Even though they may be beautiful and practical, have you ever noticed how there are so many kitchens in magazines and on TV that look the same? They're often high gloss white or a gentle neutral shade, with an island in the middle and granite worktops. This style of kitchen is timeless and works well in almost any setting, but it doesn't feel especially homely or personal.

Visions Ultragloss Red
A bright and bold kitchen can really represent your personality

With replacement kitchen doors you can easily individualise your kitchen, on a budget, and create something that represents you and your unique sense of style. At the very least it will raise a smile and make your kitchen a fun and exciting place to be. Luckily here at kitchen Door Workshop we have a number of ways that you can create something special in your kitchen.

Bold and funky colours

A splash of colour, even on a plain kitchen door, is an ideal way to express yourself. Within our door ranges we have a number of bright and interesting colours including bold red, greens, yellow and even purple. You could even try a combination of different contrasting and complimenting colours.

Of course if you have a special colour in mind that we don't provide, you should try our paintable kitchen doors. Simply choose the right colour from your local DIY store and paint it on. It is very easy to do and the door comes with an easily painted surface so the results look professional and dazzling.

Great looking handles

Many kitchens these days are streamlined and handleless. This is a great look for a minimalist home - but maybe you want a little sparkle? We have a huge range of handles to choose from including some that are slightly plain and simple right through to those that are irregular, shiny, ornate and just plain beautiful -  making your doors gorgeous with handles is such an easy job, you will be amazed at how quickly your kitchen can be transformed.

Mix and match

So maybe you want to be bold, but not too over the top. One great way to achieve a unique looking kitchen is to add in a pop of colour by adding just one or two kitchen doors in a bright colour. Think of it like you would a feature wall in your living room or bedroom. Just have a bank of cupboards that will really pop out at you every time you enter the room. It won't be over powering but will give the room an individual style.

Don't forget the accessories

Sometimes it isn't just the cupboards that can set your kitchen apart. It can also be the accessories you use. This might include baskets, hanging pots and pans, funky blinds and coloured toasters and kettles. Follow a colourful theme and change these things as you get bored with them. It is such a simple ad cheap way to revitalise the room and really adds to the charm.


You may also choose to have a some glazed kitchen cabinets among your plainer ones. These are a great idea and work even better if you include lighting within the cabinet. Glass splashbacks are also gaining in popularity right now and with good reason - you can add coloured backings in any shade or even have printed material such as photos laminated into the glass to make your splashback perfect for you.

The aim is to create a kitchen that speaks volumes about the type of person your are, but which is also a great spot for cooking, relaxing and socialising  it really is possible with a little unique styling.