Over recent years it has become more and more popular to do things for yourself, be it home baking, growing your own fruit and veggies or even giving your kitchen a makeover. Whether you are looking to save money, avoid the waste, mess and hassle of ripping out your old kitchen, or if you just want the satisfaction that comes from doing a job the ‘right way’, the benefits of replacing your kitchen doors yourself are numerous.

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Our website was aimed not only at savvy online shoppers, but a growing band of DIY enthusiasts looking for help and advice on how to measure and fit their new doors. Over the years we had carried out thousands of replacement kitchen door projects, so we took this experience and made a series of ’how-to’ video and written guides. Looking back, the quality of the first videos we made was amateur to say the least, but they gave people the skills and confidence they needed to ‘have a go’ and replace their own doors. In writing this book I wanted to bring together the latest versions of our ‘how to’ guides, into one handy manual, which takes you step by step, thought the complete process of measuring and fitting your new doors, using just basic tools and DIY skills.

Robert Clark

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Replacing your own kitchen doors isn’t rocket science, and I’m confident that using the tips and ideas contained in my book will help you not only to do the job right first time, but also to achieve a professional finish and give you a kitchen to be proud of. So if you are looking for the perfect guide on how to correctly fit you new kitchen doors from Kitchen Door Workshop, or even if you are a DIY enthusiast, this book could be great to add to your collection.