There is nothing more elegant than a sleek, contemporary black kitchen. And these days an ultramodern kitchen doesn't have to cost the world thanks to our superb range of black kitchen doors - now with 20% off in the Trends and Visions range.

Available in a number of different designs, each as stylish as the last, black kitchen doors are the easiest way to achieve a look that is big on style and low on cost.

The original ultramodern look, Ultragloss Black from our Visions range looks great in any kitchen. The highly reflective finish brings light while the darkness of the colour provides great contrast to any room. Another popular black is the tempting Ultragloss Chocolate. This delicious shade adds a delightful twist to a contemporary classic.

Our Trends range also contains wide range of black kitchen door styles. Metallic Black looks stunning in both modern designs and more traditional doors. All our black kitchen doors come in a range of styles from modern to Shaker, allowing you to get the perfect black door for you and your kitchen.

Not only are our doors made to measure for you, but they are made to last. We offer a six year guarantee on every single black door in our Trends and Visions range. And with the help of our DIY guides, you can be sure that your new black door will not just look great, but fit to perfection.

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