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With so many people using mobiles and tablets these days, we wanted our visitors to have the best possible experience when using any kind of device any kind of device.

Our very own web consultant and developer, Olimpio Romanella, has upgraded the website with new features, focusing on improving user experience, reliability, and speed.

The new template of Kitchen Door Workshop’s website has adopted the latest modern techniques to create a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly. It was developed with a Responsive Web Design approach so it fits their layout, content and functionality for the proper screen size.

The mobile site comes as part of the ongoing improvement to the site, along with the dealer locator and delivery date picker. Whilst we recommend completing the quote from on desktop pcs, the mobile site has full functionality, allowing users to do everything from ordering samples to watching our DIY video guides. Whether browsing the iPad on a Sunday afternoon, or looking for a new kitchen on the way to work, it’s now easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price.

Kitchen Door Workshop Director, Robert Clark, was thrilled with the site, saying: “Here at Kitchen Door Workshop we strive to give our customers the best possible user experience, something that is incredibly important for an online business. In a world dominated by smartphones and tablets, a mobile friendly website is key to any business – and the updated site gives us this.”

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