Plain kitchen doors are perhaps the most practical and versatile style of doors. No matter what your interior style, plain-fronted doors will instantly refresh and modernise the room, giving you a cool, contemporary space for cooking, dining and spending time with friends.

Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain patterns, one of the best things about plain doors is that the simplicity of the design lets your chosen finish take centre-stage. If you're looking to create a classic kitchen that won't date, plain doors in a white or grey finish will make your cabinet doors an understated yet stylish feature. If you're after something a little more rustic, a plain-fronted door in woodgrain finish will give you that warm, inviting look, but won't look too twee or cluttered.

For a room that looks crisp, slick and ultra-modern, flat-fronted doors in a gloss finish look fantastic. Gloss finish doors are especially suited to smaller rooms, as their mirror-shine surface will reflect plenty of light and make the room seem larger. If your kitchen is already spacious, plain gloss doors will further enhance that airy feel. And if you?re feeling bold and love entertaining friends and family, gloss doors in a daring colour like red or aubergine will make your kitchen the place to be for a gathering - be it a cosy, casual supper or a sophisticated drinks party.

Plain kitchen doors are ideal for messy cooks and growing families alike - no need to worry about the splattering of sauces or sticky little fingers, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and your doors will look like new. When it comes to the little details, plain-fronted doors give you plenty of freedom - they'll suit any style of handle, so don't forget to browse our range of accessories to find the perfect finishing touches.

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