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2010 was a fantastic year for the Kitchen Door Workshop.  An ever growing list of satisfied customers are coming out of our ears here, and our aim for 2011 is to continue going from strngth to strength.

With our new website now even bigger and better than before, and with new videos and tutorials, we expect this year to be huge!  And we’re always adding new customer reviews to our website, so if you don’t believe what we say, just read what others have to say about us!

We really believe that we’re the best replacement kitchen door suppliers in the country, and our customers continnue to tell us just what a great job they think we do.

Linda from Storrington used our website, and is very pleased with her new look kitchen.  She told us:  “Being two women contemplating updating a kitchen on our own and on a tight budget, the task at first seemed a bit daunting.  However when I  the Kitchen Door Workshop’s website, I was inspired to continue the planning and have a go. I measured the doors and input them on your web site and then compared the quotes. It was easy and you could adjust your decisions to suit without a salesman breathing down your neck.”

Stephen Coppin was also happy with his doors. He said: “It was incredibly easy to fit the doors myself especially as the hinge holes had been drilled in the right place - they literally take minutes - and your kitchen is revolutionised”

So impressed with his new look kitchen was Stephen, that he has already recommended the Kitchen Door Workshop to his friends and relatives.

But on the rareset of occasions, we make a mistake.  But when we do, we put it right and the customer is still wowed with the Kitchen Door Workshop.  J.Burley said:The whole experience from order to completion was wihout fault, even when we found 1 door was incorrect, Kitchen Door Workshop had a replacement kitchen door manufactured and sent to us within 10 days. I would recommend them to anybody wanting a first class product and service.”

We’re proud to be in our 15th year, and with your feedback it not only helps us to keep The Kitchen Door Workshop as good as it has been, but it helps us to get better.  That’s good for us, and it’s great for the customer!

Choose us for your replacement kitchen cabinet doors.  Join the ever growing group of happy and satisfied customers and check us out at following link: customer review.

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