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If you are one of the many women in the UK who have been asking their other half to sort out the kitchen for longer than you care to remember, you may be interested to know that you can wait no longer. In fact the simple job of fitting new kitchen doors is something all of us can do and you don't need to rely on either your husband or your local tradesman to do it for you.

More women than ever are attempting DIY in the kitchen

More women than ever are attempting DIY in the kitchen

Recent research from Checkatrade.com has indicated that just 14% of men say that their other half does most of the DIY jobs around the house, however twice as many women say that the truth is that they do most of the DIY. Wherever the truth actually lies, it has to be true that fewer men are doing DIY in general these days.

A further study by power tools manufacturer Karcher has shown that just 16% of women would ask for help from a man when doing a job around the house and that they were able to multi-task with ease. 98% of women said they could carry out up to four jobs at one time and even three quarters of men had to agree that they could carry out two at the most. Even then they admitted they often failed to complete any of them.

Women often take over the DIY tasks in the house because their husband hasn't got the time to complete it or they are unwilling to do it. This may be because they don't have the necessary skills or they fear that they may not do it well enough.

Then there are the women who live alone. These days it is very common for a woman to own her own home and for her to have full responsibility for its maintenance. This means that women are improving their DIY skills all the time.

So the proof seems to be in the pudding – if you need a job done it is better to do it yourself. When it comes to refurbishing your kitchen, it is one job you really can complete without having to ask for any help. Man or woman – the process of replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a doddle.

  • Remove you old doors with a screwdriver. An electric one is easiest, but it is possible to do this with a hand held manual tool.
  • Measure the inside of your old doors to get the correct dimensions for your new doors.
  • Order your new doors online from a reputable kitchen doors supplier. You can opt for any material and colour combination you wish. Add hinges, door handles and accessories if you wish.
  • Highlight whether you would like your hinge holes pre-drilled to simplify things even further. You should measure the position of your hinges to ensure your new doors fit with ease.
  • When your doors arrive, fit the hinges and handles and offer them up to the carcass. You should be able to attach them straight away using the old holes. Simply screw into place.
  • Adjust the hinges with the two hinge screws to get all the doors even and flush.

This job should take you less than one day to complete and can be done with just a few skills. Measuring and the use of a power drill are the two main skills required and the majority of homeowners can do this.

So, no matter what gender you are, there is no need to be scared when it comes to replacing kitchen doors. It is a simple job which will look professional and transform your home. Get stuck in a give it a go. Not only will you save cash and speed up the process – you will get the chance to prove just how capable you are.

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