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There are many reasons why you might decide that a traditional look will work well in your new replacement kitchen. You may simply prefer the way that a traditional door looks with its curves and detail or you may have an older home which needs the traditional look. Even if you are a fan of a more modern style, there are a number of traditionally-styled doors which still have a contemporary look. We have chosen our top five traditional doors which we think you will love, no matter how traditional you are.


The Gothic door from Bella is the perfect example of a traditional style


 Trends Arlington

This shaker style door is what we like to call traditional-light. It is a great stepping stone from a modern and minimalist look to a more fussy traditional feel. The shaker style has always been noted because of its craftsman-like feel and the attention to detail – while still maintaining a plainer look.

Arlington is a flat door with vertical grooves which are repeated on the drawer fronts. With quite wide frames and an inset panel, this door is ideal for a kitchen where a country feel is required, but will look great in even the most modern home.

 Trends Wadhurst

Wadhurst from the Trends range is a great cross between the craftsman-like feel of the shaker-style doors and the almost Gothic feel of the more ornate doors. With the vertical planking in the middle raised section and the curved upper edge, this door almost has a country feel with the extra detail of something which has been made by an expert in carving.

We see the Wadhurst door in a country cottage kitchen in a home which has the dimensions to carry off this ornate style. For a truly traditional look an Aga and a butler sink are the perfect additions.

 Trends Goodwood

Lovers of a very traditional look will be impressed by the Goodwood door from the Trends range. With deep carved-look panels on both the door and the drawer fronts, this door is one of the most ornate we have in stock. The central panels are cleanly cut and there is not a curve to be seen, however it still meets the criteria for a traditional door.

With a handmade look, the Goodwood has the appearance of being a traditional layered door with several panels pieced together. This offers plenty of shading and interest to the door and would be ideal in a kitchen where the detail will catch the eye. Perhaps one where there is plenty of light coming in from the garden.

 Bella Gothic

Dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists will love this Gothic door from the Bella range. Looking like a church window with peaked arches and intricate craved panels, this door is about as traditional as you can get. Yet your kitchen will not be overwhelmed by these doors. The drawer fronts are plain, which allows you to pull back from the styling somewhat and gives a little relief from the ornate look.

Gothic is perfect if you have a church conversion kitchen. While this may seem obvious, it will hark back to the original feel of the building without being too over the top.

 Bella Milano

Milano has the feel of traditional doors with two middle panels and one running across the drawer front. Not only do these panels have a raised or carved look, they are also very ornate and handmade looking. This style of having a raised panel gives the door a shaded appearance making the grooves look even deeper and more obvious.

You should team this door with matching pelmets and hoods to give your fitted kitchen a complete look. Your kitchen will have a certain strength and solidity – something which is ideal in an older more traditional home.



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