End display shelf units

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Replace Your Current End Display Shelf Unit

We often get asked if it is possible to cover existing wall end shelves with self-adhesive vinyl and edging tape.

Kitchen Door Workshop don’t advise this as it would be really fiddly, take so long to do and the final result probably wouldn’t look very professional either.

The best solution is to replace your current unit with a matching wall end or base end shelf unit which will be a perfect match to your new doors.

Angled Or Square Style?

In our Trends range, end shelf units come in two different styles; a square style and an angled style.

Wall end shelf units come in two heights 720mm and 900mm and the depth and width is always 300mm by 300mm although you can cut these down to size on site.

Base end shelf units also come in an angled and square style and they are right or left handed.

Angled base end shelf unit (Left Hand)
Angled base end shelf unit (left hand)

This example shows a left handed, angled version which fits on the left hand side of a base unit.

Wall end shelf unit (Square Style)
Wall end shelf unit (Square Style)
Wall end shelf unit (Angled Style)
Wall end shelf unit (Angled Style)
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