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Greg Lis Robert & The Team

My project was not door replacement, rather the construction of a simple tall cupboard to enclose my central heating boiler and to provide storage for brooms, mops vacuum cleaner etc. Although the cost was rather more than I had in the budget . I am delighted with the result. I enclose photos which do not really do justice to the subject due to my limited photographic skill and equipment.

Boiler Cupboard

Boiler Cupboard

and also I was glad to have had your recommendation to use four hinges on what is quite a heavy door. In the interest of trying to be constructive rather than merely critical, I think that it would be helpful to include in the videos some guidance on the choice of screws for use in MDF.  In particular I would question the suggestion to use standard #6 3/8" tapered woodscrews for fixing hinges to doors, since in my experience this would risk de-lamination of the board.  I would prefer a longer, parallel screw in a pilot hole.


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