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kitchen doors in black, dark grey, light grey and white

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to think about refreshing your home. The longer days, warmer weather and re-appearance of blooms and blossom make us think of summer parties, entertaining at home, and new starts.

And speaking of ‘new’, we’re incredibly excited to introduce 4 new Legno colours in our Trends range:

Read on to find out more about our new shades, and let them inspire you to make those little changes to your home. Bring a little springtime inside!

Legno Linen

Modern kitchen with white woodgrain unit doors

This fresh, cool shade will brighten any room and really open up the space. The woodgrain finish adds texture and interest, and stops the white looking too stark. In the kitchen, use Legno Linen to create a rustic look – add pastel accessories and natural woodgrain worktops to complete the look. In the bedroom, doors in Legno Linen would look fantastic against pale grey walls. Legno Linen is also ideal for creating a crisp, monochrome look, which won’t date, and is easy to liven up with accessories when you fancy adding a splash of colour.

Legno Quartz

Modern bedroom with pale grey woodgrain wardrobe doors

Legno Quartz is a soft, light grey with warm undertones. If you’re aiming for a modern take on a country-cottage style, this gentle shade will work beautifully. Grey is still very much in fashion, but the creamy undertones give Legno Quartz a homely, slightly rustic feel. The woodgrain effect adds to this natural, unfussy look. In either the kitchen or the bedroom, Legno Quartz would look stunning when paired with white walls or tiles, and accessories and soft furnishings in dusky pinks. Handles in a matt nickel finish will complement this light grey shade perfectly, so don’t forget to have a look at our Accessories page.

Legno Nordic

Bedroom with dark grey woodgrain wardrobe doors

This is a striking shade – Legno Nordic is a strong mid-grey, with undertones of chocolate brown that add richness and luxury. The woodgrain finish softens the grey and stops it looking too cold. Legno Nordic would look fantastic in either your kitchen or bedroom. In the kitchen, pair this bold shade with lighter greys and whites or creams for a room that always looks fresh. In the bedroom, use Legno Nordic to create a cosy space that’s as stylish as a boutique hotel - accessories in colours like deep pink or mustard yellow will really pop against the grey. Antique-style handles with a pewter finish will complete the luxe look.

Legno Jet

Modern kitchen with black woodgrain cabinet doors

This black shade is bold and not for the faint-hearted, but wherever you choose to use this colour, it will create a talking point in your home. As with all darker shades, Legno Jet would look especially eye-catching in a larger room. If space is in short supply, it would look fantastic when paired with other lighter-coloured doors. In the kitchen, you could have Legno Linen doors on wall units and Legno Jet on floor units, or Jet on an island and Linen surrounding it. Wooden flooring and white or cream walls would provide the perfect backdrop to doors in Legno Jet. Contrasting the black doors with light, airy surroundings means the colour won't dominate the room.

We'd love to hear which of our new shades you like the best, so let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

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