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Before - old cupboard doors

What do you think about your new kitchen doors? Really good, the new cupboard doors have lifted the whole kitchen.
How did you get on fitting your new doors? Fitting would have been a doddle if the existing carcasses hadn't had an odd type hinge fixing. When I removed the fixing two 10mm holes were left so I was unable to use the standard hinge mount with 5mm screws. I ended up using the old hinges which created some more work as the door side of the hinge had a 10mm locating hole just in from the 35mm hole. Anyway I got there in the end.
What does the finished job look like? See the attached photo's. I've also changed the worktops and tiles.
What could we do to improve our kitchen doors or our service? Your service was excellent and I can't think of anything that needs improving.
Would you recommend us to others Yes
Any other comments?
Name Stuart Wookey

Before - old cupboard doors 2

New Cupboard Doors 1

new cupboard doors 2

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