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A few years ago, kitchen went stainless steel. We all went out and bought stainless steel kettles, hobs and even dish-washers and fridges. Then gloss kitchen cupboard doors were all the rage. Finally coloured kitchen cupboards were considered to be extra-stylish and a way of setting yourself apart from the rest. But if you want to be the height of fashion for 2012, matt-coloured kitchen doors should be top of your shopping list.

Bella kitchen door colours

Zurfiz kitchen door colours

According to experts who attended the Sicam Furniture Fair in Northern Italy late last year, matt kitchen doors are set to be a big hit with anyone who wants to be the envy of their friends this year. Matt kitchen doors will make less of a statement than high gloss might, but never underestimate the power of being just a little bit different.

So you may be considering swapping your current kitchen for a matt one, but are worried about the cost. It is true that keeping up with the fashions can sometimes be costly – think of that outfit you bought last summer which is now sitting in the back of the wardrobe. With replacement kitchen doors your kitchen could have a new look every year and the costs would be kept to a minimum.

So how does buying replacement kitchen doors work? It is easy. Simply go online to your kitchen door supplier and order Zurfiz Matt kitchen doors. All you need are the dimensions and number of your current doors and the positions of the hinges. Then choose some suitable handles and wait for delivery. Within a few days you will have your new kitchen ready to install.

The installation is just as easy. All you need is a screwdriver and a level to ensure the doors are even. The hinges can simply be attached exactly where your old ones were and the doors screwed directly on to them. Make a few adjustments to level and space the doors correctly, attach the handles and stand back and admire your handywork.

So why would you want to choose a matt door from the Zurfiz range? As one of the major manufacturers of kitchen doors in the UK, the makers of the Zurfiz door range, BA Components is a company which stands by its products. The range is available from your kitchen door supplier, who will be able to get your doors to you in no time.

The best thing about the Zurfiz matt range are the colours which are available:

  • Ultragloss Plum: This brown/red colour makes a bold statement and without the hint of red it might be considered too dark. But the red lifts the colour and adds light even to a matt surface.
  • Matt Alabaster: This colour is not quite white, but not quite cream either. With the look of a freshly plastered wall, the colour is perfect for anyone who would rather not go for the clinical look of pure white, but still wants the freshness of a bright white kitchen.
  • Matt Lava: This stone colour almost has a hint of green added. While the name evokes images of a fiery red, the door itself is actually a calm and relaxed grey/green which will compliment any kitchen.
  • Matt Olive: If you love a Martini, you will love this colour. Almost exactly the shade of a green olive, this muted green is perfect for a modern kitchen. It is certainly a colour you are unlikely to find in your neighbours kitchen – and that is a good thing!
  • Silk White: If it is the clinical look you are after, this matt finish will offer it. Your kitchen will look clean and bright, but without that reflective finish which gloss cupboards offer and which can detract from the beauty of the cupboards  themselves.
  • Metallic Blue: This shade give a hint of metallic without the sparkle. A medium grey colour which could be seen as boring until you jazz it up with accessories in deep reds or blues. Or you could go for stainless steel to get a complete metal look.

So if you want to keep up with the times this year, go for matt. One of the joys of getting replacement kitchen doors is that you can afford to stay up with new trends in interior design and this year those matt-coloured kitchen doors are calling your name!

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