleared up. I am convinced with the right lighting and professional shots, the kitchen would look AMAZING...also, i dont have a wide angle lens so you cant see the whole other wall that was also fitted.High gloss white doors looks really beautiful. Feel free to get in touch if you thought worth your while to come and take proper pics.
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