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I am so very impressed with my new look kitchen, having replaced the shabby old doors and worktops with new ones.

Kitchen Doors - Venice Candian Maple

Kitchen Doors - Venice Candian Maple

Everything looks much fresher and brighter - and the new Venice kitchen doors are proving much easier to clean than my old Limed Oak ones.

Fitting the new doors was easier than I thought it might be, and I managed to replace all the doors in a single weekend, which was a lot less hassle than having to have my whole kitchen ripped out.

The new wooden drawers are a treat - my old plastic ones had certainly seen better days and the new hinges have made a big improvement and were well worth the added expense.

The only thing I would suggest you could do better would be to offer local fitters for those people who are unable to manage the fitting themselves, however I appreciate that this may not be practical.

M Hitchcox - Braintree, Essex

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