A clean, inviting and contemporary kitchen makes a great asset to any property, but many homeowners choose to stick with a kitchen they don’t like because they don’t want to go through the hassle, stress and expense of renovation.

Trends Kingston Acacia
Trends Kingston door in Acacia

However, there is a much cheaper, quicker and easier way to totally transform your kitchen – and you won’t need to get your sledge hammer out! It's all about updating your existing space with new kitchen doors.

Change your Kitchen Doors

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, but the cost of keeping your castle in tiptop condition soon adds up and sometimes it’s simply impossible to find the cash for remodelling. But if your kitchen cabinets are sound and you like the way your room is configured, you can give your space a complete makeover simply by swapping your old cupboard doors with our wide range of replacement kitchen doors at the kitchen door workshop

We have an almost endless array of custom made kitchen doors and varying kitchen door styles to choose from and installation is quick and easy, so you can find a style to perfectly suit your tastes and your budget while getting an entirely new kitchen in just a few hours.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Door Styles

Today’s design innovations have allowed for all sorts of exciting and contemporary kitchen doors to be created. You can find doors in a wide range of materials including wood, glass, laminate, vinyl or even recycled bottle tops. If you want to create a country style kitchen then choose some of our own doors in warm pine or maple and incorporate floral patterns in your accessories. Keep your lines clean and simple with plain wood or choose bevelled doors for a more traditional look.

Alternatively, tap into the current trend for bold and bright colours with some of our contemporary high gloss finish doors in blue or anthracite. You can keep the look from becoming over the top by sticking to neutral tones in the rest of your colour scheme.

Strong colours like Legato Baltic Blue will create a wow factor for your kitchen
Legato Ultragloss Baltic Blue doors

Bring bags more light into your kitchen with ultra-modern reflective white or glazed doors. If you choose glass you can even add extra interest by incorporating lights inside your cupboards.

You don’t even have to keep all of your doors one colour. You can mix and match to create a checkerboard effect or designate different areas of your kitchen with different coloured cupboards.

Shiny black doors look fabulous in contemporary spaces and as long as they reflect the light they won’t make your space look dark or gloomy.

Legato Ultragloss Black
Legato doors in Ultragloss Black

Bold and adventurous decorators could even have bespoke patterned cupboard doors specially made that will turn their kitchen into a unique piece of art all my simply changing your existing kitchen cabinet door styles.

Or if you really can’t make your mind up then why not pick unfinished doors and paint them the colour of your choice, that way you’ll be able to paint them a new hue whenever you feel like it.

So why waste time, money and effort renovating your kitchen when you can create an equally impressive effect at a fraction of the cost simply by simply using replacement kitchen doors.