Bespoke kitchen doors. Handmade, custom made, hand crafted, locally sourced, hand-fitted. These are all terms that are used in interior design brochures to justify huge prices. And to encourage you to uy something that, maybe, you could find a little cheaper elsewhere. They are all terms that don't necessarily mean very much. They simply offer you a feeling of glamour, quality and expense. And there is nothing wrong with that!

New kitchen doors in Matt Kombu Green
You can create a bespoke kitchen, even on a tiny budget

But, you don't want to pay for just words, do you? With a replacement kitchen door from us, you are getting a high quality product that truly can be "bespoke" and at a fraction of the cost. We really do stand behind our words and you can read on to find out why.

What does bespoke mean?

Essentially bespoke is a term used to describe anything that has been made especially for you. it might be a special size, special materials and it will be different to anything you can buy from a store. It is created to your specifications and fits perfectly.

Bespoke, custom made, made to measure and made to order are all ways that we can legitimately describe our replacement kitchen doors. As opposed to off the shelf, pre-made or ready made.

Why are our doors bespoke

It is probably our made to measure service that explains best our commitment to offering you a bespoke kitchen door. It works very simply. You just measure the doors you want to replace and tell us the measurements. As long and they come in within certain tolerances, we can create them in almost any colour or style especially for you. They will be cut to the measurements you ask for, ensuring a kitchen door that fits perfectly every time.

The other aspect of our bespoke service is that your doors will only be built when your order comes in. It is true that we do have some standard stock. But if your kitchen is not standard, it really doesn't matter. We don't have the space to store hundreds of kitchen doors (unlike some of the High Street stores) , so we create them with you in mind.

Will this cost me more?

There is a nominal charge for the trimming of your door. Obviously our machines are set to create standards sized doors as they are the most popular. So if your door is a little over or undersized it will take us a little longer to get it perfect. But truly, this cost is tiny and the results you get will make it entirely worthwhile.

Try comparing the cost of one of our doors in an unusual size to one you would buy from one of the larger kitchen manufacturers. If they actually offer different sizes, you can expect that it will take a long time and a lot of money to get exactly what you need. It will cost even more if you need to get a local cabinetmaker to make your kitchen for you. And this may be your only option if you can't buy off the shelf.

So when you are showing your friends around your newly replaced kitchen, you can proudly tell them that it is "bespoke" and created just for you. They may not believe you when you tell them how much it cost. Maybe that can be our little secret?