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zurfiz kitchen doors

Zurfiz kitchen doors - Ultragloss White

I’m really pleased with the outcome of the kitchen. The quality of your doors is first class and they look great!

I was worried that I might have got the measurements wrong because of the mixture of door sizes and drawer sizes but every item was spot on, so I was really pleased about that, and no doubt watching your videos helped on that score so I would strongly advise everyone who is thinking of doing their own kitchen to watch them as they contain some valuable tips that will save a lot of heartache and wallet-ache!

I would also advise everyone to have the hinge holes pre-drilled as this is a real time and cost saver. Not to mention the panic of having to drill those holes without coming through the other side… The only tiny complaint I have is that one of the hinge holes on my biggest door hadn’t been drilled which meant I had to go to B&Q to buy a drill bit that cost me an extra £22.00.

The complete kitchen including paint, tiles, adhesive, grout , new range cooker and of course your doors and drawers came in at just over £2,100.00 which I think is excellent value for money.


Pat Fleck

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