No matter what the exact shade or the finish, white kitchen doors will always be a fantastic choice. And for very good reason. White looks great in any kitchen regardless of its age, size or location. Whether you're planning a complete kitchen makeover, or just replacing your unit doors, white brings fresh, timeless style to any cooking space.


White kitchen doors won't date...

One of the most common worries when renovating kitchens is that in a few years' time, it will look outdated. Unlike a lot of interior design trends - millennial pink, 'shabby chic', or the avocado shades of the '70s - white stands the test of time. No other shade gives you quite the same crispness that white does. And it also gives you limitless colour options for the rest of the kitchen.

And they're highly versatile

White looks stunning in so many styles and finishes. It can also be personalised with a range of edging options and handles. The traditional Shaker style of the Shaker door offers timeless style and would be beautifully complemented by dark handles. Alternatively, the Handleless door is perfect for fans of modern minimalism. All these doors come in a range of finishes - if you love a mirror-smooth shine, the Legato Ultragloss White will give you gleaming reflective surfaces that are easy to keep clean. If you favour a more traditional finish, Satin White will give you fresh, crisp style. And if you love the low-maintenance calm of white but worry it may be a little too plain, a white door with a woodgrain texture like the Slab door in Opengrain White will give your kitchen a rustic-inspired feel.

They're clean, crisp and bright...

White doors reflect all available light, bouncing it of the walls, ceiling and floor to make feel bigger, brighter and more airy. There is one thing you do need to bear in mind. Like a white car, white kitchen doors will show up marks and fingerprints. So you'll need to clean them every so often to keep them looking pristine. However, almost all of our doors are fairly low-maintenance in terms of cleaning. A wipe-over with a soft damp cloth will do the trick.

...and give you freedom to be creative

One of white’s greatest assets is that it creates a blank canvas on which you can place your own personal style.  A simple yet cleverly done kitchen in white can make a perfect backdrop for any accent colour you wish to use - red, navy, candy-sweet pastels. By choosing coloured appliances, painting walls your favourite colour, or adding accessories in bold shades, you can liven up your white kitchen and make it a welcoming space that's as stylish as it is practical.

Regardless of why you have chosen white, you will know that you have chosen wisely. White kitchen doors are a failsafe choice, and will give your cooking space instant light and freshness. If you're overwhelmed with colour options and can't decide on the right look, why not go for an all-white look?