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Pantone's Colour of the Year announcement has become something of an annual event, and the shade for 2019 is... Living Coral. This vivid pinky-orange colour will add warmth in whichever room you choose to include it, but we're going to show you how you can incorporate Living Coral into your kitchen...

Coral walls

If your kitchen is a good size, and/or gets a lot of daylight, embrace this warm, lively shade and choose a paint or paper in a coral hue. To offset the intensity of this colour and to ensure your kitchen still feels light and bright, choose white or cream cabinet doors. Crisp white doors like the Newick door in Silk White will keep the room looking contemporary, while a door like the Cambridge in Ivory will create a soft, rustic look.

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Kitchen doors

Turn your kitchen doors into a striking feature. Our paintable doors are available in a huge range of designs, from the minimalist Venice door to the rustic-inspired Westbury door. Paintable doors are wrapped in vinyl, so they arrive ready for you to apply your chosen colour - no need to prime (though you can add a primer if you want to). If you have an island in your kitchen, make it a focal point by fitting paintable vinyl doors and painting them a coral shade. We'd recommend the Shaker door for this, as Shaker doors are the perfect compromise of modern simplicity and traditional door design. Keep the surrounding units neutral and let the colour in the centre of the room speak for itself.

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If you don't want to commit to such a bold shade for years by having it on your walls, why not shake up your furniture and add one or two pieces in this peachy-pink hue? Or if you've got a piece of wooden furniture that's seen better days - some chairs, a table, a desk or nightstand, for example - why not refresh it with a few coats of chalk paint in coral? An old item that may have been destined for the tip could be made into a really pretty, eye-catching piece.

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Soft furnishings

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a trend into your home decor is to add small elements in that colour - cushions, throws, rugs, maybe even curtains or blinds. Details like coral pink cushions on your dining chairs, or a coral pink blind at your kitchen window, will add a splash of colour, won't cost the earth, and are easy to change if you decide the colour's not for you.

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Easier still is just treating yourself to some new crockery or a kitchen gadget in a bright colour. The lovely thing about Living Coral is that it's a truly uplifting shade that will cheer you whenever you catch sight of it.

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